A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...Unnerved, Penny felt every heartbeat like someone was kicking her in the chest again and again. Had the driver tried to run her down? It was lucky that both she and Zac had escaped injury! She sprinted over her lawn while Zac scampered ahead of her. His short hair was mostly white, but in places the white faded to a brownish tan, making him appear perpetually dirty. ..."
"...Penny, torn between obligations at work and her parents’ needs, walked barefoot through her kitchen, across the den, and down the hall to the bathroom. She was standing in the shower running hot water on her head when Faye called again. Grabbing a towel, she scurried to the telephone beside her bed while water dripped onto her rug. ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...“In laundry. Beside the elevator in the basement.” Kerri’s chin quivered as she spoke. “They all laughed at me. They asked for our suggestions on cleaning bathrooms so I told them that at home I run my commode seat through the dishwasher once a week to get it really clean.” She wiped her eyes. “Do you think I’ll ever suggest anything again?” ..."
"...Later, running water as hot as she could stand, she showered until her thoughts were fuzzy and her feet were red. She found ­sanctuary in her queen-sized four poster, remembering shopping trips with Johnny in search of their perfect bed, and her anticipation of ­lying ­beside him every night for ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... won’t have to work extra.” The roar of the helicopter filled the Unit, and the noise became deafening when Penny opened the back door to watch bent-over medical transport nurses in black jump-suits run toward her from beneath the still-rotating blades. Dr. Lawrence strode into the Unit ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...of the hospital, agreed to start a difficult IV down the hall. She approached the Unit door as it swung open to admit Buck, who had come to chart results on some tests that had been sent to another hospital because the Dixiana lab lacked the equipment to run them. ..."
"... Yesterday, I called my catcher and my first baseman aside before the game–-this catcher is good, by the way. He’ll have a college scholarship for sure in a couple of years, maybe a pro future later. Anyway, so I gave them the green light to pick runners off first base anytime they thought they had a chance. They wanted to know what would happen if, you know, if they messed up and a throw got away down the line and runs scored. I said it didn’t matter. I told my catcher I wanted ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...Penny rubbed her eyes and stretched out beneath the covers. Outside her window, the sun was already high in the sky. She remembered yesterday’s run-in with Dr. Scales and experienced such an awakening that she could not imagine she would ever sleep again. She stood beside the bed and pushed an arm into her battered, blue terrycloth robe while apprehension blew around her like a winter wind, tingling her skin and tightening every ..."
"...She pulled on shorts and running shoes, untangled Zac’s leash, and walked out through the garage to his pen. Zac jumped up ready to go, then sat panting while Penny stretched her legs. Starting this late there shouldn’t be much traffic since most of the neighbors were already at work. Zac ran ..."
"...Her return run seemed shorter. As she stopped at the end of her driveway to collect the mail, Penny accidentally dropped the leash, and Zac picked up the hand loop with his teeth. He trotted through the yard and jumped up, panting frantically, to sit beside Penny on the bench ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...on the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, and in window seat 14-A Penny sighed and stretched stiff muscles. After flying above white clouds that humped and dipped in uneven globs over a sea of black-bean soup, they descended through a bumpy, grey mist into a driving rainstorm, soaking the runway and the terminal. ..."
"...with sticks and leaves. Beyond the yard, sparkling in the late afternoon sun, stretched the ever-changing river upon which several sail boats were tacking home from the day’s outing. With everything still in place it felt like this home should go on forever, but its time had run out. ..."
"...“You must have figured it out,” Faye said. She swept the air with the backs of her hands in a downward circle, “Somehow you manage to run the best mental-health system in the country! You do have some of Dad’s mannerisms and his facial expressions, David, but you’re not like him—I was afraid of him when I was little.” ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"...Alice cried as she looked across the runway. She had spent the past four hours trying to find out what had happened to her family, had alienated several airline personnel, and lost her car keys. She noticed two flight attendants carrying someone down the steps of a tiny aircraft and recognized her mother-in-law’s white suit ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... a withering glance and turned to Penny. “I want you to give her 20 mgs of Lasix IV right now.” Penny said, “Her maintenance IV runs at 75 mls an hour. Do you want me to slow it down?” He looked at Penny as though explaining this to her was useless. “No, I want to dilute her white ..."
