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Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"... his wing.” Laughing, they crossed the parking lot to the staff entrance, swiped their badges at the time clock, then walked by the North Station and through the connecting corridor of administrative offices to South Station, where they entered the Critical Care unit. Penny breathed ..."
"...unity breathed disinfectant-laced air as she surveyed her home-away-from-home, which appeared smaller than it actually was because of its flowery wallpaper. The room contained eight beds separated by green curtains and arranged around a central desk, above which monitor screens traced the electrical activity of CCU patients’ hearts as ..."
"...unitda Bumbalough, housekeeper, was currently assigned to South and to the unit. With dyed-brown hair and a constant frown, she vacuumed when people were talking and brought down dust from light fixtures and monitors onto the patient’s beds. Penny brushed a powdery film off the desk and made ..."
"...unitad only been a month since Dr. Scales, with Penny assisting, stuck an actively-bleeding GI patient twenty-seven times trying to get a subclavian IV established when the nurses had been unable to start a peripheral IV. Scales used all four subclavian kits they stocked in the unit, and there ..."
"...unithe lab drew her blood at eight, Dr. Ghent. Night shift thought you meant to let her sleep and not wake her at five o’clock when they usually come to stick our patients. I’ll go get the results for you; they should be done by now.” Penny ..."
"...unit Penny was new to the unit, Maureen had counseled her to calm down. “Don’t get excited until I do–-I’ll tell you when.” This time, with her stethoscope against the young man’s back, Maureen confirmed what Penny had heard with wide eyes and bared teeth and Maureen remained ..."
"...unitel Hall, Director of Respiratory Therapy, jogged into the unit and glanced at Penny, then at Dodson. He set out his syringe and swabbed and palpated for a radial artery while Penny introduced him and explained to the patient that Dr. Lawrence needed to know exactly how much oxygen ..."
"... to transfer Dodson to a cardiologist in Jacksonville. Dr. Lawrence returned to his patient’s bed as Rebecca Daniels, one of South Station’s nurses entered the unit. “What’s going on in here? Do you-all need some help?” We’re going to need a chart copied to send with a ..."
"... won’t have to work extra.” The roar of the helicopter filled the unit, and the noise became deafening when Penny opened the back door to watch bent-over medical transport nurses in black jump-suits run toward her from beneath the still-rotating blades. Dr. Lawrence strode into the Unit ..."
"... blades. Dr. Lawrence strode into the unit from the hall and motioned the helicopter personnel into the nurses’ lounge while Penny and Maureen adjusted Dodson’s pillows and his portable oxygen and the EMTs collected his personal belongings and the copied chart. Coming out of the ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"...unity-year-old Maureen worked accurately at a speed Penny could not match. She helped Dr. Scales’s tobacco-chewing patient into a wheelchair, loaded up his belongings, and rolled him out to a room on South Hall. Following Maureen’s example, Penny opened the door for visitors and called the X-ray results ..."
"...unitphone startled them and Maureen, champion sticker of the hospital, agreed to start a difficult IV down the hall. She approached the unit door as it swung open to admit Buck, who had come to chart results on some tests that had been sent to another hospital because the ..."
"...had struggled to buy when they had no money for frivolous things. It was an impressionist rendering of a red house on a green hillside. Immersed in her daydream, she remembered the excitement of picking it out at the exhibit of an artist who lived in their community, and the thrill of hanging it in their home. Of course, that happened before Johnny lost interest in her... Suddenly Penny noticed silence and came to with a start. ..."

Chapter 5: Chapter Five
"... nursing home, but the Harrises had refused to have him transferred. Arriving behind Penny, Maureen checked out the unit. “You know what this means, don’t you? I’ll get pulled to somewhere I have no business going!” Penny grimaced. “It makes me tired to work outside the Unit; I ..."
"... this means, don’t you? I’ll get pulled to somewhere I have no business going!” Penny grimaced. “It makes me tired to work outside the unit; I have to walk more and it’s hard to find what I need.” “You aren’t the one who’ll have to leave! I should be used to it, but it gets ..."
"...uniteen bathed Sylvia and wheeled her to the floor while Penny combined a bath and linen change with her assessment of Mrs. Chumley. Penny collected Sylvia’s meds and her chart in preparation for going out to give Report to South when Maureen returned, since both nurses could not ..."
"... new admission. The supervisor called, and Penny explained her predicament. “ER’s sending me a patient who should probably have gone to Jacksonville. ER usually just stabilizes head injuries and transfers them to a neuro unit where they can monitor inter-cranial pressure.” “If the ..."
