A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...Previously blessed with normal vision, she struggled with near-sightedness brought on by aging. At home she kept reading glasses on a chain around her neck, but at work the chain tangled with her stethoscope, so she wore bifocals the entire shift. She cleaned her glasses and put on dangling silver earrings before opening the door into the hallway leading to the family room, which extended into an eating area and the kitchen. ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... listen to your back. Please take a deep breath and let it out, Mrs. Brown.” “Yeow! Y’all must keep them things in the freezer.” Mrs. Brown complained at the cold steel of the stethoscope on her skin. “I’m sorry.” Penny apologized and signaled Maureen for help, observing Mrs. ..."
"...heart attack. As she approached his bed, a sudden dread squeezed her throat and her heart shifted. His skin color was ashen. His monitor pattern was unchanged and he said he felt okay, but he appeared short of breath. Listening to his chest with her stethoscope, Penny heard on inhalation the crackling sounds made by air entering fluid-filled lung tissues. ..."
"...When Penny was new to the Unit, Maureen had counseled her to calm down. “Don’t get excited until I do–-I’ll tell you when.” This time, with her stethoscope against the young man’s back, Maureen confirmed what Penny had heard with wide eyes and bared teeth and Maureen remained at the bedside while Penny moved with controlled speed to the desk and grabbed the phone. She paged Respiratory Therapy, then dialed Dr. Lawrence’s office. When told ..."
"...He made rounds after lunch so that results from tests he had ordered the day before would be completed and in his charts. However, one X-ray report was missing. He sighed and ripped open an alcohol swab to decontaminate his stethoscope while Penny phoned the radiologist to retrieve the results. Alarms from the telemetry monitors and the ringing telephone pushed him over the edge and he jumped up, slamming the metal chart down on the desk. ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...Dr. Ghent threw open the outside door and charged to the bedside. Puffing, he listened to what the nurses said and placed his stethoscope against the patient’s right lung fields. He ordered a STAT portable chest X-ray and arterial blood gasses. By this time the woman seemed comfortable, even embarrassed at all the fuss. While the diagnostic procedures were carried out, Penny gave Report to the two night-shift nurses ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...Penny climbed into the back of the ambulance with her stethoscope and turned on the portable EKG machine. After loading the patient and securing his stretcher, Earl jumped into the back with her and helped her to connect the oxygen and the heart monitor. The IV site was not red or swollen, and Penny pinched the tubing, checking ..."
"...normal, a regular rhythm in the high eighties. Penny applied the automatic blood pressure cuff and cycled it. The screen displayed 250/120. That couldn’t be right—way too high! She removed the automatic cuff, applied the manual cuff, and pumped it up. Listening with her stethoscope, she heard the thump begin at 170. It stopped at 100. The man’s face was flushed, his eyes closed, and his deep respirations were sixteen-a-minute. ..."
"...With the ambulance bouncing them all over the place, Penny couldn’t tell if his chest was rising and falling, so she positioned her stethoscope below his collarbones and listened for breath sounds. “I can’t hear any air entering. Try bagging him and let me listen again.” This time his chest rose and Penny heard, over the roar of the ambulance, air pushed in by the ambu bag. “Keep on ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... After Report, they collected their clipboards and stethoscopes. Penny and Barb faced an uphill battle to assess eight patients, dispense night meds, pain meds, and snacks, and there sat Dr. Scales and Dr. Benson writing away, heaping on new orders that would have to be carried out. One ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... fast,” said Rebecca Daniels, a South Station nurse, who rushed to help. They lifted Jane into a wheelchair and as Rebecca bent to release the brake, Jane grabbed Rebecca’s stethoscope, pulling it from around her neck. Realizing she had left the Unit uncovered, Penny stepped back inside to ..."
"... hair just above her left ear and extended the ear pieces toward Rebecca. “Listen to this.” “I think you can only hear it on the inside,” Rebecca said, trying to retrieve her stethoscope. “No, it’s real loud.” Jane held the diaphragm firmly in place. Rebecca listened so long ..."
"... not listening in the right place,” Jane insisted. Rebecca peeled Jane’s fingers off her stethoscope. “Penny will try,” she said with a big smile on her face as she moved toward the hall door. “Penny, have you talked to Maureen?” “I think she’s at home; she was hoping to be ..."
"... With each inhalation, she raised her head and opened her mouth, using all of her energy to take in air. Penny and the tech pulled her up and elevated the head of the bed, then bent the woman forward, and Penny listened to her back with the stethoscope. Every breath sounded like a waterfall. Penny scanned the patient’s list of medications and discovered that Dr. Scales was Mrs. Baucom’s doctor, and that he had ordered an intramuscular medication to be given for severe shortness of breath. ..."
"... ET tube into her airway. Penny tossed Rebecca the ambu bag and placed her stethoscope above the patient’s right breast, then above the left, listening for air as the lungs inflated when Rebecca squeezed the bag. “Faint on the left, pull back a little.” Mr. Hockney repositioned his ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"...Picking up her clipboard and stethoscope, Penny accepted the scrap of paper towel on which Maria had written the new patient’s weight and entered the room pulling a portable computer behind her. Sunny Setser, completely naked, sat in the center of her bed beside a wadded-up hospital gown, and her brown-eyed gaze was so ..."

"...“Yes, I did—but before that, I saw a man wearing a lab jacket and a stethoscope leap out of the stairwell and hot-foot-it out of the hospital. After a while then, I heard all that when they found her. You know, the code and everything. I thought there might be some funny business going on, but I kept my mouth shut.” ..."

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"Healthcare can be murder. "Personal Baggage" is a novel from Margaret McMillon discussing the current issues surrounding the modern healthcare..."

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