A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...STATh great!” Penny stood up, barely able to listen to what might come next. Her mother’s mental STATus had declined at an alarming rate since coronary by-pass surgery two months ago, and her father, a retired Presbyterian minister, was unable to manage his home. Reva Ryder was ..."
"...STATclosed her eyes, lowered her head, and pinched her nose. Almost inevitably, she recalled an evening when she had compiled lists of age-appropriate chores and presented one to each child at supper. The children complained and Johnny said the lists were a bad idea. She suffered again ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...STATently, Penny dined in the den on graham crackers spread with peanut butter and washed down with vodka-spiked orange juice. She curled up on the couch, purchased with Johnny’s investment gains, and tuned her television to the Jacksonville news STATion and her favorite TV personality, Elijah Storm, who was ..."
"...STATe bid goodbye to a man we have all come to love,” the announcer said. “Dr. Storm has achieved an advanced degree in meteorology and he’s leaving us to become a Severe Weather Specialist for the National Weather Service. Tonight, he brings you the weather from this STATion ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... his wing.” Laughing, they crossed the parking lot to the staff entrance, swiped their badges at the time clock, then walked by the North STATion and through the connecting corridor of administrative offices to South STATion, where they entered the Critical Care Unit. Penny breathed ..."
"...STATeen moved from bed to bed straightening the covers and asking the patients if they needed anything. She leaned over Penny and ran the second print-outs from each of the telemetry monitors. “It’s time for visitors and it’s my turn to post these strips at South STATion, unless ..."
"... By phone, Penny described the patient’s condition to Dr. Lawrence and received orders for a STAT electrocardiogram, arterial blood gasses, and a portable chest X-ray. As she replaced the receiver, one of Respiratory’s summer-student helpers arrived to answer Penny’s page. “Where ..."
"... to transfer Dodson to a cardiologist in Jacksonville. Dr. Lawrence returned to his patient’s bed as Rebecca Daniels, one of South STATion’s nurses entered the Unit. “What’s going on in here? Do you-all need some help?” We’re going to need a chart copied to send with a ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...STATwoman’s voice took on a conspiratorial edge. “Well, it wasn’t always like you’d think. Once I was STATioned at St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands where the Commander was a fan of horse racing. He saw to it that we got our pay in time to bet ..."
"... where Pearl Harbor was then.” Sylvia stopped talking and Penny placed the fork in her hand. “WOULD YOU LIKE ME TO SWEETEN YOUR TEA?” The patient shook her head and Penny prompted her to continue. “WHERE WAS THE WORST PLACE YOU WERE STATIONED?” Sylvia scooped up some potatoes and ..."
"...Dr. Ghent threw open the outside door and charged to the bedside. Puffing, he listened to what the nurses said and placed his stethoscope against the patient’s right lung fields. He ordered a STAT portable chest X-ray and arterial blood gasses. By this time the woman seemed comfortable, even embarrassed at all the fuss. While the diagnostic procedures were carried out, Penny gave Report to the two night-shift nurses who were drinking coffee, waiting to take over. ..."
"... Penny gave Report to the two night-shift nurses who were drinking coffee, waiting to take over. Walking toward the time clock, Penny said, “We gave new meaning to the term STAT, didn’t we?” “Yep. We hopped on that like cross-eyed crickets.” Penny continued. “In Jacksonville they ..."
"... that like cross-eyed crickets.” Penny continued. “In Jacksonville they require STAT and NOW orders to be done within fifteen minutes but ASAP orders can take whatever is a reasonable amount of time. I always thought ASAP meant within thirty minutes.” “ASAP means As Sweetly As ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... her chin, Maureen looked down her nose at Penny. “Aretha Franklin,” she said. They laughed until the supervisor opened the door to inquire why visiting time was late and dispatched Maureen to South STATion. Penny propped open the hall door and apologized to their patient’s husband who ..."
"... appreciation. Knocked off-balance like a tree with shallow roots in a windstorm, Penny phoned each STATion in the hospital to avoid overhead paging, which might alarm Mrs. Spoonhouse’s family. Finally, she located the supervisor on Obstetrics and explained the situation. “Okay. Get ..."
"...STATeen was working on the stack of telemetry rhythm strips, interpreting them in preparation for taping them onto sheets in the charts at South STATion, when Penny slumped into the chair beside her and began to sort through Mrs. Spoonhouse’s dismantled chart, looking for the nurses’ notes. “What do ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...STATelevator door slid shut, but they remained in the basement. Kerri’s boss pulled out the red STOP button to hold the elevator STATionary, then bent down and opened a small compartment on the wall beside the emergency phone. Reaching within, she depressed a button and the rear of ..."
