A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...Labring a rumpled jump-suit, Dr. Ghent, in his late sixties, dropped into a chair at the desk. He leaned over to shut the gaping drawer and straightened up, fanning his nose to dilute the lingering odor of Brut. “Stay out of his way as much as you can. ..."
"...LabThe Lab drew her blood at eight, Dr. Ghent. Night shift thought you meant to let her sleep and not wake her at five o’clock when they usually come to stick our patients. I’ll go get the results for you; they should be done by now.” Penny ..."
"... black hair which tumbled back down over his glasses, then he turned and retreated out the door. Reaching over Dr. Ghent’s shoulder, Penny inserted the Lab sheet into its proper place in the chart. “He’s a new duck,” the doctor said, flipping the chart pages back and forth between lab ..."
"... its proper place in the chart. “He’s a new duck,” the doctor said, flipping the chart pages back and forth between Lab results and his orders. After seeing patients and completing his documentation, he leaned back in his chair to visit with the nurses. Penny related a happening with ..."
"... right that minute! “Just tell the vultures to call the doctor if they ask about Labs and X-ray results,” Maureen said. “Those people are looking for something to complain about; I think they feel guilty about the way they neglected Papa while he was at home.” Mr. Brown, husband of ..."
"...Lab Lawrence despised the plastic dividers kept in charts to separate Lab results from doctors’ orders from nurses’ notes, etc. The nurses tried to check his charts in case someone had inserted dividers by mistake and to remove them before he made rounds because everybody’s day went better if ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...Lab phone startled them and Maureen, champion sticker of the hospital, agreed to start a difficult IV down the hall. She approached the Unit door as it swung open to admit Buck, who had come to chart results on some tests that had been sent to another hospital because ..."
"... lacked the equipment to run them. Penny took afternoon vital signs and rechecked the two remaining patients, then returned to the desk where the new Lab tech looked more pathetic than a mourner at a funeral. “Has this place got you down already?” Buck was perched on the desk leaning ..."
"...Lab lowered her hands and allowed him to hug her, then leaned back, “But I have to work so hard to remember everything—I’m afraid I’ll miss something important, or give the wrong drug, or even overdose somebody or something. I can’t read the charts or the monitors, much less ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...LabTuesday morning, Penny worked in JMC’s Critical Care Unit with a young nurse who sent her to the Laboratory for a unit of packed red blood cells. Penny had read Jacksonville hospital’s procedure for this in the policy manual but actually doing it was another matter. Ignoring the ..."
"... At the Blood Bank, the odor was a combination of acetone and reagents. Another nurse was checking out blood and Penny waited her turn beneath a bulletin board displaying snapshots of Lab employees with their pets. Under each picture were the names of both the animal and its owner. The ..."
"... were the names of both the animal and its owner. The nurse ahead of Penny talked with a white-jacketed Lab technician. “I’m telling you that we have orders to type, cross-match, and transfuse two units. No parameters are written.” The tech, whose picture showed her hugging a ..."
"... units. No parameters are written.” The tech, whose picture showed her hugging a chocolate Lab, replied, “I hear what you’re saying, but I still can’t release the blood to you because your patient’s hematocrit is too high according to policy.” When it was Penny’s turn, she asked, ..."
"...Labny read aloud the numbers on her patient’s unit of blood, and the Lab technician verified them with the paperwork. After they both signed the ledger, Penny climbed the deserted stairway to the third floor. The CCU nurse would watch as she administered the blood so that, if ..."
"...Labthe bedside in CCU, Penny and the patient’s nurse checked the unconscious woman’s wrist bands against the Labels on the blood bag. Jacksonville’s policy was for a nurse to remain in the patient’s room for the first fifteen minutes, so while the blood infused the nurses sat at the ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"... equipment,” her father said, a desperate edge to his voice. “Um...well, I remember seeing the bag and tubing when we went through all that stuff in your closet. I’m sure I Labeled its box—stay here and I’ll find it.” Penny explained the emergency to David and Faye, and they ..."
