A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... minister’s wife who wore gloves more often than Michael Jackson. The jangling phone called her into the kitchen, where she snatched up the receiver and plopped into a chair. She braced her elbows on the table. “Hello?” “Penny, something bad has happened here!” The urgent sound of ..."
"...Penny, torn between obligations at work and her parents’ needs, walked barefoot through her kitchen, across the den, and down the hall to the bathroom. She was standing in the shower running hot water on her head when Faye called again. Grabbing a towel, she scurried to the telephone beside her bed while water dripped onto her rug. ..."
"... Let’s hope she’ll start on Monday.” Later that afternoon, Penny was slicing Roma tomatoes with a steak knife when Johnny arrived. Her husband crowded their small kitchen like a boulder, exuding an earthy odor of dirt and grass. His deep voice filled the quiet house. “Sorry ..."
"...While Johnny shaved, showered, and dressed for an Investment Club meeting, Penny, who was worried about passing Jacksonville Hospital’s qualification tests for RNs, worked on a practice sheet of drug calculations at the kitchen table. For some reason, math was harder for her than it used to be, and it had been a while since she had grappled with problems like these because manufacturers packaged most drugs in individual portions. The hospital pharmacists dispensed the others already measured, and nurses only ..."
"...After cleaning up the kitchen, Penny fed Callie and Zac and retired to her room. She needed rest to be at her best the next day, but her thoughts returned to the week during which she had agonized over whether to apply for the job in Jacksonville. She had asked Johnny’s opinion, ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...her neck, but at work the chain tangled with her stethoscope, so she wore bifocals the entire shift. She cleaned her glasses and put on dangling silver earrings before opening the door into the hallway leading to the family room, which extended into an eating area and the kitchen. ..."
"... the kitchen. Summer daylight usually arrived by six, but this morning the sky appeared overcast, and it seemed earlier. Penny positioned herself at the kitchen table so that her view through two large windows took in the patio, the backyard, and a wooded area behind the house. She drank the ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... herself look better, but maybe it would help her feel better. Two hours later, she was finishing her toast as Johnny sauntered into the kitchen clearing his throat. “So, how was it yesterday? How did your first day go?” “Fine.” “Huh?” “It was okay. How did your team ..."
"... wouldn’t tangle. “You look nice.” Her eyes downcast, she smiled. “I hope you have a good day,” she said, pulling the kitchen door closed behind her. To Penny’s way of thinking, what Johnny meant was, “You usually look bad.” Enroute to meet Maureen, the musical phrase ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... He rose and raked back his hair. “Hey, I bet you didn’t know the average person falls asleep in seven minutes.... Just between us, I’m not anybody’s dummy! I keep up.” He trudged toward the hall door and stood aside to admit a kitchen employee bringing supper to Lieutenant Commander Emmerson, the only patient well enough to eat. ..."
"...set the table and piled up a plate with KFC to accompany cartons of slaw and mashed potatoes. Penny gave him a thank-you kiss before going to the bathroom, where the mirror above her sink revealed dark shadows had reappeared under her eyes. She returned to the kitchen area of their long den as Johnny poured tea into two glasses filled with ice. ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"... uniformed teenagers through her closed window as she crept past. Johnny had just arrived home and helped her carry groceries into the kitchen. “That’s a nice shirt,” he said, then looked bewildered when Penny laughed. “I received a compliment from an ex-patient at the store. She ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...Next, Penny placed a large packing box on the kitchen table beside a mound of time-worn items, whose odors crowded the room like shadows. She filled the crate with ten of her father’s sermons, a book written by her mother’s brother, old photographs and newspapers, and some of her own letters that her mother had saved. When ..."
"...face, his betrayed-Messiah eyes, his crown of thorns, and the nail holes in his hands. Underneath was the declaration: “Christ is the head of this house, the unseen guest at every meal, the silent listener to every conversation.” This intimidating picture had spoiled each of the Nichols’ kitchens. Looking at it as a child, Penny had refrained from talking at meals. She felt guilty because every day she broke one if not two or three of God’s commandments. If she admired someone, she envied. If she shopped, she coveted. She stepped on ..."
"... Returning to the kitchen, she found her father lacing up his shoes after a nap. She emptied the medicine cabinet, helped him pick out current prescriptions, and then chauffeured him to the island pharmacy for refills. Penny placed the drugs that would be needed for the trip in her handbag. ..."