"...Child looked about sixteen years old to Penny. He wore a crisp white jacket, and three gold pens gleamed from his breast pocket. Penny stepped behind the desk and looked over Maria’s shoulder at the order, trying to read the cryptic handwriting: “T @ Xmatch IIV PRBC’s STAT and give IV over 4 hours.” It was taken off and noted at 2 p.m. ..."
"... TO KILL MY PATIENT?” Penny intervened, “I’m her nurse tonight. It looks like your order says to give two units of blood IV over four hours STAT. It was started almost four hours ago and the second unit is not quite finished. Do you want me to stop it?” “What does my order ..."
"...STAThe other side of the fourth floor, the nurses were gathered behind a counter that defined their STATion. In the center of the area a circular desk held a revolving double-decker rack bearing the patients’ charts. Leroy Crouch sat down at the desk and a sniffling ..."
"... with thick, flaky skin greeted Penny. “I’m glad they finally sent me the old pro.” To Penny the word “old” seemed louder than the rest of his STATement. “Wait ‘til I get it in to be glad.” “You’ll get it.” Penny located a snake-like vein standing up, just asking to be ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... phone ringing. Breathless, she picked up the receiver. “Oncology Department, Penny speaking.” “My buddy’s real sick. He needs to go to the hospital,” a gruff, male voice STATed. “Bring him to the Emergency Room.... What’s his trouble?” “I’m Colonel Philpot and ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...STATlossie Mae,” Mrs. Gwen added, “telemetry patients are cared for by South STATion nurses, but Unit nurses are responsible for their monitors: replacing batteries, electrodes, and lead wires as needed to maintain a readable pattern on their screens. Call me if you need anything, Penny—I’m supervising today.” ..."
"...STATnitor alarm bell sounded, and Penny walked to the desk to watch the strip print out automatically, waiting to see if it was a true dysrhythmia or just patient movement. Of course, the bells rang a lot during morning care, but this strip was for real: a slow rhythm ..."
"... for the cardiologist to interpret. Mrs. Gwen brought the man’s chart into CCU from South STATion so Penny could write the phone order and took the chart and Flossie Mae out to South to demonstrate the way a transfer should be accomplished. After a while, Dr. Scales arrived to check ..."
"... the morning.” A South STATion nurse brought the telemetry she had removed from Mr. Tribble, who was now connected to a portable monitor for transfer, and laid the box on the desk because Penny was phoning Dr. Scales’s order to the Pharmacist: “Vitamin K, 2.5 mgs IV.” Penny replaced ..."
"...STATc-stricken Penny phoned South STATion and requested that a nurse go to room 301 and replace the battery in the monitor. She stood staring at screen number four, watching an irregular pattern with pauses, a disturbance that needed to be addressed. A minute later, the screen displayed a ..."
"... pattern. “Get a STAT EKG and I’ll be there as soon as I can reach a cardiologist and line up a bed in Jacksonville,” Dr. Lawrence said. “I imagine she needs a pacemaker. Tell the floor to get everything ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny ..."
"... ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny called Respiratory to do the EKG, then asked South STATion’s unit secretary to bring the charts of the patients in rooms 301 and 306 to CCU. It was not all Penny’s fault because it would not have happened if ..."
"... the only ones she knew for sure were wrong. On Mrs. Sasser’s chart she wrote the order for a STAT EKG, then paged Mrs. Gwen. “I need a chart copied,” Penny said. “Dr. Lawrence is coming to send Bridget Sasser to Jacksonville for a pacer.” “You’re keeping me busy today!” the ..."
"... visitors because one came in with me.” A little while later as Penny collected intakes and outputs, Dr. Lawrence opened the outside door. He waved as he hustled through the Unit, and Penny hoped everything was in order for him at South STATion. CCU’s single visitor had left, so Penny ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... did they find him?” “He had passed out in a car registered to some old woman but the police couldn’t find her, and the only name they got out of him was Bob.” Earl studied Bob’s face. “He looks a lot like the kid who works at the Hi Octane STATion.” Penny took in the grey ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"...Penny looked at the array of information: (1) a medical joke, (2) a reminder that the word “unit” must be written out, not abbreviated with the letter U, (3) a notice, “Effective Immediately,” of a change in policy: STAT orders must be carried out within thirty minutes and ASAP orders within an hour, (4) a notice that Dr. Child was no longer on staff. ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"... dewdrops on the petals. Rev. Nichols STATioned his wife close to the painting and pulled up a chair while Penny sat on the bed and described her trip. Mrs. Nichols smiled occasionally, but seemed more interested in ­picking at the vine pattern on her own skirt. “We’re so glad to see ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...STATwomen awaited Penny when she returned to the hall. One of them was tall and turned from chastising a six-year-old grandson who had been running around the nurses’ STATion. “Are you Mrs. Posey’s nurse? My name is Zuna, and this is my twin sister, Zunetta. ..."