"... sure I labeled its box—stay here and I’ll find it.” Penny explained the emergency to David and Faye, and they searched through the ready-to-be-loaded boxes, giggling and reading Labels until they located “Medical Equipment.” Too tired to shower, Penny prepared the convertible couch ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... think it would be depressing to work up there.” “Oh no, there’s so much to learn! I’m just starting to get the hang of computer charting, and now I have to go to an in-service on how to retrieve Lab and radiology results.” “Does everybody get along?” Kerri asked. “Sure. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...Labny touched the monitor screen with a finger. “Her pattern has been fine so far, but I’ll watch her. She’s on telemetry number two.” Penny showed Flossie Mae. “We have four on telemetry today; you can see the patient’s name, room number, and doctor’s name on ..."
"... As Penny and Flossie Mae stood before the linen closet, a Lab tech named Louise entered the Unit to chart some test results. “You might want to let your visitors in,” Louise said. “One lady’s brought a plate of homemade breakfast rolls for you and they do look good!” Penny ..."
"... he’s doing better.” Louise said, “He’s working two other jobs besides this: one in the Jacksonville hospital Lab, and the other in a doctor’s office. He must be making big bucks, because he bought a motorcycle and he’s talking about moving into a house.” “Where does he live ..."
"...Labonitor alarm bell sounded, and Penny walked to the desk to watch the strip print out automatically, waiting to see if it was a true dysrhythmia or just patient movement. Of course, the bells rang a lot during morning care, but this strip was for real: a slow rhythm ..."
"... working in his office.” “The pay’s good and I do everything just the way he wants it, honey. Most of our patients are on Medicaid and all they need is some attention. Buck Dalton works with us...draws blood at the office and runs it in this Lab.” Penny shook her head. ..."
"... to bed seven for a visit. Scales had ordered daily subcutaneous injections of Heparin to prevent the development of blood clots, a common complication of bed rest, but today’s Lab results showed an elevation in the value used for monitoring blood coagulation. In a few minutes, Dr. Scales ..."
"...Labny replaced the receiver and reached up to turn off the screen displaying a straight line, but she could barely process what she saw! The monitor with a straight line was number three, Labeled for Dr. Lawrence’s patient Bridget Sasser. Number four, Labeled for Jerry Tribble, had a ..."
"... block?” The monitor she had just turned off—number three–-was Labeled with the name Bridget Sasser, Room 301. She picked up the telemetry unit the nurse had brought in: number three. If number three had been Jerry Tribble, maybe number four was really Bridget Sasser. Panic-stricken ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... patient.” “The Labels were wrong. I told Dr. Scales his patient was going in and out of complete heart block, and I should have double checked before I called him. After we shipped the man, I realized the Labels were wrong and it was really Dr. Lawrence’s patient.” Another silence. ..."
"... for ABGs. Maureen was right: they wouldn’t use Dixiana’s Lab results. They were drawing their own drug screen. Penny gave Report and handed the patient’s papers to the receiving nurse. Relieved of her charge, she helped Bubba straighten up the back of the ambulance. One of ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... to tell me now, Penny, so I won’t be hearing from you at four in the morning?” “Darlina still has diarrhea, and be sure to look at the new Labs on Mrs. Parker’s chart—her white count’s way up.” “Didn’t we put her on steroids this morning?” He flipped the chart’s pages ..."
"... it was beginning to make sense. She gathered her patients’ Kardexes and typed her code into a computer, intending to make sure that all the Lab work and X-rays ordered for today had been entered before the Lab techs came to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton ..."
"... to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton stepped off the elevator pushing his Lab cart, ready for morning sticks. Seeing Penny, he mimicked astonishment. “What’s happenin’? Is this the wrong hospital or what!” “Hi Buck. Have you bought your house ..."
"... Buck. Have you bought your house yet?” “No, but I’m closing in, if you know what I mean. Doc and I are gonna open a clinic. I’ll do the Lab and he’ll do the doctoring and we’ll coin money.” He waved and disappeared into a patient room. Barb gave Report first, and while Penny ..."
