A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...With the assessments completed, Penny moved from bed to bed, raising each patient to a sitting position and passing out warm wash cloths and clean towels. The dietitian brought the breakfast cart and Maureen positioned over-bed tables and distributed food trays, removing lids, opening milk cartons, and offering assistance. Penny rolled the drug cart between the beds dispensing medicines, crushing some hard-to-swallow pills and handing them to Maureen to mix into bites of ..."
"...Maureen was extra nice to Brenda, who that morning displayed an afghan she had crocheted from the pieces of string that bound hospital sheets and towels into stacks when they returned from linen service. “This beats anything I’ve seen.” Maureen complimented her, then pumped her for interesting news tidbits. ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...Penny jerked the footboard, rolling the bed toward her and over the end of her shoe, barely missing her toes. She grabbed a couple of towels from the linen closet and ran to the head of the bed folding one towel into a bolster, which she stuffed under the patient’s shoulders. She placed the other towel beside the woman’s head and connected an ambu bag, a rubber bag used for inflating the lungs, to ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... Maureen turned the lab-record sheet around so Penny could see where she had filled in the blanks. “I did them for you,” she said. “Look here, what do you think of these?” Maureen pointed to a picture of Tweety-Bird-yellow towels. “My daughter-in-law likes this color.” ..."
"... towels. “My daughter-in-law likes this color.” “You can’t go wrong on towels,” Penny said, sitting in a chair beside Maureen’s bed. She picked up another catalog. “Some of these things are pretty strange, though.” “I looked at that one. Never saw so many things I ..."

"... Penny filled two glasses with iced tea and set the table before Johnny reappeared wearing a new baseball uniform. He sat at his place and laid his cap on the table, and Penny stopped unwrapping a new roll of paper towels to admire her husband’s body in the snug outfit. “Wow.” ..."

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