"... leaving a white spot. The cumulative total of 6 mgs of Valium had not phased Mrs. North at 2 a.m. when Penny returned to the room to stick her finger. The can of ethyl chloride spray was not at the nurses’ STATion, and Penny assumed she had left it at the bedside. “You took it with ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... “I’ve received a complaint from a patient who says you were rude to her.” The STATement jolted Penny like a physical blow. She prided herself on getting along with everyone. “Who was the patient?” “Her name is Lela Logan.” She emitted a put-down laugh. “I know the quality ..."
"... like me! Now I’m tired, and I need to go home.” “I’m surprised at your attitude.” Mrs. Digby smiled, exposing lipstick-smudged teeth, and her final STATement followed Penny out of the office. “We’ll talk about this again.” The conversation reverberated in Penny’s head as ..."
"...STAT nervous STATe since David’s call, Penny cleaned house with a vengeance. She was stripping the sheets from Johnny’s bed when he arrived to change clothes between teaching his classes and the high school football game. Fridays were hectic for him; sometimes he didn’t make it home until ..."
"... Penny and grabbed the gown as she tried to snap it over his arms. The ER nurse nodded and Penny fetched a catheter kit from the supply closet, then called South STATion and asked for someone to come help them for a few minutes. Penny’s helpers held Mr. Head’s arms and legs, and he yelled ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... face was withered and pale as she whispered, “My head’s a roarin’.” “Maybe she just stood up too fast,” said Rebecca Daniels, a South STATion nurse, who rushed to help. They lifted Jane into a wheelchair and as Rebecca bent to release the brake, Jane grabbed ..."
"... me back to the TV now,” Jane said. “I’m finished breakfast.” Penny phoned South STATion. “Please have somebody come roll Miss Head out to the waiting room. I’m the only nurse in here, and I can’t leave.” In a few minutes, Rebecca Daniels popped through the door. “I’ll ..."
"... again.” By the time Mr. Head’s lunch arrived, his breathing was irregular, and Penny could not hear his blood pressure. She called South STATion. “Can someone take this tray to the waiting room and tell Miss Head her brother’s worse? She’d better come now.” Minutes passed ..."
"... to the left. Penny located Mrs. Baucom’s chart at South STATion’s desk. She straightened her back, sucked in her abdominals with determination, and moved into a space where trouble resided. Goose bumps blossomed on her arms as she reached for the phone and dialed Dr. Scales. “I ..."
"...“Thank you, Doctor.” Penny broke the connection and called Respiratory, spitting out her words in ragged bursts. “I’m getting a patient into CCU from 327: Mrs. Baucom—she needs STAT blood ­gasses—probably a ventilator—and she’s got labs ordered, so please draw extra blood and take it to the lab.” ..."
"...STATsupervisor left to write Scales’s orders on the chart at South STATion. Penny turned down the bed closest to the hall door and warmed up the over-bed monitor. Unable to sit down, she straightened the desk and the nurses’ lounge, then began to scribble an account of the ..."
"... to the Unit. Suddenly, the door slammed open and bedlam exploded into CCU. Rebecca and the nursing tech propelled Mrs. Baucom’s bed alongside the Unit bed. Mr. Hockney followed, carrying the STAT blood gas results in one hand, shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and ..."
"... and barked, “Get that stuff out of the way! We’re going to intubate.” The nursing tech pushed South STATion’s bed out to the hall while Rebecca helped Penny pull the Unit bed away from the wall. Mr. Hockney squeezed between the wall and the head of the bed, ripped off the ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... minutes.” When Maureen’s transfusions were completed, Penny medicated her for sleep and pain and returned to the nurses STATion. After catching up on charting, she tried to read her E-mails, struggling to stay awake. Most of the notices seemed unimportant until she read: Effective ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...STATstmas wreaths decorated every door in Jacksonville Oncology, and a tree adorned with white angels stood in the hall near the nurses’ STATion. The tree’s electric cord was plugged into a socket inside Maureen’s door and its multicolor lights shined into her room. First-place prize in the inter-departmental ..."