"...Suddenly, she was a child again, feeling as guilty as she had felt the time he caught her and Faye singing a jazzed-up version of “The Old Rugged Cross” and dancing in the kitchen. Did he know they were drinking beer on his dock? It would be Penny’s fault, of course. She was still the oldest. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... everything was out of place and every day was more stressful. Entering the kitchen, she found Alice loading the dishwasher and talking on the telephone. Alice extended the receiver to Penny and fetched a second phone from the den. David was on the line. “I’m at the Holiday Inn outside ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...After cleaning up the kitchen and putting away the dishes, Penny searched her dresser drawers for the box of old jewelry her mother had given her. Finding it, she lifted out a small velvet bag and loosened its drawstrings. It contained a gold-link chain from which dangled a circular pendant, which was ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... had marked it on the calendar but she would have to check the date. Snake care was definitely her least favorite task. Johnny had left a note on the kitchen counter: “Don’t wait up, I’ll be late. Tod had extra tickets for the Ole Miss game so I’m gone to Oxford. Hope you had a ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... the alcohol in her drink, sat on the side of the bed testing her foot against the floor. “Is something wrong with your foot?” he asked, watching Penny limp in front of him toward the kitchen. “When we left, I picked up Flossie Mae’s purse to hand it to her and dropped it on the top ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... until mid-morning. Monday’s November sky was electric blue. A brilliant sun peered through leafless trees casting a giant shadow fence across the back yard as Penny poured coffee and cereal and sat down to read the note Johnny had left on the kitchen counter: “The Charleston ..."
"... love you too, sister.” Later, entering the kitchen after a run with Zac, Penny picked up the ringing phone. Agnes Gwen said, “Penny, Dr. Scales has been in my office complaining about you. Can you tell me anything that might help the situation?” “There’s a situation every ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... to Maureen’s room and stuck her head in the door. “How’s it going?” “It would be better if I had some real coffee; the kitchen only puts nine grains per cup in the stuff they serve us patients.” Returning with coffee from the nurses’ lounge, Penny asked, “Is there ..."
"... the weekend. Because of her work schedule, the children were coming for Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. When she entered the kitchen, Johnny was on the phone. He held up one hand. Penny poured a mug of coffee, wondering if she dared eat cereal on top of all that candy and popcorn. “I ..."
"... but her mother was always there and she cared. Without her there would be no more caring—no more love. When they arrived home, Penny picked up the kitchen phone and called Alice. “Your mother died thirty minutes ago. I called Angel Wings, the ambulance service that picks up bodies for ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...It was eleven o’clock, and Maria stood at the elevator with her coat on. “Miss Hattye asked for cake and cream so I got her some from the kitchen. Leroy was down there and he wanted to know how we’re doing, so I told him we have one circling. He said the hospital’s chaplain was notified today.” ..."
"...had my evenings free so I stayed out partying and drinking, and I didn’t want to get up at five-thirty for work. Mama fussed at me, but I didn’t listen. Then one morning when the alarm went off and I didn’t budge, she came out of the kitchen with a sack of potatoes. Mama had pretty good aim and she threw hard and she shouted, ‘In this family your Daddy works and I work and you’re going to get up and work too!’ Daddy just stood with his mouth open. I showered and dressed ..."
"... shoulders and held on until the sobbing and shaking stopped. Still wearing scrub uniforms, they entered Flossie Mae’s apartment two blocks from the hospital. Her front door opened into a combination living room and kitchen. “Take a shower, sweetie. It’ll make you feel better. Here ..."
"... Sometime after four, she fell into a sound sleep. The sun was out, morning almost over, when Penny entered the kitchen and Johnny said, “I’m glad you could sleep late on your day off.” He had cooked a feast of eggs, barbeque, and toast. “This looks good,” she said. “Well, sit down ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... and tossed sleet against her window. That afternoon, Penny dragged herself out of bed and into the kitchen where Johnny worked over a table covered with bills and receipts. “Welcome to the world,” he said. “Have you looked outside?” She plodded to the living room window. The ..."
"... p.m. Johnny entered the dark kitchen from the garage. “This is more lousy than the forecast, you know it? I brought some wood from the woodpile into the garage so it can dry out; the little bit we had in there will burn fast.... I need a shower; where do you keep candles?” Penny ..."
"...The house was freezing, and it was pitch black outside when the lights blazed on and the furnace came to life at 3 a.m. Wrapping a quilt over her robe, Penny walked to the kitchen and looked out the window, thrilled by the storm’s power. Outside spotlights illuminated an Antarctic scene beyond anything in a southern girl’s imagination. Cedars and pines were bent and broken; some had fallen completely over. Outside the dining-room window a huge magnolia tree lay on the ..."