"...uniting a small bandage on her forehead, the patient entered the unit in a wheelchair pushed by an ER tech and trailed by a short, wiry man and his two teenaged children. The man, whose face was a mustache, insisted on remaining at his wife’s bedside, but Penny finally ..."
"... too sleepy to have just been in a car wreck. Dr. Scales entered the unit through the back door, glanced at Penny and at his patient, then strolled to the desk. From Penny’s point of view, he resembled a garden worm looking for flowers to kill. Penny followed him out of the patient’s ..."
"... dangerously elevated and compromised cerebral blood flow. It had been thirty minutes since Dr. Scales left, and Penny dialed his beeper number, punching in the unit number at the tone. In three minutes the doctor returned her call. “What do you want, Mrs. Pewitt?” “Your patient’s ..."
"...unity decided to call Dr. Ghent, since he was in charge of the unit, but she remembered that Dr. Graham was covering his patients. She found Dr. Graham’s number on the call list taped above the phone. Old, tired Dr. Graham always had a joke to tell and ..."
"... the doctor and tell him again.” Knowing that he would be furious, Penny dialed his beeper numbers with cold fingers, punched in the unit numbers and waited, her heart racing. Four minutes ticked by before the phone rang and she picked up the receiver. “HOW MANY TIMES ARE YOU GOING TO ..."
"...unitsupervisor notified ambulance service and carried the chart to South’s copier while Penny telephoned Report to the Jacksonville Neurology unit. Maureen woke the patient, pulled the privacy curtain, and helped her onto a bed-pan. Dr. Scales ushered the family into the unit, and they waited outside the hanging ..."

Chapter 6: Chapter Six
"...On Tuesday morning, Penny worked in JMC’s Critical Care unit with a young nurse who sent her to the laboratory for a unit of packed red blood cells. Penny had read Jacksonville hospital’s procedure for this in the policy manual but actually doing it was another matter. Ignoring the elevator, she walked down two flights on the concrete staircase to the first floor. The steps were narrow and wound ..."
"... were the names of both the animal and its owner. The nurse ahead of Penny talked with a white-jacketed lab technician. “I’m telling you that we have orders to type, cross-match, and transfuse two units. No parameters are written.” The tech, whose picture showed her hugging a ..."
"...Penny read aloud the numbers on her patient’s unit of blood, and the lab technician verified them with the paperwork. After they both signed the ledger, Penny climbed the deserted stairway to the third floor. The CCU nurse would watch as she administered the blood so that, if she did it correctly, Penny would receive credit ..."
"... After lunch, Penny visited Human Resources, explained her family emergency and received approval for her time off. Next, she located Neurology, where the unit secretary pointed out which nurse was taking care of Dr. Scales’s head-injury patient but would not give a condition report. ..."

Chapter 9: Chapter Nine
"... When the elevator door opened on the fourth floor, Penny helped roll the large cooling device out into the hall, then waved to Kerri and entered the staff lounge with a renewed sense of self-worth at being part of a medical community where everything was up to date and top of the line. ..."
"...Patients and their families loved Maria McEliney, the 3-11 unit secretary who had been a nursing tech for a home health agency before the birth of her children: two sets of twins, only three years apart. Now that the girls were all in high school, Maria worked at the hospital to avoid being at home when they were ..."
"...After Report, Barb counted narcotics and acquired the keys. Penny checked the crash cart and discharged the defibrillator to be sure it was working properly, then checked on one of her patients who was receiving the second of two units of blood. A small amount remained in the bag, and her IV site looked good. ..."
"...Penny approached the nurses’ area where Dr. Child stood with his back to the elevator, his patient’s chart resting open before him on the counter. He thrust the chart across the counter at Maria and complained, “You mean to tell me you’re infusing the second unit of blood now? What does my order say?” ..."
"... TO KILL MY PATIENT?” Penny intervened, “I’m her nurse tonight. It looks like your order says to give two units of blood IV over four hours STAT. It was started almost four hours ago and the second unit is not quite finished. Do you want me to stop it?” “What does my order ..."
"... to the chart, his voice mocking Penny. Maria leaned forward, reading the scribbles. “IV?” she suggested. “One unit! One unit! How could you give blood other than IV!” Maria slid her round bottom back in her chair. “Well, if you were a vampire you could drink it.” Cheerful ..."
"...“He says he only ordered one unit and you gave two. What’s the matter with you people?” Supervisor Crouch located the doctor’s order. “Oh I see. I believe we’re in the clear this time—hospital policy requires the word unit to be written out, not abbreviated, and especially not with a V.” ..."
