A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... more to the back of my head.” “That means it’s trying to break up. Let me try again.” Flossie Mae removed a silver chain from around her neck and dangled a medallion in front of Penny’s face. “This is a quicker way to diagnose a disturbance.” Penny reached down her scrub top, ..."
"... face. “This is a quicker way to diagnose a disturbance.” Penny reached down her scrub top, into the neck of her tee shirt, and pulled out her great-grandmother’s medallion, holding it up for Flossie Mae to see. “You have a pentagram too!” Flossie Mae’s eyes were big as ..."
"... five fingers or toes on each extremity. The circle around the star symbolizes spirit–-it connects spirit to the senses.” Penny examined Flossie Mae’s medallion. “You know how we talk about the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air,” Flossie Mae continued. “Well, the fifth ..."
"... Flossie Mae continued. “Well, the fifth element is spirit.” Penny held her medallion next to Flossie Mae’s. They were similar, but Flossie Mae’s was made of silver and her stone was white. “Our stones are different.” Flossie Mae said, “My crystal is moonstone, but see the blue ..."
"...too confused to relax. Reviewing the conversation in her mind, she couldn’t decide whether it was good or bad. It was not a good discussion to have at bedtime. Remembering her necklace, she shifted to her back, pulled it from inside her gown, and balanced the medallion on her forehead. She imagined herself flying down their driveway, veering right, and climbing above the treetops to circle their home. ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... area where an attendant directed them to a table and brought two cups of coffee. Mrs. Nichols reached out and touched the hawk’s eye medallion resting on Penny’s chest, then turned it from side to side. “You gave this to me, Mother.” “I know,” her mother replied in a quiet ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"... great-grandmother’s necklace, standing in front of her home.” To show him, Penny drew the medallion up from the neck of her sleep-shirt, then moved to her side of the huge bed. “Goodnight. I hope you rest well.” She awakened to the sound of Johnny snoring in irregular snorts and ..."

"... have been a half-tester like this one! Leaning over to reach the lamp switch, Penny saw a plaster medallion in the center of the ceiling. It was identical to her pendant: a circle around a five point star–-a pentagram, Flossie Mae had called it. Penny switched off the lamp and turned to ..."
"...“Last night I dreamed that an old lady led me though a tunnel from the basement to a hole in this hill. Her smile was like Mother’s.... And the bed I slept in—I think it might be the one Mother and Grandmother were born in. Johnny—the medallion on the ceiling is just like my necklace!” ..."

"...the life-shaking event that just took place. She wondered how she appeared to the hawk. Pulling the chain out from under her shirt, she studied her hawk’s eye pendant, turning it back and forth to see the dark stone flash. Closing her eyes, she placed the medallion in the center of her forehead, imagining herself flying higher and higher until the world was far below. A feeling of quiet peacefulness filled her mind, and she opened her eyes as the sun disappeared and the edges of everything began to blur. ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...She removed her watch and then her gown. Leaving the medallion on its chain around her neck and zircon studs in her ear lobes, she stepped into the shower and heard persistent knocking on the kitchen door. Turning off the water, she waited, holding herself in, her body pulsating. The back doorknob rattled, then something struck the door ..."

"...Removing the chain with its hawk’s eye medallion from her neck, she replaced it with the string of cultured pearls Johnny had given her on their wedding day and installed the pearl ear studs she inherited from her mother. “Pearls become more beautiful when you wear them,” her mother once told her. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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