A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder

Security Guard

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Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... may take you up on it.” When Penny returned to the Oncology Unit, Barb was in the staff lounge working on her checkbook, an open box of Queen Ann chocolate cherries beside her. “I want you to tell me honestly what you think of our Security Guard,” she said. Penny crammed a pecan ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... back on everywhere?”, Penny asked. “No, and it won’t be for a while. We’ve got it good compared to other places. People are cold and hungry and mad. They had to hire Security Guards in Jacksonville to protect the electric company employees.” Penny turned on the television. With ..."

"... that all over the hospital?” “You’re the only one complaining, but I’ll check it out.” “Thank you. And please send up a Security Guard. We have a patient who needs protection.” As Penny completed Flossie Mae’s admission, two security guards and Supervisor Leroy Crouch ..."
"...Security Guardeted Flossie Mae’s admission, two Security Guards and Supervisor Leroy Crouch arrived on the elevator. The admission assessment had taken even longer than usual because Mrs. Banks, who could see into Flossie Mae’s room from her bed, kept motioning for her daughter to come to her room. Penny ..."

"... Johnny would be upset. Penny closed her eyes to shield them from the blinding brightness of the sun. “Penny? Penny...Penny, talk to me!” Security Guard Tony Roscoe bent over her. She opened her eyes. “What happened?” “You got him pretty good in the balls, and I clobbered him ..."

"... for some beauty to share. “Didn’t you see it? That black Lamborghini—big time beautiful! Prader Philpot has one, you know. The Security Guard named Tony told me that Prader was the first person to come help you and that he’s actually a millionaire.” “Prader Philpot a ..."

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Should hospital security guards carry guns or night sticks?

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"Healthcare can be murder. "Personal Baggage" is a novel from Margaret McMillon discussing the current issues surrounding the modern healthcare..."

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