"... Did he really need one? What was going on between Buck and Dr. Scales? Migraine headache and angina would not have to be proved by Lab results, but anemia and low potassium both required Lab verification to meet Medicare standards. Would Buck falsify Lab results? Flossie Mae said she gave a ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Labses had no job security; just last week the hospital had laid off twenty-four employees: newly-hired office and Lab personnel and five nurses. Rumor had it that Administration planned to close the Psychiatric Unit and everyone was jumpy. Sweat prickled Penny’s skin as she sprinted up the stairs ..."
"... “Well, if you have time right now, you could go down to the Lab and get Miss Logan’s first unit of blood so I can start it. The chemo for her multiple myeloma made her lose red cells, and I’m supposed to give her blood and platelets tonight so she can go home in the morning.” ..."
"...Lab5 a.m., after 12 mgs of IV Valium, Mrs. North was finally asleep, and Penny called the Lab to postpone her morning Lab draw because the woman had slept so little. Mrs. Posey and her sitter were sleeping, and Miss Logan was finished with the platelets and her second ..."
"... two blankets when you come.” “Bring the deadening stuff, too,” another voice spoke from the same room. “She won’t let me stick her unless I spray first.” A Lab tech who didn’t know about Penny’s call to postpone the Lab draw had waked the patient. Penny drew up IV Valium and ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...Labause Barb had left the floor for more than an hour on a trip to the Lab for a unit of blood, Penny had to answer all the patients’ lights, the Allisons’ questions, and keep everyone supplied with coffee. She was refilling the pot when Barb finally returned and ..."
"...Labk Dalton, wearing a rumpled Lab coat, slouched in as Penny assembled the new chart. Like a man who had lost his way, Buck glanced here and there with anxiety. “Richard Head,” he said, shifting his gaze to the chart in Penny’s hand. “Here’s his Labs. ..."
"... be sure you ask her what his nickname is.” Penny wrote the orders, filled out the Lab requests and placed them next to Buck, who sat on the desk cleaning his lenses. “I haven’t seen you for a while, Buck. Everything still going well?” He combed fingers through his Brilliantine hair, ..."
"...LabI questioned Buck’s Lab results, and we got into it at the office, and I complained to Dr. Scales about Buck coming to work with alcohol on his breath. Dr. Scales won’t do anything about it, and now he’s mad at me for bitching. He hasn’t paid me ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... them. He continued in a normal tone. “I’m moving Mrs. Baucom into the Unit; I don’t think they gave her medicines right, so put down a feeding tube and give whatever medicine she hasn’t had. Do the Labs I’ve ordered and call them to me as soon as you get them.” Penny said, ..."
"...LabThank you, Doctor.” Penny broke the connection and called Respiratory, spitting out her words in ragged bursts. “I’m getting a patient into CCU from 327: Mrs. Baucom—she needs STAT blood ­gasses—probably a ventilator—and she’s got Labs ordered, so please draw extra blood and take it to the Lab.” ..."
"... to your patients.” Dr. Scales, holding the new Lab values run on blood from Mr. Hockney’s arterial stick, walked to his unconscious patient’s bed. Mrs. Baucom’s facial muscles were relaxed as the ventilator filled her lungs with the oxygen she had craved all day. “Her condition has ..."
"... lungs with the oxygen she had craved all day. “Her condition has changed drastically,” Dr. Scales said, waving the Lab sheets so that the diamonds in his ring blazed and flashed. “She’s developed a clot in her lungs since I saw her.” Fixing him with a level stare, Penny pressed her ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... Maureen turned the Lab-record sheet around so Penny could see where she had filled in the blanks. “I did them for you,” she said. “Look here, what do you think of these?” Maureen pointed to a picture of Tweety-Bird-yellow towels. “My daughter-in-law likes this color.” ..."
"...Labn Penny knocked on his door to check midnight vital signs, the bed looked like Mount Vesuvius had erupted with shit, so she helped his wife clean him up and stacked a generous supply of wash cloths and diapers on the over-bed table. “I’ll come again when the Lab ..."
