A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder

Nursing Home

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Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"...Nursing HomeHarris’s bed stripped was no surprise when Penny entered Dixiana’s CCU on Sunday morning. Dr. Ghent had told the Harris family a week ago that the old man would not regain consciousness and had recommended moving him to a Nursing Home, but the Harrises had refused to have him ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...Nursing Home, closed her eyes, and gulped down the rest of her drink. “If she didn’t qualify for assisted-living, there would be a six-week delay before she could move into the Nursing Home, and who knows how long before a single apartment would become available for Pop. They would ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... “That sounds good.” David continued. “But we’ve had to relocate Mom to the Nursing Home at IP. She’s not able to feed herself, and Dad can barely do his own stuff. We transferred him to a one-bedroom assisted-living apartment this past weekend.” “Thank you for doing all ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... amount, tipped him ten dollars. There was no answer to her knock on the door of her father’s apartment, but she found him in the Nursing Home pushing a wheelchair containing her mother, whose white hair was in tight curls from a recent permanent. Rev. Nichols leaned over his wife, ..."
"...Nursing Home she should help her mother use the toilet, Penny patted below the waistline of Mrs. Nichols’s skirt and discovered that she was padded with diapers. They left the Nursing Home through the enclosed, heated walkway that connected all the buildings. At the hub of the walkway was ..."
"... breakfast. Mrs. Nichols resisted her daughter’s efforts at bathing and dressing, but Penny finally completed the job, placed her in a wheelchair, and rolled her to the Nursing Home’s eating area where an attendant directed them to a table and brought two cups of coffee. Mrs. Nichols ..."
"...Nursing Homeshed her parents’ clothes the night before, but it was 10:30 Sunday morning by the time she finished ironing them and returned to the Nursing Home. Already dressed, Mrs. Nichols sat in her wheelchair while Penny folded her clothes away into drawers. She placed her father’s clothes on ..."
"... apartment where he lay, fully dressed, on his bed. “Look Daddy, I brought Mother over here so we can all eat lunch together,” Penny said, wondering if his obvious anger was because she had gone to the Nursing Home before coming to see him. “It would be too hard on Mother! She’s in ..."
"... any more. Promising to return to eat supper with him, Penny pushed her mother through the halls toward her building, stopping at the grocery for two ice cream sandwiches. When they reached the Nursing Home, she wheeled her mother up to a small dining table and produced the ice cream. “Oh!” ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Nursing Homeen warned about the sisters in Report: they were suing a Nursing Home because their mother, eighty-seven years old with advanced ovarian cancer, had fallen out of bed. They then brought her to Oncology requesting aggressive treatment. Yet, when Dr. Hutton ordered radiation and the ambulance had been ..."
"... her blanket and picked something imaginary out of the air. Zunetta helped Penny pull her mother up in bed, then pointed to the woman’s head. “Look at this lump. I want you to see what they did to Mama in that Nursing Home!” Penny clicked on the over-bed examination light: there was no ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...Nursing Homerom Roanoke. “I don’t think Dad knows me; I’m going back home after I see him in the morning. Just be glad you had a visit before this happened! They can’t tell us how long he will last, so it looks like the best thing is to ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... week; I can’t keep up. Did you move here?” “I found an apartment near the hospital. Anytime you want to come early or stay over, come to my place, honey. My son’s in jail and Ma’s in a Nursing Home, so I’ve got lots of room.” “I’m sorry things are rough.” Flossie ..."
"... it. If she seems comfortable, let her go. Do what you think is right, though. Have you called Faye?” “No, I’m still at the Nursing Home; I’ll call her when I get home.” “Alice, you’re doing exactly right. Thank you for being there—I’m sorry you’re all alone.” Penny ..."

"... took a load off me. Is Ma any better?” “She’s not moving as much, and she doesn’t talk. They told us in Report that her doctor’s waiting to make sure her blood pressure’s under control before he sends her back to the Nursing Home.” “If she doesn’t go back today, I’ll see ..."

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"A nurse juggles jobs at two Mississippi hospitals, aging parents and a stressed marriage in McMillion's novel .... a comprehensive..."

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