A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...with Penny assisting, stuck an actively-bleeding GI patient twenty-seven times trying to get a subclavian IV established when the nurses had been unable to start a peripheral IV. Scales used all four subclavian kits they stocked in the Unit, and there was blood everywhere when Penny called the supervisor for more. The supervisor brought what ER had, plus all the kits she found in Central Supply, and told Penny to document the incident for the Director of Nurses. The questionable event had been reviewed by hospital board members, who had required that Dr. Scales receive training ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... her chin, Maureen looked down her nose at Penny. “Aretha Franklin,” she said. They laughed until the supervisor opened the door to inquire why visiting time was late and dispatched Maureen to South Station. Penny propped open the hall door and apologized to their patient’s husband who ..."
"... family we can take care of her here.” The nurse added a sarcastic sniff. Penny paged the supervisor overhead. She needed to get her chest-tube patient back to bed, and she would need help with a new admission. The supervisor called, and Penny explained her predicament. “ER’s sending ..."
"... new admission. The supervisor called, and Penny explained her predicament. “ER’s sending me a patient who should probably have gone to Jacksonville. ER usually just stabilizes head injuries and transfers them to a neuro unit where they can monitor inter-cranial pressure.” “If the ..."
"... appreciation. Knocked off-balance like a tree with shallow roots in a windstorm, Penny phoned each station in the hospital to avoid overhead paging, which might alarm Mrs. Spoonhouse’s family. Finally, she located the supervisor on Obstetrics and explained the situation. “Okay. Get ..."
"... with an abrupt “ALL RIGHT,” and the phone went dead. Maureen and the house supervisor arrived together, and the three of them were at the patient’s bed when Dr. Scales threw open the outside door and strutted in. “Mrs. Pewitt, I’m transferring this patient to Jacksonville, ..."
"...The supervisor notified ambulance service and carried the chart to South’s copier while Penny telephoned Report to the Jacksonville Neurology Unit. Maureen woke the patient, pulled the privacy curtain, and helped her onto a bed-pan. Dr. Scales ushered the family into the Unit, and they waited outside the hanging ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... up together.” Although not an easy hugger, Penny enjoyed the goodwill and entered the elevator. She watched the tough-looking housekeeping supervisor sway from side to side like a metronome keeping time to inaudible music and wondered if the woman heard music in her head. The elevator ..."
"...“I doubt if many people know about the elevator room,” the supervisor said. After the back of the elevator snapped shut, she depressed the red button, then opened the front door and turned to Kerri. “Carry this machine up to Four Main. I want to check today’s linen delivery while I’m down here.” Penny watched the woman enter ..."
"... Do you want me to slow it down?” He looked at Penny as though explaining this to her was useless. “No, I want to dilute her white cells. She has leucocytosis.” He turned back to Maria. “Get me the supervisor. I’ll find out whose fault this is.” At her patient’s bedside, Penny ..."
"...Their helper had gone home and Maria was preparing to leave when Leroy Crouch, the night supervisor, came to Oncology. Having started his career as a medic in the Army, he was now in his mid-forties with a paunch, and new patients often mistook him for a doctor because he sounded like an authority on everything. ..."
"...supervisor he only ordered one unit and you gave two. What’s the matter with you people?” supervisor Crouch located the doctor’s order. “Oh I see. I believe we’re in the clear this time—hospital policy requires the word unit to be written out, not abbreviated, and especially ..."
"...supervisord, looking down into her lap. She took a deep breath. “One night after I came to Oncology, supervisor Crouch was helping us to initiate a new nurse, taking her on a scare tour of Eye, like we used to do. We had a routine: first we’d ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...supervisorbehind one of many computers connected to a teaching module in a newly decorated basement classroom as Ruth Robertson, Clinical Director and part-time supervisor at JMC concluded her lecture. “Thank you for your patience. We are among the first hospitals in the country to try this and, as ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... supervising today.” “Wait—what’s wrong with Maureen?” “I didn’t talk to her, the evening supervisor took her call, but whatever it is must be bad! She never takes sick days or even a vacation!” “I know,” Penny said. “She’s saving her time off so she can ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... a chair. “I’d like to go on home if you can stay. They don’t need both of us, that’s for sure.” “Call the supervisor. If it’s okay with her, it’s fine with me.” Penny arrived home in the middle of Sunday afternoon and stepped from her car into a gusty wind carrying a ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... stumbling over her own feet. Dr. Benson laughed like a machine gun. “Looks like you’re in for a big night. Slow down, Penny! Rushing won’t help; it clouds your judgement. I’ll go see if I can convince the supervisor that you need some help up here.” “Thanks! Maybe you’ll ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... the woman answered. Thinking that Maria must have forgotten it when she set up the room, Penny obtained a new measuring-hat from the supply room and fitted it into the toilet. When her patient was back in bed, Penny searched for the spray can, then called the supervisor. “I’ll get another ..."
"... and called the hospital. “Jacksonville Oncology, Ellen speaking.” “It’s Penny, Ellen. I forgot to make out an incident report for losing the ethyl chloride. Please tell the supervisor I’ll do it tonight.” “No, you don’t have to–-we found the can stuffed in a sock at the ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... Head, eighty-eight years old, mentally retarded.” Penny replaced the receiver and called the supervisor. “I’m getting a patient from the ER and I’ll need help.” “I don’t have anybody to send you,” the weekend supervisor said. She was someone ..."
