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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...But late one afternoon as she approached Jacksonville, anxiety swelled inside her. She had rotated through every nursing department, met more faces than she could remember, and accepted a night position in the Oncology Department. They had hired her so they must have believed she could do the job, but could she? Sometimes she found herself in a room and couldn’t remember why she was there. There were too many names to learn, too many drugs with too many side ..."
"...From Employee Parking, she went into the basement of the hospital through the staff entrance, planning to burn calories by climbing the steps to Oncology on the fourth floor. The elevator and the stairwell were side by side, and as Penny approached, the housekeeper with a commode-seat fixation called her name, beckoning and holding open the elevator door. Penny sneaked a look at Kerri’s name badge before she was enveloped by her ..."
"... hallway. “So now you know what my job is: moving heavy equipment.” Kerri giggled and depressed the fourth floor button. “I can hardly believe we’ve been here almost three months! Do you like Oncology? I’d think it would be depressing to work up there.” “Oh no, ..."
"...“Hi ya, chick!” Barbara Ruth Tackett, RN, a sun-streaked blond with whom Penny had worked several times, was already dressed, her eyes mirroring Oncology’s distinctive royal-blue scrubs. Barb, who was the age of Penny’s youngest child, laid her newspaper aside and sprang from her chair to give Penny an enthusiastic hug. “I brought you something.” She lifted a small blue jar from the top shelf of her locker and opened ..."
"...three years apart. Now that the girls were all in high school, Maria worked at the hospital to avoid being at home when they were there. Her children telephoned their mother with one crisis after another, and on days when Maria was off (and away from home) Oncology nurses tried to solve teenage problems. ..."
"...Maria was taking vital signs and Penny could hear her joking with patients about “my big black booty.” Afterward, she would prepare the paperwork for tomorrow and manage the desk until 11 p.m. From 7 p.m. until 7 a.m. Oncology usually operated with two RNs, but tonight a nurse, remaining after day shift, would keep her same patients and stay until eleven, working overtime to help them because today had been hectic and things were still in a mess. ..."
"...Their helper had gone home and Maria was preparing to leave when Leroy Crouch, the night supervisor, came to Oncology. Having started his career as a medic in the Army, he was now in his mid-forties with a paunch, and new patients often mistook him for a doctor because he sounded like an authority on everything. ..."
"... crying. “What happened over here?” Penny asked her. “I’ll tell you, but first I need to hang a piggyback. Why don’t you chart your stick, and then I’ll walk you back to Oncology. I want to go down to the cafeteria anyway.” Maria had left by the time the nurse from Fourth ..."
"... Maria had left by the time the nurse from Fourth joined Penny and Barb in Oncology’s lounge, where she painted a vivid account of her horrible night in which everything had gone wrong. “...and then one of my patients, a depressed seventy-year-old man, jumped out of his window.” ..."
" I’d be in there working and, BAM! The door would go totally shut, you know? I couldn’t hear my patients’ call bells, and I’d be seriously scared and stuff.” Barb rolled her Windex-blue eyes. “I got out of that unit and came to Oncology as soon as there was a position open.” ..."
"...Barb paused, looking down into her lap. She took a deep breath. “One night after I came to Oncology, Supervisor Crouch was helping us to initiate a new nurse, taking her on a scare tour of Eye, like we used to do. We had a routine: first we’d set her up—tell about the ghost, and two staff members would leave, like, say they were going for a ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... the only information of which she was sure. Before heading home to lunch, Penny ran up the stairs to Oncology to find no one at the desk and the phone ringing. Breathless, she picked up the receiver. “Oncology Department, Penny speaking.” “My buddy’s real sick. He needs to go to ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... in his leash, pulling away. “Louise told me you’re working in Jacksonville,” Penny said, skirting the motorcycle as Zac drew her toward the street. “I’ll be up in Oncology Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights so maybe I’ll see you at work.” “Hey!” Buck yelled after ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... Penny—only a little bit worse because of all his long-haul truck trips. Jacksonville’s Oncology Unit was a beehive of activity Tuesday evening as Penny slid into a chair in the staff room. “We must be full!” Barb munched a nacho and shoved the plate toward her. “Every bed! Day ..."
"... it was beginning to make sense. She gathered her patients’ Kardexes and typed her code into a computer, intending to make sure that all the lab work and X-rays ordered for today had been entered before the lab techs came to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... You’ll be back soon enough.” Penny was at home in Dixiana. She had been back from Roanoke approximately twenty-four hours, barely enough time to unpack and catch her breath, but she was ready to return to work. Jacksonville Oncology would be a pleasant change. An October wind whistling ..."
"...Penny had been warned about the sisters in Report: they were suing a nursing home because their mother, eighty-seven years old with advanced ovarian cancer, had fallen out of bed. They then brought her to Oncology requesting aggressive treatment. Yet, when Dr. Hutton ordered radiation and the ambulance had been summoned to transport her, they had refused to let her go to the radiation clinic. ..."
"... looked at the clock, it was noon and she had slept four hours. She poured herself a bowl of cereal and called the hospital. “Jacksonville Oncology, Ellen speaking.” “It’s Penny, Ellen. I forgot to make out an incident report for losing the ethyl chloride. Please tell the supervisor ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... go back to the mountains where our families are!” Mrs. Allison died during Report, so the day shift took over before time to bag the body and clean up, but Mrs. Digby, the Clinical Director of Oncology, stopped Penny as she was leaving. “May I see you in my office before you go? ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...resist temptation, but the goodies called her name and the longer she looked at them the less willpower she owned. Whitman’s chocolates, Christie’s Cookies, and popcorn in three flavors: it was as if the patients’ families, drug salesmen, and doctors conspired to make everyone gain weight in Jacksonville Oncology during the week of Thanksgiving. ..."
"...had been lingering at the desk for a good half hour when Penny deposited her clipboard beside a computer. He held the leash of a big tan dog. For the past several weeks, Tony had increased both the frequency and the length of his security checks in Oncology. Now, he dug inside his ear, inspected his findings, and continued to tell Barb about the complications of his divorce. ..."
"... may take you up on it.” When Penny returned to the Oncology Unit, Barb was in the staff lounge working on her checkbook, an open box of Queen Ann chocolate cherries beside her. “I want you to tell me honestly what you think of our security guard,” she said. Penny crammed a pecan ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...“Complimentary Reindeer Exams” proclaimed the sign in front of the veterinarian’s office as Penny set out for Jacksonville Oncology on Christmas Eve. Given her choice of Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve or Christmas night, she had chosen to be off on Christmas night so that her children could come for supper after their own separate family celebrations that morning. ..."
"...Christmas wreaths decorated every door in Jacksonville Oncology, and a tree adorned with white angels stood in the hall near the nurses’ station. The tree’s electric cord was plugged into a socket inside Maureen’s door and its multicolor lights shined into her room. First-place prize in the inter-departmental decorating contest would be dinner at Shoney’s ..."
"...Milton and his family had returned to Dixiana, but Maureen’s cold body remained in Oncology at 5 a.m. because ER had been so busy that its doctor couldn’t come to pronounce her. Penny threw her uneaten supper into the garbage and sat down in the staff room. It was Christmas and her children were coming this afternoon. All the presents ..."