"... to turn them off but the bed wasn’t plugged into the electrical outlet and the prong thing for the alarms wasn’t connected either.” “Did you run?” “No, the patient was rolled in from ER, and it all stopped. I had to, like, pretend nothing had happened. The other nurses told me ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... working in his office.” “The pay’s good and I do everything just the way he wants it, honey. Most of our patients are on Medicaid and all they need is some attention. Buck Dalton works with us...draws blood at the office and runs it in this lab.” Penny shook her head. ..."
"...When the loud alarm sounded at bed seven, she looked at Mr. Aceworth’s heart pattern on the screen above the desk. My God! Either his electrodes were off or his heart had stopped! Penny started running before she was out of her chair, sending it crashing backward. Her heart knocked about in her chest as she stumbled to the bed and stared down at the still, ashy-faced man, who only a minute ago had been joking with her. His eyes flicked here and ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...Penny arrived home in the middle of Sunday afternoon and stepped from her car into a gusty wind carrying a trace of wood smoke. Exhilarated by unexpected free time, she changed into jeans and running shoes and unhooked the gate to Zac’s pen. He could not be still while she tried to snap the leash onto his collar, but the connector finally clicked, just as Johnny’s blue car pulled into the driveway. ..."
"... as Johnny’s blue car pulled into the driveway. “Hold on a minute and I’ll go too,” he said, with a smile for Penny and a howl, mimicking Zac’s. He extracted a pair of Nikes from his trunk and leaned against the car to change shoes. Following Penny’s usual route, they walked at a ..."
"... “Thank you for holding me.” “I love you,” he answered. Tuesday morning Penny slept until noon. After brunch, she made herself call Dr. Allen, beginning the conversation by asking him what she could do with the snake. “I don’t know anybody who would take him,” he said. “And ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"...introduced herself, then reduced the infusion rate. “Dr. Benson wrote some new orders for you. Is there anything you need?” The woman’s diagnosis was kidney cancer and she was receiving her second round of treatment. Tumors that had spread into her lungs and abdomen had shrunk, so the drug was doing its job. ..."
"...Dr. Hutton, a young physician who blushed easily, stepped out of the stairwell breathing hard. Next to medicine, running was his passion and he often answered their beeper calls from a gymnasium. “I’m on call tonight; is there anything you want to tell me now, Penny, so I won’t be hearing from you at four in the morning?” ..."
"...“...because I had a wreck on the way home from the hospital and I’m cut all to pieces, but don’t worry, I won’t die. I’m headin’ to Tijuana for a load of raw steel. This will make my last run and the money’ll send Bud to Harvard. If you need me, my handle is Coyote. I’m takin’ a Mexican with me so don’t worry. I want you to tell Watt to send somebody for the ham. It’s all cooked, on the stove, and the stove’s ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... jet-lag veteran. Seated by a window, she leaned back and rested her eyes. Vibrations from the plane’s tires rushing over the rough runway excited her, tingled her groin and spread warmth into her lower abdomen leaving it charged and making her wish to extend the pavement. She heard the ..."
"... it with him in his apartment. When the closing credits began, Rev. Nichols said, “Thank you, sweetheart, I’m sorry to run you off, but my head hurts all the way down into my chest. Before you go, though, I want you to put more Vaseline on my back.” Penny supplied him with Tylenol ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...runOctober wind whistling around the house delivered a whiff of winter as Tuesday afternoon’s forty-degree temperature plummeted toward the unseasonable freeze predicted for that night. running later than usual, Penny hurried to her Chevette and steered out of the driveway through a flurry of tiny snowflakes blowing in all ..."
"...She had never been this far back from the hospital. To her left was a two-story building—probably Maintenance. A stringent odor of dank humus and wet leaves rose from the wooded area in front of her, where tree trunks were overgrown with kudzu vines, their branches weighted down with Spanish moss. ..."
