A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... but Penny needed to make her point before she forgot what it was. “You came to my choral performances, and I didn’t know music made your head ache—not until we went to Handel’s Messiah and you threw up in the church!” Not blinking, Johnny said, “I guess I should have figured it out ..."
"...Although starting work with an Associate Degree in nursing bore no resemblance to the experiences of her childhood literary heroine, Cherry Ames, Penny stuck with it because there was no other choice: they had no money for music lessons, no money for braces, no money for clothes. On Johnny’s salary, their family of five had met the ­requirements for reduced prices on school lunches. ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"... weekends, starting tomorrow. Awakened by soft music from her Bose clock/radio, Penny shut off the alarm and dressed quietly to avoid disturbing Johnny, who slept in another bedroom. Because of her work schedule, they had stopped sleeping together years ago. Each time Penny looked at her ..."
"...She turned on the radio because listening to music silenced the tune that repeated in her brain like a scratched record, but today Pachelbel’s “Suite in G” seemed too loud and added to her anxiety. Switching the radio off, she listened to her tires responding to pavement changes on the roadway. ..."
"...The trip back to Dixiana was effortless. She passed a car whose driver was tapping the steering wheel and singing along with music Penny could not hear. She turned on her own radio as Michael Bolton screamed “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Changing to the FM band, she located a Vivaldi concerto broadcasting good cheer. ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...Enroute to meet Maureen, the musical phrase that plagued Penny increased its tempo, making her conscious of her fingers, playing the notes on the steering wheel as if it were a keyboard. She raised the radio’s volume until Ellington’s “In a Sentimental Mood” filled the car and she could feel the thump of the ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...he had a special affection for birds. With a mere whistle, he would call a whole flock of seagulls to the end of his dock. One particular mockingbird family maintained residence on the site and could be counted on to mimic his whistle and to provide appropriate music for watching sunsets across the Cooper River from the screened porch. ..."
"... reached their ears. “Mom watches that movie over and over again.” Faye imitated a mill wheel with her hand. “Dad tries to stimulate her mind with Civil War videos and travelogues from the library, but she only wants to see The Sound of music.” Rev. Nichols opened the front ..."
"...The full moon cast a glow on the water and they breathed the salty, fishy odor while the river played its music. Water lapped against the dock pilings, mullet jumped and splashed, fiddler crabs scurried in the marsh, and mud holes popped open behind the receding tide. Night birds called and a thousand frogs croaked. ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... up together.” Although not an easy hugger, Penny enjoyed the goodwill and entered the elevator. She watched the tough-looking housekeeping supervisor sway from side to side like a metronome keeping time to inaudible music and wondered if the woman heard music in her head. The elevator ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... climb up into the middle of the front seat. Earl started the engine and inserted an Amy Grant tape. “We have to stop and pick up some uniforms while we’re here!” He yelled over the music. “It won’t take too long, then we’ll eat lunch.” Penny checked her watch: it was noon. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Dragging the computer-on-wheels to the door of Miss Logan’s room, Penny entered her patient’s vital signs and assessment and waited out the first fifteen minutes of the blood transfusion. Miss Logan had been watching a series of musicals on TV, and Mario Lanza’s operatic rendition of “Golden Days” seemed incongruous with the events of this evening. ..."
"... in her brain.” Penny nodded. Then, suddenly remembering the blood infusion, hurried to Miss Logan’s room. She was asleep to The Sound of music and Penny observed on the transfusion sheet that Barb had recorded vital signs for her, and it was not time to check them again. After midnight, ..."
"...Mrs. North was finally asleep, and Penny called the lab to postpone her morning lab draw because the woman had slept so little. Mrs. Posey and her sitter were sleeping, and Miss Logan was finished with the platelets and her second bag of blood was infusing to the music of Singing in the Rain. ..."
"... new ethyl chloride can with her. Finally Lela Logan’s blood bag was empty, and as Penny flushed off the implanted port with normal saline and Heparin she tried to be cheerful. “I enjoyed watching TV with you. Those musicals never get old, do they?” Miss Logan glowered at her, then ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...musicday night over a bowl of chili, Penny listened to Johnny’s account of winning Friday’s homecoming football game, which the whole town was celebrating. Then, after a hot shower and fortifying herself with Tylenol, she fell into bed trying not to think, listening to music From Scotland on her ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...The approach of Advent Season made everything worse; Christmas music exacerbated Penny’s sadness. Other years she had listened to carols, burned candles, and enjoyed a resurgence of anticipation as she simmered sugar, milk, and pecans, but this year her mother’s pralines would carry too much baggage. ..."

"...Penny traced the worn lines in her chair’s upholstery. She watched a salamander crawl across the crumbling window sill, decide not to climb onto Lily’s chair, then scurry back and dash down the wall. She tried, without success, to synchronize her mind’s music with the torpid tick of the mantle clock. Fighting sleep, she stood up. “I’d like to go on to bed, if you don’t mind.” ..."

"...“I have to go home now and teach my blind music students to sight read,” he told Maria. “I bet you didn’t know I was born blind! Yeah, I had eye transplants in both eyes so now I give music lessons on my braille Yamaha.” He swiveled to leave, then turned back. “If Dr. Hutton sends ..."

"...The connection broken, Penny tried to think, but she couldn’t hear her own thoughts because the overhead speakers, which usually played soft elevator melodies, were skipping from song to song. Concentrating, she heard a minute of harp plucking, then calypso music with bongo drums, then an orchestra playing a symphony. She dialed the operator. “We’re going crazy up here with this music.’s stopped now, but it’s been hopping from one thing to another. Is it doing that all over the hospital?” ..."
"... than Tony. They carried night sticks and walkie talkies, but no guns. She walked to the desk with Mr. Crouch. “I don’t hear any music,” he said. “Is this a joke?” “No joke...just wait five minutes and it’ll start again. It plays a little bit of everything and then ..."
"... of everything and then stops.” Leroy shuffled papers while Penny opened the snacks she had brought, set them on the staff table, and invited Carina, Leroy, and both guards to join her. While they ate, they listened to snatches of a large variety of music. “I see what you mean,” Leroy ..."
"... to snatches of a large variety of music. “I see what you mean,” Leroy said. “It sounds like background music for a Tourettes’ convention! This is how you stop it.” He flipped a switch on the wall above the crash cart. “Just turn it off.” “I didn’t know how,” Penny said. ..."
"... her if you want to.” Penny dialed the operator to have her notify Housekeeping that a room needed cleaning. “Tell me what happened with your music,” the operator said. “Supervisor turned it off. Did anybody else complain?” “Not a soul.... It’s pretty weird! Well, I’ll ..."

"...thigh and breathed in the scent of him: he must be wearing Robert Redford cologne! Johnny’s fingers gripped the steering wheel with confidence, and Penny could feel his leg muscles grow hard against her hand as he pressed the accelerator. She leaned her head back, experiencing the music. The ride became sensuous and arousing; she wanted to lie beside him and taste his skin, to breathe his breath. With every mile, she was more attracted to her husband. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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