"...In Oncology all the easy-to-use IV pumps had been collected and replaced by new, computerized machines. In-services on how to operate them were available but Barb, working out her notice, didn’t attend. Also, except for Watt Weeks, the entire patient population had changed, and Barb was training Carina Algood, ..."

"... miss your visits, too.” Penny entered a party-like atmosphere in Oncology. The nurses were laughing over a joke someone had downloaded from America Online, and Maria handed Penny a copy. “I hope nobody gets fired over this, but it’s too good not to share!” MEMO ON COST CUTTING TO: ..."
"... outfit, she launched into her distinctive, wheezing laughter. “Maybe tonight we’ll have time to visit,” Penny said. “Ever since you came, Oncology has been too busy for us to talk; I don’t even know if you’re married!” “Sure I’m married. My man’s retired—well, actually he ..."
"... Carina whispered “Hello,” then handed Penny the receiver. “It’s ER with Report on Flossie Mae.” Penny had just hung up when the phone rang again. “Oncology, Penny speaking.” “I want to speak to Barb,” a familiar voice said. “I’m sorry, Barb doesn’t work here anymore. ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... Mae, lurching forward, collapsed in her mother’s doorway, her legs and trunk still in the room. Carina shouted into the desk telephone, “Emergency in Oncology! Emergency! Security STAT!” Penny raced toward Flossie Mae’s sprawled, face-down body. She knelt beside her, trying to ..."

"... the talking. “I’m sure I don’t need to tell you the gravity of the situation, and how important it is for you to remember exactly what happened in Oncology this morning. I must ask you to pledge that you will tell the truth and sign your pledge. Will you do that?” Penny glanced ..."
"... even realize she was cut until I saw blood running out of her chest, you know?” When they reached Oncology, Mrs. Sharp’s daughter was in her mother’s room. “Did she do all right with her chemo?” “Your mother didn’t sleep very well,” Penny said. “But she did fine with her ..."

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"Margaret McMillion’s novel intricately weaves a woman’s personal doubts and life trials into the intense and stressful operations..."

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