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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... tired nurses hurried out the door, headed for home and bed. Penny stepped to the desk to make sure the alarm on each monitor was activated. “It would be nice if we had a tech to watch the screens and take care of desk work.” “We’ll do all right as long as those alarms stay on,” ..."
"... the hall. Dr. Lawrence listened to his patient’s chest, then moved to the desk, allowing the X-ray technician and the student Respiratory tech to do their jobs. The doctor dialed a number and Penny overheard him make arrangements to transfer Dodson to a cardiologist in Jacksonville. Dr. ..."
"...technswer to loud knocking at the back door, Maureen admitted two Emergency Medical technicians with their stretcher and accompanied them to Dodson’s bedside. “We need to put you on a stretcher to move you from your bed, out the back door, across the lawn, and onto a helicopter,” Maureen ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... lacked the equipment to run them. Penny took afternoon vital signs and rechecked the two remaining patients, then returned to the desk where the new lab tech looked more pathetic than a mourner at a funeral. “Has this place got you down already?” Buck was perched on the desk leaning ..."
"... feel you have too much to do and you’re too tired to live?” Anger surged into Penny’s stomach and she sat up. “I learned reflecting techniques in Counseling 101! I’m telling you how I feel! How do you feel?” “How do I feel? Man, well, I feel sorry you’re so ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... “I guess Johnny would say it’s because I’m too busy thinking about myself. We had an argument about that last night, anyway.” What Penny didn’t say was that for her, the techniques involved in playing baseball were about as interesting a topic as un-labored respiration. “But ..."
"...Wearing a small bandage on her forehead, the patient entered the Unit in a wheelchair pushed by an ER tech and trailed by a short, wiry man and his two teenaged children. The man, whose face was a mustache, insisted on remaining at his wife’s bedside, but Penny finally persuaded him to wait in the hall until she completed her assessment. He herded his offspring, a gangly ..."
"...Dr. Ghent’s chest-tube patient was asleep in the recliner, her ­partially-eaten lunch tray in front of her. Penny called the desk at South to ask that someone come help her to put the woman back into bed. In a few minutes, a nursing tech arrived and agreed to stay and take Mrs. Chumley’s vital signs so Penny could return to the new patient. ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"... were the names of both the animal and its owner. The nurse ahead of Penny talked with a white-jacketed lab technician. “I’m telling you that we have orders to type, cross-match, and transfuse two units. No parameters are written.” The tech, whose picture showed her hugging a ..."
"... units. No parameters are written.” The tech, whose picture showed her hugging a chocolate lab, replied, “I hear what you’re saying, but I still can’t release the blood to you because your patient’s hematocrit is too high according to policy.” When it was Penny’s turn, she asked, ..."
"...“We’ve had this happen several times lately,” the tech said. “I guess we didn’t know how much it happened before Dr. Wiseman had the policy changed. Now, we automatically check a hematocrit with every type and crossmatch. The bad part is that if a patient’s hematocrit doesn’t meet criteria, Medicare and insurance won’t pay for ..."
"...Penny read aloud the numbers on her patient’s unit of blood, and the lab technician verified them with the paperwork. After they both signed the ledger, Penny climbed the deserted stairway to the third floor. The CCU nurse would watch as she administered the blood so that, if she did it correctly, Penny would receive credit on her orientation task sheet and ..."
"... minutes, so while the blood infused the nurses sat at the bedside watching television. Penny said, “The tech in Blood Bank told me Dr. Wiseman changed hospital policy for blood administration.” The young nurse shot a wary glance at Penny. “Yes, now they always check a hematocrit. ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...traveled the familiar route across the marshes and bridges that connected the city’s costal islands and turned into the sand driveway and parked where the hand-laid brick walkway began. The rain had stopped and sun broke through the clouds behind the small green house, bathing it in diffused, technicolor light. A gentle breeze carried the aroma of trees and wet earth and lifted Spanish moss on the live oaks. The scene appeared unsubstantial, as if it belonged in Brigadoon. As they stepped up onto the porch, sounds of “You are Sixteen, Going On Seventeen” reached ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"...Patients and their families loved Maria McEliney, the 3-11 unit secretary who had been a nursing tech for a home health agency before the birth of her children: two sets of twins, only three years apart. Now that the girls were all in high school, Maria worked at the hospital to avoid being at home when they were there. Her children telephoned their mother ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"... As Penny and Flossie Mae stood before the linen closet, a lab tech named Louise entered the Unit to chart some test results. “You might want to let your visitors in,” Louise said. “One lady’s brought a plate of homemade breakfast rolls for you and they do look good!” Penny ..."
