A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...Moreover, he had a special affection for birds. With a mere whistle, he would call a whole flock of seagulls to the end of his dock. One particular mockingbird family maintained residence on the site and could be counted on to mimic his whistle and to provide appropriate music for watching sunsets across the Cooper River from the screened porch. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... steps, and along the brick walkway to Faye’s car. Hesitating as she was being helped into the backseat, Mrs. Nichols smiled, her beautiful brown eyes catching sunlight. “Listen,” she said. “The mockingbird is telling me goodbye.” From the back seat, Penny noticed Faye’s bare feet ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...A warm breeze carried the grape-like scent of sprouting kudzu and a mockingbird called, “Wha-cha-need, wha-cha-need, pretty, pretty, pretty.” Recovered from her fright, Penny embraced the day like a morning glory reaching for the sun. She had shopping to do before she picked up Johnny’s bats, and today’s weather was fine for moving Dick’s snake outside. She would release ..."

"...around the perimeter of the yard and unopened wisteria blossoms hung on their vines like grapes. Penny stepped outside breathing sweet air into her lungs while an early bird made the only sounds on earth. “Chewey, chewey, chewey, tummy hurts, tummy hurts.” It was the nutty mockingbird who spent his days fluttering against the car windows, looking at his reflection in the side mirrors, and defecating on the paint. Johnny said he must have flown into a window and hit his head too hard. ..."
"... “Don’t forget you have a date tonight.” She poured a glass of orange juice and carried it outside where sunlight freckled the lawn and illuminated a world so green she could smell the color. Two squirrels stared at her from a bed of pansies and the mockingbird whistled: “He hit him, he hit him; take it out, take it out, take it out.” ..."

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"Margaret McMillion’s novel intricately weaves a woman’s personal doubts and life trials into the intense and stressful operations..."

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