"...Two women awaited Penny when she returned to the hall. One of them was tall and turned from chastising a six-year-old grandson who had been running around the nurses’ station. “Are you Mrs. Posey’s nurse? My name is Zuna, and this is my twin sister, Zunetta. Our Mama’s hurting and we don’t want her to be in pain, but don’t give her too much pain medicine.” The woman spoke in ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...“Type and cross match for three units of blood and when she comes, have her sign the blood consent form. Meanwhile, redraw all the levels, then start a run of potassium. With his advanced lung disease and dehydration, I don’t feel too sure of these values. Okay? You got that? By the way,” Dr. Ghent chuckled, “Jane calls him brother but be sure you ask her what his nickname is.” ..."
"...Slipping a hospital gown over her clothes, Flossie Mae helped Penny shave and wash the patient. They turned him from side to side and inspected a bunch of small purple circles on his trunk and thighs, then removed the soaked sheets and applied dry ones before dressing him in a gown. They were finishing as Mr. Head’s small, white-haired sister knocked on the door. ..."
"... you.” “If this doesn’t beat all,” Dr. Ghent said. “She won’t let him have blood. Cancel the transfusion—cancel everything but the potassium.... Call me the new level—he probably needs three runs. Oh, and he can have brownies and Cokes. Give him whatever she says.” Jane ..."
"...prominent eyes on Penny’s face. “That’s not all,” she said, then looked away. “We’ve had some patients who aren’t from around here. One day two official-looking men came and stayed in the office with Dr. Scales a long time.... I had to handle all the disgruntled sick people and answer the phone—I know something’s going on.” Flossie Mae spoke so quietly that Penny had to strain to hear her. “I’ve done some things that were wrong to keep my job...I’m afraid we’re being investigated.” ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... down his receiver. “I’m calling Mrs. Gwen,” Penny told Rebecca. “This is one for our Director!” Agnes Gwen answered on the fifth ring, and Penny gave her a rundown. “All right, Penny. Have Rebecca call Dr. Scales again and tell him that his patient is critical and ask him if ..."
"... shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and Rebecca counted, “One, Two, Three,” and heaved Mrs. Baucom from her bed into the Unit bed, grunting with the effort. The pale, gasping patient could barely move air. Disconnecting the oxygen tubing from the transfer tank, ..."
"... to your patients.” Dr. Scales, holding the new lab values run on blood from Mr. Hockney’s arterial stick, walked to his unconscious patient’s bed. Mrs. Baucom’s facial muscles were relaxed as the ventilator filled her lungs with the oxygen she had craved all day. “Her condition has ..."
"... love you too, sister.” Later, entering the kitchen after a run with Zac, Penny picked up the ringing phone. Agnes Gwen said, “Penny, Dr. Scales has been in my office complaining about you. Can you tell me anything that might help the situation?” “There’s a situation every ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"...“In the daytime, I run a small construction company. My ex-wife’s an accountant and I was on her insurance, so I took a job here for the benefits—the pay’s not that good! Don’t ever marry an accountant— she knows where all the accounts are stashed and how much is in them. ..."
"... “Buck! He doesn’t speak to me, but I heard him tell somebody he makes good money without much work.” Flossie Mae looked toward the door and lowered her voice to a whisper. “I hope I don’t run into Dr. S., but I’ve saved enough dirt to keep him away from me.” Penny ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... whistles. Johnny walked to the edge of the pavement and peered into the vegetation in the half-light. “Penny! There’s a man in here!” he yelled. “Something terrible has happened!” Johnny hit the driveway on a dead run toward their garage. “I’m going to call 911!” Penny ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
" meet him like usual, I left them with a sitter, okay? I met his plane with nothing on but black-fishnet stockings and spikes under my trench coat. I was awesome! I flashed him in the parking garage when he was putting his bag in the trunk, and he was seriously hard before we got in the car. So then, see, we stopped at the Cottontown Truck Stop for an orgy and everything, and that’s when I told him I couldn’t live here anymore. And it was he expected it, right? He ..."
"... it was still there. Fighting a gusty wind, she guided the Chevette into her driveway. Lids from the neighborhood’s emptied garbage cans rolled around like escaped prisoners uncertain which way to run, and the air felt colder than the radio’s pronouncement of 56 degrees. She walked to the ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"... the rest of the house.” In the late afternoon, the Pewitts locked their house and loaded suitcases into the trunk of Johnny’s blue Mercury. He adjusted the rearview mirror and turned to Penny, sitting beside him in the passenger seat. “Did you pack your camera?” “I’ve got it; and ..."
