A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... a chair. She braced her elbows on the table. “Hello?” “Penny, something bad has happened here!” The urgent sound of her sister Faye’s voice sent Penny’s blood racing. “Reva phoned from Westview to tell me Dad knocked her down and yelled at her, that he’d call the police if ..."
"... mean. So I have just now come back to my office.” Penny pictured Faye’s office in the Charleston Chamber of Commerce building, the soft folds of her sister’s skirt swinging as she paced. “Faye, did you leave them alone?” “Well...Mom was in bed and Dad seemed calm. I’ve got ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... rest a minute.... You’d think somebody would notice we missed lunch.” “You got to look out for yourself, sister.” Maureen stood up and stretched her back. “Let’s get at it; we can rest after we catch up.” Sixty-year-old Maureen worked accurately at a speed Penny could not ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"... trying to sleep here and manage Mom’s sitters and work.” “Oh David, I’m sorry.” Penny wondered if her brother could detect the guilt in her voice. Her sister, a single parent, had heavy responsibilities at work and at home. Mrs. Nichols required around-the-clock supervision, and only ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...Growing up as the oldest of three children, Penny had enjoyed the tree house and the sandbox where she played with her brother and sister, and the swings and stilts her father had made for them. Those were happy times, but as Penny grew older, the tension increased until her father’s depression became a breathing force. There were days when he didn’t say anything, and his expression made her ­stomach ache. ..."
"...Petite Alice, her short brown hair shining, smiled and hugged her sister-in-law. David was almost bald, but in Penny’s mind he was still the tall, golden teenager he had been when she left for college. Arthritis made him limp as he stepped around the luggage to hug her. “We beat you by thirty minutes and returned our rental ..."
"... flickering on. “Would you like a beer?” David asked. He shot a sideways grin at Alice. His sisters watched, unbelieving, as he produced four chilled Budweisers from a small cooler in the boat shed. “This is good!” Penny said. “Too bad our parents are teetotalers.” David snorted. ..."
"... too upset to eat, and away from home I was too self-conscious.” Faye jumped up, fluffing her hair. She took her sister’s hand, pulling Penny to her feet. “We’d better get inside fast or we’re gonna itch all night.” David led the way along the dock, up the wooden steps at the bank, ..."
"... house to sit again on their father’s bench, their last night on the river. “Would you like a beer?” David produced three warm Buds from under his shirt, popped the caps, and handed one to each of his sisters. The full moon cast a glow on the water and they breathed the salty, fishy odor ..."
"... and fishing. ON SUNDAY! Everybody was happy and acting normal and I was shocked to death!” “But you knew they loved you, right?” David stood, ushering his sisters toward the house. “It wasn’t a question of love,” Penny said. “I couldn’t live up to their expectations. ..."

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight
"... me goodbye.” From the back seat, Penny noticed Faye’s bare feet as she stepped into her car to drive them to the airport. David scrambled back into the house to locate his sister’s sandals amid the jumble of boxes, then Faye backed the car out of the driveway. Riding beside her ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... can’t fix my hair without it.” Thanking Barb, Penny was again surprised at the reaction her haircut had received. While she was in Roanoke, her sister-in-law had encouraged Penny to let a hair stylist work on her and the result was almost embarrassing. “They were, like, totally slammed ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... how much I admire you! You are SO beautiful,” her father said. The next morning Penny drove her sister-in-law’s car and, following the taxi driver’s directions, arrived at her mother’s bedside before breakfast. Mrs. Nichols resisted her daughter’s efforts at bathing and dressing, ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...Two women awaited Penny when she returned to the hall. One of them was tall and turned from chastising a six-year-old grandson who had been running around the nurses’ station. “Are you Mrs. Posey’s nurse? My name is Zuna, and this is my twin sister, Zunetta. Our Mama’s hurting and we don’t want her to be in pain, but don’t give her too much pain medicine.” The woman spoke in a high, nasal voice. ..."
"...Penny had been warned about the sisters in Report: they were suing a nursing home because their mother, eighty-seven years old with advanced ovarian cancer, had fallen out of bed. They then brought her to Oncology requesting aggressive treatment. Yet, when Dr. Hutton ordered radiation and the ambulance had been summoned to transport her, ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... his pubic hair. “Dr. Ghent said this man’s ninety-year-old sister devoted her life to taking care of him,” the ER nurse told Penny. “She’s driving her car to the hospital and should arrive any time now. I hate to leave you like this, but I’ve got to get back.” Penny said, ..."
"... at home and read the results to him: dangerously low hemoglobin and potassium levels. “Has Jane gotten there yet?” “If you mean Mr. Head’s sister, no, she hasn’t.” “Type and cross match for three units of blood and when she comes, have her sign the blood consent form. Meanwhile, ..."
"...and wash the patient. They turned him from side to side and inspected a bunch of small purple circles on his trunk and thighs, then removed the soaked sheets and applied dry ones before dressing him in a gown. They were finishing as Mr. Head’s small, white-haired sister knocked on the door. ..."
"... her with his IV arm. Flossie Mae, who was in the linen closet gathering blankets and a pillow for Mr. Head’s sister, stepped forward to help them. Glaring at Buck, she walked to the other side of the bed and restrained Mr. Head’s IV arm while tension expanded the air. Buck stared straight ..."
"... asked, “How was your day?” “It was pretty rough until Flossie Mae came to help me. I had a ­thousand-year-old fossil-patient straight out of Deliverance, filthy and covered with feathers. His sister said the feather mattress had come undone.” “Do you remember his name?” ..."
"... name?” Johnny asked. Penny always knew which bed a patient occupied, but names were hard for her to remember. “His sister’s name is Jane...Head. Richard Head’s his name.” Johnny sat on the side of Penny’s bed, smiling. “Does he have a nickname?” Penny pulled herself back from ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...The sleepy nurse yawned. “When I turned him to his left side at four, he quit breathing—today should be a picnic for you. There’s only one on telemetry, and Mr. Head’s waiting for Gabriel. You might have trouble with his sister, though: she looks like she might go hysterical at the end. They’re both older than stone—she’s so old her blood type’s probably discontinued! ..."
"... thought you could alter this any way you want and call it to her. I love you.” The need for an obituary had not occurred to Penny. She dialed her sister’s number and read Johnny’s typed draft to her. “Yes, that’s exactly what I need,” Faye said. “Tell Johnny thanks. And ..."
"... Penny. We don’t have to tell him today. Are you doing all right?” “I think so. How about you, Faye? I love you.” “I love you too, sister.” Later, entering the kitchen after a run with Zac, Penny picked up the ringing phone. Agnes Gwen said, “Penny, Dr. Scales has ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... Looking into her friend’s sunken eyes, Penny could see that cancer had taken its toll. She laid her gloved hand over Maureen’s, interlocking their fingers. “I’ve had friendships with other nurses, but you and I are like sisters, and we don’t leave each other.” They ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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