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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...home-town hospital, doctors were on call 24/7 and were required to visit their patients every day, unless they designated another physician to cover for them. The grinning, forty-five-year-old physician swung his arms, spreading the scent of Brut Cologne. His patient, an elderly man recovering from a severe respiratory infection, had accidently pulled out his IV during the night and the nurses, after three unsuccessful sticks, left it out hoping that his antibiotic could be administered by mouth. Dr. Scales usually came to the hospital early and they had not notified him because, on other occasions, he ..."
"... entering fluid-filled lung tissues. Willing herself to remain calm, she checked Dodson’s vital signs. His temperature was normal, but his blood pressure was low and his heart and respiratory rates were high. Panic burst into her stomach and spread upward. “I’m going to increase your ..."
"...respiratorywas new to the Unit, Maureen had counseled her to calm down. “Don’t get excited until I do–-I’ll tell you when.” This time, with her stethoscope against the young man’s back, Maureen confirmed what Penny had heard with wide eyes and bared teeth and Maureen remained at the ..."
"... By phone, Penny described the patient’s condition to Dr. Lawrence and received orders for a STAT electrocardiogram, arterial blood gasses, and a portable chest X-ray. As she replaced the receiver, one of respiratory’s summer-student helpers arrived to answer Penny’s page. “Where ..."
"... summer-student helpers arrived to answer Penny’s page. “Where is Mr. Hall?” Penny said. “We need a respiratory Therapist now! Go find him! Never mind, I’ll page him. Bring us the EKG Machine as fast as you can.” The teenager fled. When Penny returned to Darryl Dodson’s ..."
"...respiratory, Director of respiratory Therapy, jogged into the Unit and glanced at Penny, then at Dodson. He set out his syringe and swabbed and palpated for a radial artery while Penny introduced him and explained to the patient that Dr. Lawrence needed to know exactly how much oxygen his ..."
"... the hall. Dr. Lawrence listened to his patient’s chest, then moved to the desk, allowing the X-ray technician and the student respiratory Tech to do their jobs. The doctor dialed a number and Penny overheard him make arrangements to transfer Dodson to a cardiologist in Jacksonville. Dr. ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...respiratoryontained a telephone order canceling the discharge and placing the woman in Critical Care. She was still short of breath after they had raised the head of her bed to a forty-five-degree angle. Her vital signs were within normal limits, but neither nurse could hear breath sounds on ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny called respiratory to do the EKG, then asked South Station’s unit secretary to bring the charts of the patients in rooms 301 and 306 to CCU. It was not all Penny’s fault because it would not have happened if ..."
"...the bedside monitor, she opened the patient’s lax jaw, inserted the airway with one end of the S up, then rotated it 180 degrees so that the end passed down behind his tongue. Her heart hammering, she connected the ambu bag’s tail to the oxygen outlet. A respiratory tech picked up the bag and began oxygenation. ..."
"...The code team had arrived. A nurse from ER pushed the crash cart toward the bed, and Penny grabbed the backboard from its slot on the cart. The respiratory tech and the ER nurse lifted the patient while Penny pushed the plastic board under him and positioned his head into the cupped-out headrest. Penny plugged the crash cart’s electrical cord into one of the pigtail outlets behind the bed and stepped aside. She inhaled, trying to ..."
"...The respiratory tech squeezed the ambu bag with her left hand, and with her right thumb and forefinger held the mask in place by curling her other fingers under his chin. The ER nurse stood close to the bed with her shoulders over the man’s chest, her arms straight, the ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... and turned into the emergency lane at the hospital. As soon as Bob had been moved onto a gurney in the ER, a respiratory therapist drew arterial blood gasses. He filled three vials with blood, much more than would be needed for ABGs. Maureen was right: they wouldn’t use Dixiana’s lab ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...respiratoryu, Doctor.” Penny broke the connection and called respiratory, spitting out her words in ragged bursts. “I’m getting a patient into CCU from 327: Mrs. Baucom—she needs STAT blood ­gasses—probably a ventilator—and she’s got labs ordered, so please draw extra blood and take it to the lab.” ..."
"... ordered, so please draw extra blood and take it to the lab.” “Roger! I’m on my way.” Penny recognized the voice. Thank goodness Cecil Hockney, head of the respiratory Department, was here today! Things were looking up. The supervisor left to write Scales’s orders on the chart at ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... from the scene outside. Penny’s only patient, Mr. Lee Garrett, eighty-four, with advanced Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease, was recovering from a respiratory infection that had left him too weak to cough up his thick sputum, and he required suctioning when he choked. Penny spread the bird ..."
"... When the ambulance arrived, the respiratory therapist set the ventilator in Demand Mode so that Buck could initiate a breath himself. The ventilator allowed him to inhale and then it pushed the right amount of oxygenated air into his lungs. If Buck failed to breathe, the ventilator would alarm. ..."
"...respiratoryt get here until this afternoon and respiratory set up the ventilator,” Penny said. “Buck’s had surgery to drain blood clots from his brain and to repair hip, arm, and leg fractures. He’s been on a ventilator because of rib fractures and pneumonia, but the Jacksonville nurse said ..."
"... picked up speed and become regular beats. The respiratory therapist took over, changed the ventilator settings, and reconnected Buck’s ET tube to the breathing machine. “He’s not assisting. I’ve set the ventilator to do it all for him.” In winter, light came at seven and left at ..."

"...“The good doctor didn’t say what to give and he was already mad that I called him, so I didn’t want to call him again.” Joan winked at Penny. “I gave D5W, but after 700cc the kid was in respiratory distress and her arms and legs were jerking. I had to call him back then, and that’s when he ordered Valium. I didn’t give it, of course. A sedative would depress her respiration even more.” ..."
"... some oxygen with her gasps. After thirty minutes, Loretta’s skin had pinked up and she breathed more easily. Leaving Joan in the room, Penny trudged back to the desk. Hansel Hall, Director of respiratory Therapy, had arrived to check the charts for new orders. “Mr. Hall, I set up oxygen ..."
"... the Valium injection,” Joan said, “but then I’m done.” Penny called floor-nurse Anna to help change the child, but the exertion of turning side to side renewed her respiratory distress and Penny sent Anna to find Mr. Hall. The respiratory therapist pulled Penny out of the room. “We ..."
"... to side renewed her respiratory distress and Penny sent Anna to find Mr. Hall. The respiratory therapist pulled Penny out of the room. “We need Dr. Scales right now, and he’d better get here fast!” “I told him that two hours ago and he wouldn’t come,” Penny said, “but I ..."
"... I need to tell you about an incident this morning with a one-year-old patient who belongs to Dr. Scales. Mr. Hall was here and he helped us and the little girl’s better now, but I think something should be done about it. She was in severe respiratory distress, and Dr. Scales didn’t come until it was almost too late.” ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...The stairwell door flew open and a respiratory therapist blasted into the hall. “He cut me!” she shouted, holding her left hand with her right. The ER doctor and the supervisor arrived next, erupting from the stairs. The respiratory therapist pushed the crash cart to 406, forced exam gloves onto her bloody hands, and ..."

"...popped out before she could censor them. “Am I the only one who saw his face?” She blurted out the question and shut her mouth, but her words echoed in the room. All at once aware of her position, Penny reseated herself. “I’ll bet the respiratory therapist saw him when he cut her fingers.” ..."

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