A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...Summer sunlight sent a golden glow through the outstretched wings of a hawk floating on currents of air above Dixiana, Mississippi on an afternoon in the year 1991. Without warning, the flier plunged straight at a house cat lying on the roof of a small red car. Springing up from her nap, the long-haired calico hissed and slashed as the ..."
"...Comforting the animal, she stumbled past a bed of yellow zinnias and sank into a Pawleys Island hammock beneath the protecting arms of a live oak tree, whose leafy canopy danced softly on a honeysuckle breeze. The kitty kneaded Penelope Augusta Nichols Pewitt’s stomach and purred while the hawk circled slowly overhead. ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Fringes of golden rod and Queen Ann’s lace lined the roadway, and across the interstate in the top of a dead tree, a hawk balanced on a branch that looked too fragile to support its weight. It appeared to be watching traffic, its profile black against a buttermilk sky. Penny remembered reading that hawks’ eyes had five times as many cones as the human eye, making it possible for them to ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... are different.” Flossie Mae said, “My crystal is moonstone, but see the blue and silver flash when I twist yours? Your stone is hawk’s eye. hawks can see a lot farther than we can, and the flash is insight–-like when you look at something a different way.” “From a different ..."
"... a different viewpoint.” “Right! I’ve heard that an Indian will pretend he’s a bird, flying higher and higher, until his problems are way below him. Then he places a hawk’s eye crystal in the middle of his forehead as a third eye.” “Well, I can see how looking at ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... area where an attendant directed them to a table and brought two cups of coffee. Mrs. Nichols reached out and touched the hawk’s eye medallion resting on Penny’s chest, then turned it from side to side. “You gave this to me, Mother.” “I know,” her mother replied in a quiet ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... reached out as if to grab at her car. Except for cedars and pines, most of the trees along the interstate were bare, and up ahead a hawk perched precariously on a high swaying branch of sycamore. Penny lifted a finger to touch her hawk’s eye pendant. Circling behind the Jacksonville ..."

"...Back in her room, Penny examined the bed. Carved into the footboard was a hawk, whose extended wings reached the corner posts. The bird stood on a vine that divided and continued along the sides, then climbed the posts that supported the headboard. Branches of the vine extended around the square tester and met in front with a great flourish of leaves. ..."

"...A hawk swooped down, its wingspread longer than a golf club. It glided along in front of her with only an occasional wing movement. Penny ran faster trying to keep up, but the hawk rode ahead on a current of air and dropped onto the low branch of an ..."
"...Penny stopped four feet short of the hawk’s perch, and it turned around to face her, revealing mask-like markings around its eyes and a gracefully-curved beak. They established eye contact and Penny felt the impact throughout her body: a sort of explosion in her chest and stomach followed by tingling that extended out into her fingertips. ..."
"...Then the hawk spread its magnificent wings and flew, not much higher than Penny’s head, its speckled white breast exposed before her. It glanced back a couple of times, and about thirty feet ahead settled onto another tree and watched Penny catch up. When she was even with its branch, ..."
"...making patterns on the land. A mother hurried her child to the car, and two sweaty golfers waved and continued their conversation. It seemed to Penny that anyone nearby should have noticed the life-shaking event that just took place. She wondered how she appeared to the hawk. Pulling the chain out from under her shirt, she studied her hawk’s eye pendant, turning it back and forth to see the dark stone flash. Closing her eyes, she placed the medallion in the center of her forehead, imagining herself flying higher and higher until the world ..."
"... go okay?” Penny placed two glasses of iced tea on the table. “Tourists took over our street so I ran on the new walking trail, and I can hardly tell you.” She drew a deep, fortifying breath. “A hawk flew with me, and when it looked at me, it was just unbelievable.” “That is ..."

"...Removing the chain with its hawk’s eye medallion from her neck, she replaced it with the string of cultured pearls Johnny had given her on their wedding day and installed the pearl ear studs she inherited from her mother. “Pearls become more beautiful when you wear them,” her mother once told her. ..."

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"In her new novel PERSONAL BAGGAGE author Margaret McMillion gives us fine details of Southern family life and, she herself an..."

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