"... a can of asparagus every day I would have died a long time ago.” Penny called the kitchen. “Mr. Garrett, in CCU four, is on a Diet of Choice, and he would like to have asparagus with one of his meals every day, please.” “Today we’re serving weenies and kraut and we’re short on ..."
"... She abandoned the car and struggled toward the garage, slipping and sliding in her Reebocks. Johnny met her in the kitchen. “I was getting worried; I thought maybe you had car trouble.” “I did have car trouble, out in our driveway. But that’s not why I’m late—they transferred ..."
"... came to the edge of Penny’s memory and dropped back. “We resuscitated him, but...” “I’m wiped too,” Johnny said. “If you want to go on to bed, I’ll clean up the kitchen.” Penny awakened with a jolt at 2 a.m. Her thoughts fuzzy, she thought she was in the nurses’ ..."
"... families visit in CCU up there, don’t they?” Penny drank coffee as daylight seeped through the windows and the sun reddened the sky. Johnny, still half asleep, stumbled into the kitchen. “I saw your light on at three. Bad night?” Penny shoved what she had written across the table. ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"...In a suspended state between sleep and wakefulness, Penny heard again the closing sound of the back door to CCU and turned over. No, it was actually Johnny coming in from the garage. She reached the kitchen before he could remove his coat. “I met Flossie Mae in the cafeteria for breakfast this morning.” ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"...“The original kitchen was a separate building,” Uncle Buddy said, “and at some time this next room was built as a connector, but when the kitchen burned they turned it into a bathroom.” They entered a room with avocado fixtures and yellow linoleum, where fifteen handbags dangled from little black hooks ..."
"...To their left and across the hall from the Lilly’s bedroom, they passed into a room crowded with bulky old furniture. Behind them was a kitchen with a door opening onto the back porch. The room in front of them connected through sliding doors with another front parlor, jammed with boxes and more dark furniture. Floor-length windows in both rooms provided access to a side porch. ..."

"... face and brushed her teeth. “It’s always too cold upstairs,” Uncle Buddy said when Penny, wearing a heavy jacket, entered the kitchen. “That’s why we gave up the idea of having a bed-and-breakfast. Folks would rather have comfort than history.” Penny smiled in his direction, ..."
"... rear of the house. She climbed the steps onto the back porch and stood above the sealed entrance to the basement. Uncle Buddy had seen them coming and opened the kitchen door. “What’s in the basement?” Penny asked him. “Well, there is something down there I can’t explain. ..."
"...Penny returned to the kitchen, poured coffee, and carried her cup to the table. She gazed at her right hand, at her mother’s ring on her own finger, wishing her mother were here to tell them about a time when the basement floor had been wood, and there was a padlock on the ..."
"... Johnny called Penny to the kitchen. “We’d better start gathering up our things if we’re going to visit the cemetery,” he said, patting Lily’s shoulder and shaking hands with Uncle Buddy. “You folks have been great to have us in your home and we’d like to pay you for it.” ..."

"... called Dr. Scales three times but he wouldn’t come.” Time to get out of here right now! In Penny’s imagination she saw herself entering her kitchen from the garage, the half-full coffee pot still warm from Johnny’s breakfast. Redirecting her mind, she picked up the patient’s chart. ..."

"...Out of the kitchen window a drooping branch of redbud cast hundreds of tiny pink flowers onto the rain-drenched patio and Penny, unable to make herself clean bathrooms, opened the back door and stepped onto the concrete in her bare feet. The morning sky was overcast, the air full of unshed rain ..."
"...At suppertime, Penny set out a salad bar of chopped vegetables and lettuce, and when Johnny arrived he served himself from the kitchen counter. “It looked like a bad day for practice,” he said, “but when time came for baseball the sun popped out: a good omen, right? The guys really put their hearts into it today! You know?” ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... patients. On Thursday morning her fatigue forgotten in the anticipation of reading Flossie Mae’s news, Penny hurried into the house. Scanning the kitchen for newspapers, she shed her jacket and spotted Johnny’s note on the counter. She leaned over it, the Formica cold on her elbows. ..."
"...She removed her watch and then her gown. Leaving the medallion on its chain around her neck and zircon studs in her ear lobes, she stepped into the shower and heard persistent knocking on the kitchen door. Turning off the water, she waited, holding herself in, her body pulsating. The back doorknob rattled, then something struck the door with a loud thud. Someone was trying to break into her home! ..."
"... Footsteps thudded through the house and the kitchen door jerked open, crashing against the refrigerator. Running her hand along the bow, Penny secured her left hand placement, then groped in the box with her right hand, ferreted out an arrow, and slid its notch onto the bow string. Heavy ..."

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