"...STAT should have quit when I first thought something was wrong, but I didn’t—not until he sent in a claim for removing a scrotal wart from a boy who came for an athletic physical. The boy’s mother noticed the charge on her Explanation-of-Benefits STATement and called the office. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"...STATuck’s been with us for about two months. Um, he’s had neuro and ortho and abdominal surgeries...I see seven surgical summaries in his chart. He’s on a ventilator and won’t cooperate, so it’s hard to evaluate his mental STATus. We’re sending the chart summary and his latest ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... copy of the patient’s orders. “I weighed her, but that’s all.” The man in the blue suit approached the nurses’ STATion. “My son’s expecting a fax. Make sure you take it in to him as soon as you get it.” “Who was that?” Penny asked, watching the elevator door close ..."
"...STATn who police suspect of fatally beating his wife, mother, and child was critically injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday in Dixiana, Mississippi. Buck Dalton, 28, had been wanted ever since detectives found the bodies in their 124 STATe St. home in Ardmore, Louisiana. However, before detectives there ..."
"...STAT suspended STATe between sleep and wakefulness, Penny heard again the closing sound of the back door to CCU and turned over. No, it was actually Johnny coming in from the garage. She reached the kitchen before he could remove his coat. “I met Flossie Mae in ..."

Chapter 22: Chapter Twenty-Two
"...STATust bear with me. Here comes the interesting part, I think it is, anyway. Before the Civil War, a lot of slaves escaped to the north. Slave owners kept their servants illiterate and tried to keep them from learning how to tell direction, but slave parents taught ..."
"...STATer way to the bathroom, Penny said, “Daddy taught me how to find the North Star: it looks like it’s falling out of the Big Dipper. The ‘drinking gourd’ would have to be the Big Dipper.” She turned back to sit at the foot of the bed. ..."

"... Several minutes passed in silence. Penny located STATion WEZY on the car radio and the familiar voice of one of Dixiana’s announcers reached them. “Riverdale County Extension Service will have a workshop on coyote control in the county library tomorrow night at seven o’clock.” ..."

"... The article STATed that River Park Hospital was the defendant in an eight-figure lawsuit alleging that many unnecessary procedures had been performed for the purpose of increasing profits. The employees who filed suit claimed they were forced to resign for bringing the matter to public attention. ..."
"...STATer way home on Saturday night, Penny reviewed the events of her day. Only one nurse called out for night shift, and a nurse on duty suggested someone who wanted overtime who agreed to come in and work. There were a few tense hours in ER when a ..."
"...STAT the pit of her stomach, the certainty of impending doom ignited Penny’s nerve endings. Turning up the thermoSTAT, she placed a folded blanket on the heater vent that jutted out under the windowsill, and left Joan to comfort the child’s mother. Penny strode back to the North ..."
"... care. Penny began her rounds on North STATion in case additional drugs or supplies were needed for Loretta. After knocking on each door and asking if everything was satisfactory, she crossed over to do the same on South STATion, but the overhead speaker paged her to call ER. “We have ..."
"...STATy snickered with him, but yes, she could definitely beat that. As she returned through the deserted hallway to North STATion, Dr. Scales approached, walking like Hitler. There was no way to escape, so she meet him straight on and smiled. “Hello, Dr. Scales. Did ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... “Mississippi Bureau of Investigation agents and U.S. marshals raided the office of Dixiana, Mississippi physician Samuel Scales and arrested him yesterday for allegedly defrauding the STATe-federal Medicaid program by submitting false claims. The arrest came after a year-long undercover probe. ..."
"...STAThe supply room, Penny tugged from its niche the rolling cart in which yellow disposable gowns, white masks, and skin-colored, specially-treated plastic gloves were stored. STATioning it against the wall outside Mrs. Sharp’s room, she noticed a new box of green masks sitting on top. Unlike the white ..."
"... Mae, lurching forward, collapsed in her mother’s doorway, her legs and trunk still in the room. Carina shouted into the desk telephone, “Emergency in Oncology! Emergency! Security STAT!” Penny raced toward Flossie Mae’s sprawled, face-down body. She knelt beside her, trying to ..."
"... the elevator. One uniformed officer entered the lounge and snapped a flash shot of Carina and Penny. “You must not talk to anyone about what happened tonight, and do not discuss it with each other. Think through what you saw so you can give your STATement when we call you.” Unrolling a ..."

"... his ballpoint against it. The other man lifted a small tape recorder from a briefcase beside his chair, laid it on the table, and depressed two buttons. “You were the first one into that room, so we want you to STATe for the record exactly what you saw.” Penny drew in a deep breath. ..."
"...STATy’s panic grew like a tumor, doubling in mass with every breath. When the elevator stopped in the basement, she pulled out the red knob that held it STATionary, then squatted and opened the box next to the emergency phone. Holding her breath, she located the button inside ..."

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