"... from the ER and I’ll need help.” “I don’t have anybody to send you,” the weekend supervisor said. She was someone Penny didn’t know, probably one of the rent-a-nurses the hospital had been using to keep from hiring permanent staff. “Is it all right for me to get help if I ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...supervisorreading was interrupted when a heavily-made-up woman wearing a nurse’s cap, a crisp white uniform, and a badge that proclaimed supervisor, entered the Unit and settled down at the desk. “I’ll watch the monitor for you,” she said. “Go to room 327 and restart that IV. Dr. ..."
"... Lasix, followed by 500 mls of normal saline to be given over two hours.” The supervisor was the same woman who didn’t have time to help Penny yesterday, and Penny wondered if she knew how to read monitor patterns. Mrs. Baucom didn’t flinch when Penny stuck her arm to start the infusion. ..."
"... a sanctuary chandelier swinging back and forth when no breeze was present. Thirty minutes later, the supervisor returned. “I’ll stay in here while you go check Mrs. Baucom. I want you to compare for changes.” Penny found the patient more congested. She now had a Foley catheter but ..."
"... vacated chair. The supervisor was reading a magazine when Penny returned to CCU. Worried that the woman would resent being by-passed in the chain of command, Penny said, “I called our Director of Nurses. Mrs. Baucum is going to die if we don’t do something.” “All right. Thanks ..."
"... Penny said, “I called our Director of Nurses. Mrs. Baucum is going to die if we don’t do something.” “All right. Thanks for handling it,” the supervisor responded. The phone rang and Penny picked up. Dr. Scales began, “Mrs. Pewitt...” Penny interrupted him. “Hold on a ..."
"... Penny picked up. Dr. Scales began, “Mrs. Pewitt...” Penny interrupted him. “Hold on a minute, Doctor. I can’t hear you very well.” She switched to speaker phone so that the supervisor could hear his orders and co-sign them. He continued in a normal tone. “I’m moving Mrs. ..."
"...The supervisor left to write Scales’s orders on the chart at South Station. Penny turned down the bed closest to the hall door and warmed up the over-bed monitor. Unable to sit down, she straightened the desk and the nurses’ lounge, then began to scribble an account of the ..."
"... “Well, be careful—I see you got a witness for his phone order yesterday; that was a good thing to do. I’ll try not to schedule you alone again, but watch out—he’s really angry! Just do what he says and don’t cross him. If you have a problem, call the supervisor or me.” ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... maker, then called the Dixiana hospital. “If you’re not sick, get ready to come,” the night supervisor told her. “It may be a while, but the fire department’s extrication unit will pick up everybody for day shift and take night shift home.” Eventually Penny reached CCU, where the ..."
"... storm victims. As soon as the interstate clears, ambulance service will transport him. Do you understand?” “Yes, Dr. Scales. I’ll tell the supervisor to hold a bed for him.” It was dark when Johnny picked Penny up and demonstrated his expertise at driving on ice by deliberately ..."

"... touched it. “Penny, this is Peter Puckett. I see you’re working tomorrow, and I need a weekend supervisor. The nurses tell me you don’t like to do it, but I told ‘em we’re friends and I know you’ll come through and put out the fires for me just this one weekend.” A sense of ..."
"... you a quick in-service before he goes home. Thanks, Penny.” Penny already regretted her decision. “Mr. Puckett, I said I would act as nursing supervisor but I can’t pull medicines. Somebody else will have to do that.” “I’ll work it out,” he said. After worrying most of the ..."
"...Joan Hargrove, an agency nurse acting as evening supervisor, handed Penny the keys to Pharmacy and Central Supply and gave her a list of PRN nurses who might fill in if someone called out sick. With a voice of authority, Joan read names on the hospital’s census, clicking her ballpoint pen as she called attention to the ..."
"...“Dr. Scales, this is Penny Pewitt, acting weekend supervisor, calling about your patient, Loretta Honeycutt, in room 104. This baby is rigid and jerking, cyanotic, mottled, congested, and breathing in short gasps. She will die if you don’t come to the hospital.” Penny kept her voice strong and sure. ..."

"...supervisorJune 1, 1992 this hospital will no longer provide security. Each House supervisor will be issued a .38 caliber revolver and 24 rounds of ammunition will be stored in the Pharmacy. In addition to routine nursing duties, House supervisors will rotate the patrolling of the hospital grounds. ..."
"... restart your IV. I’d like to begin infusing your antibiotic so it can finish by midnight.” Maria knocked on the door. “I’ll take his vitals. supervisor wants you on the phone.” Penny picked up the receiver at the nurses’ desk. “Hi Penny, it’s Leroy Crouch. I need to ..."
"...supervisorompleted Flossie Mae’s admission, two security guards and supervisor Leroy Crouch arrived on the elevator. The admission assessment had taken even longer than usual because Mrs. Banks, who could see into Flossie Mae’s room from her bed, kept motioning for her daughter to come to her room. Penny ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...The stairwell door flew open and a respiratory therapist blasted into the hall. “He cut me!” she shouted, holding her left hand with her right. The ER doctor and the supervisor arrived next, erupting from the stairs. The respiratory therapist pushed the crash cart to 406, forced exam gloves onto her bloody hands, and gathered the equipment for intubation. ..."
"... bed, blocking Mrs. Banks’s view of the room. Ruth Robertson, that night’s supervisor, helped Penny slide Flossie Mae’s body out of the doorway into the hall. Mrs. Robertson closed Flossie Mae’s inflamed eyes and covered her with a blanket. Stripping off her blood-spattered chemo garb, ..."
"...supervisorer four when supervisor Ruth Robertson returned, bringing with her a nurse from Four Main. Ruth patted Penny’s shoulder. The police are ready for you two in the conference room on first floor, and we’ll watch your patients while you’re gone. Is there anything you need to ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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