"... read?” “All of it. Man, I even went back and reviewed things in my history books: slavery, the Civil War, reconstruction. Make us some coffee and I’ll give you a rundown; it’s too early to go touring, anyway.” He piled two pillows against the headboard and leaned on them. Penny ..."

"...Penny gave Johnny an affected smile, then let her gaze wander out over the sunlit water. “This river probably looks about the same today as it did in the 1800s, but I’ll bet runaway slaves missed seeing its beauty. They were risking their lives, hiding and waiting for dark to come so they could escape along the bank.” ..."
"...Gradually the ground leveled off, the dirt walls bowed to the left, and shifting shadows appeared in the darkness ahead. Penny clicked on her flashlight and directed the beam in front of her feet. She walked faster, then began to run toward filtered shapes ahead, her breaths keeping three quarter time with her steps. Suddenly, crystal light flooded the passageway. Blinking in the brilliance, she squinted through kudzu vines at the river in front of her. ..."
"... be back in a few minutes.” “If you can wait, I’ll go with you,” Johnny said. “Catch up with me if you want to. I’m going to run to the old bridge and walk back this way along the river bank.” The morning air was cold against her cheeks as Penny pulled on gloves and leaned over ..."
"... we’d like to pay you for it.” “I’m glad you insisted on paying for our rooms.” Penny stood in the street in front of the house helping Johnny lift suitcases into their trunk. “The only thing I didn’t get to do was climb up into the cupola.” They turned for a last look above ..."
"... look above the second floor, at the box shaped tower crowning the house. “Hey! Lily’s up there.” Johnny waved to a figure in the front window of the cupola, then slammed the trunk and slid behind the wheel. Penny raised her hand to wave and watched as the black-clad figure faded away ..."

"...Her hunger superceded by adrenalin, Penny stared at the newspaper while her cereal grew soggy and her coffee cooled. Dixiana physicians had always run the show. When they didn’t get their way, they had withheld admissions. They blocked discipline of their colleagues in a good-ole-boy network—like last year when Dr. Graham had given Penny two inappropriate phone orders for insulin. She reported it to Mrs. Gwen, who said Dr. Graham ..."
"... Now that the children were grown, Penny recognized that when they were small her ego had been bound up in how well they behaved. Was it possible that she had switched her self-image from mother to house-keeper? Was a clean, well-run home as important as she believed it to be? By ..."
"...on two pillows, noting the facial characteristics of Down’s syndrome: wide bridged nose, flattened skull, and low ears. The patient did not resist when Penny lifted her head and flexed her neck. She had dark circles under her eyes, a bluish tinge around her lips, and her trunk and extremities were pale with patches of color. Her stiff arms jerked spasmodically. Penny lifted one of her cold, clenched hands, spread the fingers, and noted tiny, blue-tinged nail beds and a widened space between the first and second digits, a distinctly mongoloid trait. ..."
"...runlonger calm, Joan moved about the room as though unable to find a place on the floor to put her feet. Mr. Hall listened to Loretta’s chest while Penny gave Mrs. Honeycutt the pill Dr. Scales had ordered. From the odor, Penny knew before she looked under the ..."

"...In mid-afternoon, the sun appeared and Penny walked Zac around the yard on his leash, afraid to let him run free because the street in front of their house was full of out-of-towners. She then locked the unhappy dog in his pen. Johnny would be late returning from practice, so there was plenty of time to try out the city’s new walking trail before she started supper. ..."
"... in my apartment.” Understanding the authenticity of Flossie Mae’s fear, Penny said, “You may not feel brave but you are courageous. You could have quit and run, but you got ready to fight. And now, what you’re going through with your son has got to be agonizing!” Satisfied that ..."
"... like a sewer. “Would you like me to check your labs for you?” she asked Carina. “I already did them, but Penny, this little enema business is going nowhere. The fluid all runs back out.” “I have to smoke,” the patient said. “Please go out and shut the door. Pretend you ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...crumbling box containing her target bow and arrows: artifacts from college days. Terror cleared her mind, slowed her thoughts, steadied her hands. Crouching over the box, she located the bow string and slipped one end into its notch on the bow. Standing up, she propped the strung end against her bare instep and flexed it, bending the bow in order to fit the opposite end of the string into its notch...almost there.... Almost in place, the bow sprang back. Penny made sure the string was still in place on the other end, then repositioned ..."
