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Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
" Jesus was,” Penny said. “And somewhere along the way the rules changed. One summer I came for a visit and David had the entire youth fellowship out here for boating and fishing. ON SUNDAY! Everybody was happy and acting normal and I was shocked to death!” ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... Dr. Scales?” “I’m ringing him now,” Mrs. Gwen called from the desk. Penny tried to think what to do next: she would have to put on the pads so she could shock him and someone must write the code record. “There’s a living will on this chart but I don’t see a No Code order. Is ..."
"... Avoiding chest compressions, she connected the defibrillator’s three monitor leads to his electrodes. Dr. Lawrence said, “All right then, let’s shock. Start at 200 joules, Penny.” With her icy finger she pushed the button that charged up the defibrillator. “Ready?” Dr. Lawrence ..."
"... the electrical discharge. Everyone watched the screen as the blip of the shock flattened to a straight line, stretching on and on. “Are all the electrodes connected?” Dr. Lawrence felt for the carotid pulse. “Go on up,” he told Penny. “Finish it out.” Penny repeated the ..."
"...Penny repeated the procedure, shocking at 300 joules. They watched the blip, then a straight line crossed the screen. She charged the defibrillator to 360 and delivered the third shock. Its sound reminded her of the time she plugged her hair dryer into a faulty socket in a motel. There ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... Under Administration, she read Precautions: “SubQ/IM administration less likely to produce side effects. Rarely, severe reaction occurs immediately following IV administration and may progress to shock and cardiac arrest.” A nursing tech had come to help clean up from the code ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"...Now the meditation itself created insomnia, like peeling back a scab to expose a bleeding wound. Except for strained phone calls, she was isolated from her parents—but not from their values and admonitions. She was confident that her mother and father would be irreversibly shocked if they really knew her. Just the thought of disappointing her parents brought on the same flutter of fear she had felt as a child. ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...cup of coffee, added sugar, and joined Penny, stirring while she talked. “Jason Stephens’s nickname is Squeaky. There’s been a parade of visitors to see him all week: lots and lots of people. He’s a No Code. Liver and kidneys are shut down from septic shock after a bladder infection that became systemic.” She sipped coffee, grimaced, and spooned more sugar. “The EMTs who picked him up told me he lost an eye and one of his legs in an accident when he was young. They said he lived like a hermit, ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...and back in a straight line. Fumes of stale alcohol engulfed her as a siren began to wail. The man pushed himself up again, and Penny glimpsed his face. Most of it was covered by dark, matted hair that hung over his eyes, and Penny was shocked by the emotional impact of recognition. “Buck, listen to me!” she shouted. “You must lie still! The ambulance is coming.” ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... One of the night nurses charged the defibrillator. “All clear.” She shocked at 350 joules and they watched the upward blip of the shock settle down to a straight line...then one heart complex popped up, and another, and another. Slowly, they picked up speed and become regular beats. ..."
"... for worrying about Buck. How’s he doing?” “Buck didn’t make it,” the night nurse told her. “He coded again—I’m not sure how many times we shocked him: the ER doc wouldn’t give up, but Dr. Scales came and told us to quit.” Penny was speechless. “Oh, and Penny,” the ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... “All our patient’s doors are shut, and I closed the doors to Fourth.” “Are you okay?’ Penny asked. Carina countered with, “Are you? I think I’m probably in shock.” “I’ll be better when the chemo finishes up. It’s almost done.” Penny poured herself a small amount of ..."

"...Penny relived the instant in which he had looked at her. The memory gathered so closely around her that she experienced again the physical shock she felt when their eyes met, but her voice held steady. “Dr. Scales looked straight at me, and I looked straight at him. I was glad I had on a mask with an eye shield so he couldn’t tell who I was, but even with that black ..."

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"PERSONAL BAGGAGE puts the reader front and center in the busy and stressful life of a hospital nurse. I..."

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