A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...Maureen was extra nice to Brenda, who that morning displayed an afghan she had crocheted from the pieces of string that bound hospital sheets and towels into stacks when they returned from linen service. “This beats anything I’ve seen.” Maureen complimented her, then pumped her for interesting news tidbits. ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"...Maureen was working on the stack of telemetry rhythm strips, interpreting them in preparation for taping them onto sheets in the charts at South Station, when Penny slumped into the chair beside her and began to sort through Mrs. Spoonhouse’s dismantled chart, looking for the nurses’ notes. “What do you suppose Dr. Scales told that family?” ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... let me read some of it to you.” Penny watched the muscles in Johnny’s thick arms working beneath his freckled skin as he unrolled the large sheets of paper, then her gaze wandered out the window as details disappeared and the trees merged into darkness. “On the eastern bank of the ..."
"...Penny fetched her glasses and leaned over the sheets. The paper was The Columbus Mississippi Tri-Weekly Index, dated Tuesday Morning, July 23, 1888. The part Johnny had read was on another page under the heading “A Peep Into The Past.” It was an article about the reunion of Confederate veterans, which had been held in ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...By 2 p.m., Penny had the sheets back on the beds and stopped ironing to write a grocery list. She would have to shop fast to finish in time to fix supper. Maybe she would know what to do about Callie and she could stop by the vet’s office on the way home. ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...As Penny collected the fluid Intake and Output sheets from all the patients’ rooms in an attempt to help Barb, who had hardly sat down all night, Mrs. North’s light flashed on and her bell sounded. When Penny depressed the intercom button beside her room number, the woman sang out, “I’m ready for my breakfast and bring ..."
"...“No, you don’t have to–-we found the can stuffed in a sock at the bottom of Mrs. North’s bed when we changed her sheets this morning. She’s driving everybody crazy! She stashed speci-pans full of snacks in her closet and piled pillows in her cabinet. That woman’s got mental diseases they haven’t even named yet. By the way, you were right about Miss Logan’s arm: multiple fractures. She ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...In a nervous state since David’s call, Penny cleaned house with a vengeance. She was stripping the sheets from Johnny’s bed when he arrived to change clothes between teaching his classes and the high school football game. Fridays were hectic for him; sometimes he didn’t make it home until late at night. ..."
"... sick, I don’t know who would work anyway.” At 9 p.m., Penny sat on her bed folding the wash when the phone rang. She followed the white, intestine-like chord as it traveled under the crumpled sheets, ending beside a pile of Johnny’s socks. Faye spoke from Roanoke. “I don’t think Dad ..."
"... eyeballs.” Penny decided to give her patient a bath right away since there would be so many visitors. Mr. Stephens did not react to anything, and she finished quickly, then changed his sheets, thinking the man would probably die before she had to worry about his eye socket. Opening the ..."
"...On the count of three, Mr. Head yelled as the two nurses slid him, sheets, pads and all, onto one of the Unit beds. A putrid, pungent odor permeated the air and the patient started a continuous chant. “Hey hum, Hey hum, Hey hum.” He inhaled and said the words on exhalation, with emphasis on “Hey.” ..."
"...Slipping a hospital gown over her clothes, Flossie Mae helped Penny shave and wash the patient. They turned him from side to side and inspected a bunch of small purple circles on his trunk and thighs, then removed the soaked sheets and applied dry ones before dressing him in a gown. They were finishing as Mr. Head’s small, white-haired sister knocked on the door. ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... lungs with the oxygen she had craved all day. “Her condition has changed drastically,” Dr. Scales said, waving the lab sheets so that the diamonds in his ring blazed and flashed. “She’s developed a clot in her lungs since I saw her.” Fixing him with a level stare, Penny pressed her ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... Eventually Penny reached CCU, where the winter sun melted the icy window panes and spilled light onto the sheets. Pink and blue flowers jumped out of the wallpaper and the steel surfaces gleamed. The whole Unit was washed in snow-blind white reflection from the scene outside. ..."
"...Buck’s face, grey against white hospital sheets, flashed through Penny’s mind, and she heard again and again the alarms from the monitor and the ventilator. Anxious to talk with Flossie Mae, to ask why Buck was guarded by the police, and to tell her about last night, Penny searched for the slip of paper with ..."

"...trips together—just decide where we want to go, fly there, and rent a car. Things that upset him at home don’t bother him when we’re traveling. He gets a kick out of new places, but he can’t sleep on motel linens. We buy new pillows and sheets and throw them away before we fly home.” ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... pretty and smell so fresh in the middle of the night?” “Thank you, sweetie. I need all the compliments I can get.” Flossie Mae grinned, exposing her gums. “Is it all right if I put sheets on the roll-away in Ma’s room?” “Sure. I’ll get them for you.” Penny disappeared ..."
"... and turned to Penny. “Want me to bring y’all some supper before I leave?” “That would be great!” Stashing the sheets on a chair, Penny raided her locker for money. “I didn’t eat much lunch.” Carina handed Maria a bill. “I’ll take any little thing that looks good to ..."

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"PERSONAL BAGGAGE puts the reader front and center in the busy and stressful life of a hospital nurse. I..."

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