A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...she jerked her foot back as though it had been burned. She felt so upset she couldn’t sit while Johnny explained the hot stock tip he planned to present to his club. She marveled at the way he kept his emotions under control and wondered whether he masked them or never even experienced them in the first place. Johnny’s disinterest in her was stunning. She felt a twinge of pressure on her bottom lip and made herself stop biting it. No wonder her lipstick never stayed on. ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...The respiratory tech squeezed the ambu bag with her left hand, and with her right thumb and forefinger held the mask in place by curling her other fingers under his chin. The ER nurse stood close to the bed with her shoulders over the man’s chest, her arms straight, the heel of her right hand pressed against the back of her left hand, fingers interlaced. She called out ..."

"...Joan read Penny’s face and left the room without speaking. When she returned, they placed the warmed blanket beneath the child, and the electric, water-warmed pad on top of the blanket covering her while Mrs. Honeycutt sobbed and moaned. The patient would not allow an oxygen mask or nasal prongs on her face, so Penny held the prongs above her mouth, hoping that she would inhale some oxygen with her gasps. ..."

"...Penny stopped four feet short of the hawk’s perch, and it turned around to face her, revealing mask-like markings around its eyes and a gracefully-curved beak. They established eye contact and Penny felt the impact throughout her body: a sort of explosion in her chest and stomach followed by tingling that extended out into her fingertips. A surge of joy and strength slammed into her, ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...In the supply room, Penny tugged from its niche the rolling cart in which yellow disposable gowns, white masks, and skin-colored, specially-treated plastic gloves were stored. Stationing it against the wall outside Mrs. Sharp’s room, she noticed a new box of green masks sitting on top. Unlike the white masks she had used in the past, these had visors that extended upward from the nose piece ..."
"... against chemical splashes. Penny searched the drawers of the cart, but the green masks were the only ones provided. She knew their purpose was to safeguard nurses who didn’t wear glasses, but she would have to wear her glasses inside the shield in order to see. When half of the first chemo ..."
"...Returning to the chemo cart outside 408, Penny filled a 10 ml syringe with normal saline to flush in the last drops of chemo. She covered her scrubs with a new protective gown, fitted a fresh mask over her nose and mouth, and positioned it to see as well as possible through the plastic shield. The air inside the mask felt pre-breathed and thick with moisture, and the visor fogged up, making it harder to see. Pulling on gloves, she gathered her equipment: alcohol ..."
"...wheelchair back to 406. She helped Carina lift Mrs. Banks into it and Carina pushed the patient, staring straight ahead, into an empty room, where Penny helped her transfer Mrs. Banks into the fresh bed. Outside Mrs. Sharp’s room, Penny slipped on another disposable gown, a fresh mask, and a new pair of gloves. She collected the saline syringe and the chemo infusion, grabbed a handful of alcohol swabs, and returned to Mrs. Sharp. ..."

" her. The memory gathered so closely around her that she experienced again the physical shock she felt when their eyes met, but her voice held steady. “Dr. Scales looked straight at me, and I looked straight at him. I was glad I had on a mask with an eye shield so he couldn’t tell who I was, but even with that black wig I knew him...with his yellow-ice eyes.” ..."
"... saw him when he cut her fingers.” “We’re talking about what YOU saw.” The tall policeman unbuttoned his jacket and hitched his chair closer to the table, looking at Penny as if she had suddenly sprouted antennae. “You say you had on a mask?” “Yes, I told you I was hanging chemo ..."
"... at Penny as if she had suddenly sprouted antennae. “You say you had on a mask?” “Yes, I told you I was hanging chemo when she screamed. I had on a protective mask, but I could see him just fine.” “You’re talking about Dr. Samuel Scales, right?” The short officer made notes. ..."
"...He might have recognized her in spite of her mask. As many times as they had looked at each other, no mask would keep Penny from recognizing him! She knew his walk, his mannerisms, his reptile eyes. He was probably waiting for her in the basement hallway. She had been insane to come down by ..."

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"In her new novel PERSONAL BAGGAGE author Margaret McMillion gives us fine details of Southern family life and, she herself an..."

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