A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...From Employee Parking, she went into the basement of the hospital through the staff entrance, planning to burn calories by climbing the steps to Oncology on the fourth floor. The elevator and the stairwell were side by side, and as Penny approached, the housekeeper with a commode-seat fixation called her name, beckoning and holding open the elevator door. Penny sneaked a look at Kerri’s name badge before she was enveloped by her arms and her flowery fragrance. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"...Dr. Hutton, a young physician who blushed easily, stepped out of the stairwell breathing hard. Next to medicine, running was his passion and he often answered their beeper calls from a gymnasium. “I’m on call tonight; is there anything you want to tell me now, Penny, so I won’t be hearing from you at four in the morning?” ..."

"...shows she’s chock-full of you-know-what. ER’s too busy to handle it, and I know how anxious you ladies are to help out.” He stuffed a cookie into his mouth and lifted his cup in a toast. “Enemas until clear,” he mumbled, grinning as he entered the stairwell. ..."
"...“Yes, I did—but before that, I saw a man wearing a lab jacket and a stethoscope leap out of the stairwell and hot-foot-it out of the hospital. After a while then, I heard all that when they found her. You know, the code and everything. I thought there might be some funny business going on, but I kept my mouth shut.” ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... out of Mrs. Banks’s room. He paused for an instant as if to come toward Penny, then turned, wrenched open the door to the stairwell, and disappeared. Flossie Mae, lurching forward, collapsed in her mother’s doorway, her legs and trunk still in the room. Carina shouted into the desk ..."
"...The stairwell door flew open and a respiratory therapist blasted into the hall. “He cut me!” she shouted, holding her left hand with her right. The ER doctor and the supervisor arrived next, erupting from the stairs. The respiratory therapist pushed the crash cart to 406, forced exam ..."

" with black hair and his back to me was holding Flossie Mae against the wall. I came out of Mrs. Sharp’s room and turned toward Mrs. Banks’s room and he came out of her door with a knife in his hand. Then he went into the stairwell.” ..."
"...Penny reported to Joyce, changed into street clothes, and clocked out. She entered the stairwell out of habit, but her legs were wobbly, and she wished she had ridden the elevator. She wished she could back up, live last night over and do a better job of protecting Flossie Mae, but it was too late now. She must think forward, not back. ..."
" the Hyatt. As she rounded the stairs on Third and looked up, Dr. Scales was a half floor above her, coming down from Fourth. She experienced a surge of panic and increased her speed downward. At the landing on Second, she stepped out of the stairwell into the hall, and slipped onto the vacant elevator before the door slid shut. She descended to First and as the door started to open, pushed the ‘Close’ button and the door sealed before the people who had summoned it could enter. She pressed the button to ..."

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"In her new novel PERSONAL BAGGAGE author Margaret McMillion gives us fine details of Southern family life and, she herself an..."

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