A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"...propped open the hall door and apologized to their patient’s husband who had been waiting so long. When he asked if his wife could sit in a chair beside the bed, Penny showed him how to help manage the tubes and wires, and they settled her into a recliner. Penny served Mrs. Chumley’s lunch and had just picked up the stack of telemetry strips when the phone rang. ..."
"...Dr. Ghent’s chest-tube patient was asleep in the recliner, her ­partially-eaten lunch tray in front of her. Penny called the desk at South to ask that someone come help her to put the woman back into bed. In a few minutes, a nursing tech arrived and agreed to stay and take Mrs. Chumley’s vital signs so ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... outside Charlotte, so I should be in Roanoke by midday tomorrow. How was your trip?” Alice directed Penny out the back door to a recliner on the deck and mixed two drinks while Penny talked to her brother. “After I called you, Mother and Daddy wouldn’t eat lunch,” Penny told him. ..."
"...Frightened by the lifetime accumulation of anger raging within her, Penny was unable to make herself comfort her father. She helped her mother down the steps and into a recliner on the sunlit deck, wrapped her in a blanket, and turned the pages of a House Beautiful magazine while Mrs. Nichols smiled, pointed, and made eye contact with her daughter. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...“I’m Colonel Philpot and I’m paralyzed, see? I won’t bring him unless you guarantee me a room with a recliner. My phone rang a while ago, and I almost grabbed it out of the wall tryin’ to answer it and now I’m paralyzed. If I don’t get a recliner, I’m takin’ Watt to another hospital.” ..."
"... If I don’t get a recliner, I’m takin’ Watt to another hospital.” Penny assured him that all the rooms had recliners. “If you can’t drive, call an ambulance. They will bring both of you to our ER.” Penny replaced the receiver as Ellen, the day-shift unit secretary, returned ..."

"... Red Cross! Bolting up from his recliner, Johnny switched off the television when Penny entered the den. He gave her a smile and hunkered down beside her on the couch, draping an arm across her shoulders. “So tell me about it. Were you sad to leave your old hospital?” “No, I am not ..."

"...“It’s all right,” Penny said. “I’m not busy tonight.” She collected an IV start pack, two needles, and a syringe loaded with normal saline and entered 409, where Mr. Logan sat in his recliner watching television. He was not on Neutropenic Precautions, which forbad flowers in the rooms of cancer patients with low white cell counts, and on his bedside table were two pots of lilies. There was a vase of red roses on his over-bed table and the windowsill was ..."
"... Dr. Wiseman had an accident on the stairs?” “Yes, last summer.” Penny perched on an arm of the recliner. “I thought that if you were working in the laundry, you might have seen the commotion when they found her.” “Yes, I did—but before that, I saw a man wearing a lab jacket and a ..."

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"Margaret McMillion’s novel intricately weaves a woman’s personal doubts and life trials into the intense and stressful operations..."

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