"... dispose of some of this stuff before you ruin your figures.” He selected two macadamia nut cookies. “Is it time for Lab already? How are you, Buck?” Barb offered him a cup of coffee. “Tired. Basically, I’m tired.... But I have a new little baby girl and I’m buying a house and I ..."
"...LabTired. Basically, I’m tired.... But I have a new little baby girl and I’m buying a house and I won’t be mooching off my Mom much longer.” He offered Penny a hospital photograph of his newborn, then removed his glasses and wiped the lenses with the tail ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... a gash in the electric pole, and a wrecked motorcycle in the bushes. “His name is Buck Dalton,” Penny told them. “He’s a Lab technician who’s been looking to buy a new house down at the end of our street.” “If you folks hadn’t found him, he’d probably have lain out here ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"...LabMrs. Pewitt, Dr. Scales here. I’m writing orders to transfer Buck Dalton from Jacksonville CCU to your Unit tomorrow. You know him— he worked in the Lab there before his accident. He’s had multiple surgeries, but he’s better now and they need his bed to make room ..."
"...LabBuck’s been with us for about two months. Um, he’s had neuro and ortho and abdominal surgeries...I see seven surgical summaries in his chart. He’s on a ventilator and won’t cooperate, so it’s hard to evaluate his mental status. We’re sending the chart summary and his latest ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... mouthed the words, “No, he didn’t.” Toward morning the nurses were working at computers when Barb looked over from checking her Labs. “I want to tell you before you hear this from anybody else, Penny—I’m turning in my notice.” Penny gasped. “How can you quit? I thought ..."
"... it all right to draw Mr. Weeks’s blood now?” Penny had been so mesmerized by the story that she hadn’t noticed the Lab tech come to the desk. “Yes, that’s fine.” She turned back to Barb. “And that convinced him!” A call bell rang and Penny jumped up to answer it. ..."

"...Lab two nurses walked toward 104, and Penny heard Labored breathing before they reached the room. The mother looked to the nurses for help and moved away from her daughter. Penny clicked on both the room light and the over-bed light and turned the girl from her side ..."
"... mouth. Mrs. Honeycutt was sleeping with her head on the windowsill. “Dr. Scales is on his way.” Mr. Hall stage whispered from the doorway. “He ordered blood work and a urinalysis and Anna’s calling the Lab now.” Presently, Scales arrived. He took off his suit coat and laid it ..."
"... Presently, Scales arrived. He took off his suit coat and laid it over the back of one of the desk chairs. Penny handed him Loretta’s chart, opened to the new Lab values which showed her blood sugar to be dangerously high. “We haven’t been able to get a urine specimen yet,” she told him. ..."

"...Labsicians will be informed that they may order no more than two X-rays per patient per stay. This is due to the turn-around-time required by K-Mart’s photo Lab. Two prints will be provided for the price of one and physicians are being advised to clip coupons for one ..."
"... in the waist with safety pins. The ER nurse who had rolled Flossie Mae into 408 was at the elevator waiting to go down when Penny reached her and asked, “Why didn’t anybody call Report up here? What Labs were drawn, and what drugs have you given her?” “I’m sorry,” the nurse said. ..."
"... like ER found a good vein for your IV.” Carina had assembled Flossie Mae’s chart and was entering her diet and Lab tests into the computer when Penny returned to the desk. “She has an order for vital signs every two hours,” Carina whispered. Penny looked at her. “You’ve lost your ..."
"... got to be agonizing!” Satisfied that Flossie Mae was finally asleep, Penny checked her morning Labs and caught up on her charting. Then she walked to room 403, which smelled like a sewer. “Would you like me to check your Labs for you?” she asked Carina. “I already did them, but ..."
"...LabYes, I did—but before that, I saw a man wearing a Lab jacket and a stethoscope leap out of the stairwell and hot-foot-it out of the hospital. After a while then, I heard all that when they found her. You know, the code and everything. I thought ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...Labvy footsteps climbed the wooden garage stairs, the piece of plyboard that covered the attic opening slid back, and light from the garage flooded Penny’s target area. Holding the arrow in place with her right hand, she extended her left arm Laboring with the effort, her arms shaking and ..."

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