"... Footsteps thudded through the house and the kitchen door jerked open, crashing against the refrigerator. running her hand along the bow, Penny secured her left hand placement, then groped in the box with her right hand, ferreted out an arrow, and slid its notch onto the bow string. Heavy ..."
"... give it daylight for exploring its big, new home. “You okay? I was a tiny bit worried,” Carina said when Penny, after running up four flights of steps, huffed and puffed into the staff room. “I picked out some long scrubs for you.” “Thanks.” Penny opened the bathroom door. “I ..."
"...blinds, Penny glimpsed a man in Mrs. Banks’s room pushing Flossie Mae up against the far wall. Throwing the syringe and the bag of chemo onto the cart, Penny dashed into the hall, her gaze riveted on the man with a knife dangling from his hand, who was running out of Mrs. Banks’s room. ..."
"... out of Mrs. Banks’s room. He paused for an instant as if to come toward Penny, then turned, wrenched open the door to the stairwell, and disappeared. Flossie Mae, lurching forward, collapsed in her mother’s doorway, her legs and trunk still in the room. Carina shouted into the desk ..."

"...Lined up against the wall were six padded executive chairs, upholstered in red leather. She dropped into the first chair, her heart thumping and her muscles tight. Her neck hurt. She hung her head forward and lowered her chin to her chest, listening to her vertebrae crunch. The crunching sound increased when she turned her head from side to side. She checked the time. Unable to sit still, she walked to the end of the hall and returned, counting her steps back and forth, and back and forth, checking her watch often, her ..."
"... you didn’t see his face at all?” “No, just like I told them, he ran by me and went down the steps. I thought Flossie Mae’s son had attacked her, and I didn’t even realize she was cut until I saw blood running out of her chest, you know?” When they reached Oncology, Mrs. ..."
"...before the door slid shut. She descended to First and as the door started to open, pushed the ‘Close’ button and the door sealed before the people who had summoned it could enter. She pressed the button to take the elevator to the basement, imagining Dr. Scales running down the steps to First, then continuing on down to the basement. ..."
"...Finally, not too far ahead, she saw an end to the tunnel. She walked faster, so relieved and anxious to get there that she broke into a run. Breathing hard, she halted in front of a metal door, extended both arms, and pushed against the panic hardware bar. The barrier did not budge, and she couldn’t see well enough to be sure there wasn’t a latch somewhere. Her terror rose, and she threw her ..."
"...Taking the keys out of her purse, Penny opened her trunk. There was her spare, all pumped up, but she knew from other nurses’ experiences that Security would not change tires. She would have to walk back into the hospital and call AAA to come help her. While she waited for them, she would carry the snake ..."
"...The trunk lid bounced, and Penny heard a noise coming from inside her car. She stepped to one side, and looked into her back seat, where some sort of struggle was going on. The back door opened and red-faced Dr. Scales jumped out. He yelled and hopped about ..."
"...Penny turned to run, but a hand grabbed her and powerful arms closed around her. She tried to think if there was anything she could do to defend herself. A film on how to fight back against rape, which she had been required to watch in college, had showed how a ..."
"... around her neck. In a death-defying move Penny lifted her right knee with every bit of her strength and slammed it into Scales’s crotch. His face shrunk. Penny’s left leg buckled, and she caught a glint of sunlight on steel in front of a liquid explosion of crimson. Lying on a hard, ..."
"...a hard, rough surface, she gazed up at a blue sky, highlighted by fluffy pillow-shaped clouds. She flexed her elbows and observed her hands, covered with blood. She felt no pain and no fear; she must be dead.... Dr. Scales was dead too. Blood was running out of his hair onto Johnny’s Louisville Slugger. Johnny would be upset. Penny closed her eyes to shield them from the blinding brightness of the sun. ..."
"... her eyes. “What happened?” “You got him pretty good in the balls, and I clobbered him with one of the bats out of your trunk. I think I killed him! Don’t try to get up yet; I’ve radioed for help. Someone will come to help us in a minute.” Across the parking lot, Prader ..."

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