"...bedside monitor, she opened the patient’s lax jaw, inserted the airway with one end of the S up, then rotated it 180 degrees so that the end passed down behind his tongue. Her heart hammering, she connected the ambu bag’s tail to the oxygen outlet. A respiratory tech picked up the bag and began oxygenation. ..."
"...The code team had arrived. A nurse from ER pushed the crash cart toward the bed, and Penny grabbed the backboard from its slot on the cart. The respiratory tech and the ER nurse lifted the patient while Penny pushed the plastic board under him and positioned his head into the cupped-out headrest. Penny plugged the crash cart’s electrical cord into one of the pigtail outlets behind the bed and stepped aside. She inhaled, trying to find ..."
"...The respiratory tech squeezed the ambu bag with her left hand, and with her right thumb and forefinger held the mask in place by curling her other fingers under his chin. The ER nurse stood close to the bed with her shoulders over the man’s chest, her arms straight, the heel ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...A nursing tech had come to help clean up from the code and night shift would be here soon. There was no time to think. Someone had laid telemetry unit number four on the desk and turned off the monitor. Penny removed the battery and put it away. ..."
"... think of a believable excuse. In the ER, two emergency medical technicians were strapping a young man onto a stretcher. Penny recalled the names of these EMTs: Earl, who was small and wiry, and Bubba, generously overweight with a bushy, red beard. The ER physician said, “We don’t ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... it was beginning to make sense. She gathered her patients’ Kardexes and typed her code into a computer, intending to make sure that all the lab work and X-rays ordered for today had been entered before the lab techs came to Oncology to draw blood around 5 a.m. Eventually, Buck Dalton ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... told her about Mrs. North. “Her son brought her to our hospital after someone at JC Penney called him to come get her. He said her car was stuffed with things she’d charged on an all-day shopping spree at the mall. The ER tech said she was uncooperative.” The call bell from the new ..."
"... two blankets when you come.” “Bring the deadening stuff, too,” another voice spoke from the same room. “She won’t let me stick her unless I spray first.” A lab tech who didn’t know about Penny’s call to postpone the lab draw had waked the patient. Penny drew up IV Valium and ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...In a few minutes, Rebecca Daniels popped through the door. “I’ll take her back. Then I’ll cover for you while you go look at Donna Baucom in 327 for me. She’s a chronic lunger and I’m really worried about her—I left a nursing tech in there. I called her doctor, but he’s not coming.” ..."
"...with oxygen at three liters. Her eyes were open and seemed to focus on Penny’s face, but she would not respond to questions. With each inhalation, she raised her head and opened her mouth, using all of her energy to take in air. Penny and the tech pulled her up and elevated the head of the bed, then bent the woman forward, and Penny listened to her back with the stethoscope. Every breath sounded like a waterfall. Penny scanned the patient’s list of medications and discovered that Dr. Scales was Mrs. Baucom’s doctor, and ..."
"... to the Unit. Suddenly, the door slammed open and bedlam exploded into CCU. Rebecca and the nursing tech propelled Mrs. Baucom’s bed alongside the Unit bed. Mr. Hockney followed, carrying the STAT blood gas results in one hand, shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and ..."
"... and barked, “Get that stuff out of the way! We’re going to intubate.” The nursing tech pushed South Station’s bed out to the hall while Rebecca helped Penny pull the Unit bed away from the wall. Mr. Hockney squeezed between the wall and the head of the bed, ripped off the ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"... a gash in the electric pole, and a wrecked motorcycle in the bushes. “His name is Buck Dalton,” Penny told them. “He’s a lab technician who’s been looking to buy a new house down at the end of our street.” “If you folks hadn’t found him, he’d probably have lain out here ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... it all right to draw Mr. Weeks’s blood now?” Penny had been so mesmerized by the story that she hadn’t noticed the lab tech come to the desk. “Yes, that’s fine.” She turned back to Barb. “And that convinced him!” A call bell rang and Penny jumped up to answer it. ..."

"...The weekend pharmacy tech, already at work, pointed out the alphabetical arrangement of medicines and how they were separated by routes of administration. Those requiring refrigeration were in a climate-controlled section along one wall, and the narcotics were locked up in a separate room at the back. “If you have trouble finding ..."

"... to check for an impaction, but maybe they can think of something better to do.” “We’re not so busy now, the ER Nurse said. “I’ll send a tech up to get that patient. Do you still have Flossie Mae?” “Yes, she’s asleep, but I’ll ask her to call you in the morning if you ..."

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"Healthcare can be murder. "Personal Baggage" is a novel from Margaret McMillon discussing the current issues surrounding the modern healthcare..."

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