"...Barb continued, “When we moved to Jacksonville five years ago, I applied for work here and they put me on the second floor in Dr. Spate’s building. It was, like, a serious bummer: a twenty-four-hour observation unit with job openings, and I learned pretty quickly why they couldn’t staff it. ..."
" wedge a door open. I’d be in there working and, BAM! The door would go totally shut, you know? I couldn’t hear my patients’ call bells, and I’d be seriously scared and stuff.” Barb rolled her Windex-blue eyes. “I got out of that unit and came to Oncology as soon as there was a position open.” ..."
"... “Absolutely. That unit where I worked contains offices now, and Eye First is part of Central Supply. Down there, they report finding cabinets standing wide open and supplies dumped out on the floor, stuff like that. Central Supply closes at night so Spate can do whatever he wants.” ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"... can’t drive, call an ambulance. They will bring both of you to our ER.” Penny replaced the receiver as Ellen, the day-shift unit secretary, returned to her desk. “Thanks, I was helping them turn Darlina.” Penny gave Ellen a wry smile. “That was Colonel Philpot.” “I know ..."

Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...unitified with coffee, Penny took Report by herself because Maureen had called in sick during the night. Director of Nurses Agnes Gwen breezed into the unit escorting a woman Penny had never met. “I want to introduce you to Flossie Mae Fox, Dr. Scales’s office nurse, who will ..."
"...unitlossie Mae,” Mrs. Gwen added, “telemetry patients are cared for by South Station nurses, but unit nurses are responsible for their monitors: replacing batteries, electrodes, and lead wires as needed to maintain a readable pattern on their screens. Call me if you need anything, Penny—I’m supervising today.” ..."
"... As Penny and Flossie Mae stood before the linen closet, a lab tech named Louise entered the unit to chart some test results. “You might want to let your visitors in,” Louise said. “One lady’s brought a plate of homemade breakfast rolls for you and they do look good!” Penny ..."
"...unitr baths and noon assessments, Penny and Flossie Mae served lunch. Dr. Lawrence’s patient was a woman two days past a stroke who could now move her left hand, but she still had difficulty expressing her thoughts. The other was Dr. Scales’s seventy-five-year-old Mr. Aceworth with end-stage ..."
"... block?” The monitor she had just turned off—number three–-was labeled with the name Bridget Sasser, Room 301. She picked up the telemetry unit the nurse had brought in: number three. If number three had been Jerry Tribble, maybe number four was really Bridget Sasser. Panic-stricken ..."
"... ready for a transfer. We need to get her on up there by ambulance.” Penny called Respiratory to do the EKG, then asked South Station’s unit secretary to bring the charts of the patients in rooms 301 and 306 to CCU. It was not all Penny’s fault because it would not have happened if ..."
"... visitors because one came in with me.” A little while later as Penny collected intakes and outputs, Dr. Lawrence opened the outside door. He waved as he hustled through the unit, and Penny hoped everything was in order for him at South Station. CCU’s single visitor had left, so Penny ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"...A nursing tech had come to help clean up from the code and night shift would be here soon. There was no time to think. Someone had laid telemetry unit number four on the desk and turned off the monitor. Penny removed the battery and put it away. Feeling fragmented, scattered as a shipwrecked boat thrown onto a rocky shore, she walked to the bedside of her remaining patient who had slept through everything, and whose skin ..."
"... The door to the hall opened, and Mrs. Gwen entered the unit. “Penny, there’s a drug overdose in ER and our paramedic is tied up with something else, so I need you to ride the ambulance to Jacksonville. I’ll stay with Flossie Mae until I can get a critical care nurse in here.” ..."
"... yelled over the music. “It won’t take too long, then we’ll eat lunch.” Penny checked her watch: it was noon. Maybe she could get back to the unit in time to visit with Flossie Mae before she left at three. At last, they finished eating hamburgers at McDonald’s and climbed into the ..."
"... was one feisty doctor!” It was after three when the EMTs dropped Penny off at Dixiana CCU. The same RN who had worked last night opened the back door at her knock, and Penny glanced around the empty unit. “Thanks for covering for me.” “No problem; I was awake when Mrs. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... Penny—only a little bit worse because of all his long-haul truck trips. Jacksonville’s Oncology unit was a beehive of activity Tuesday evening as Penny slid into a chair in the staff room. “We must be full!” Barb munched a nacho and shoved the plate toward her. “Every bed! Day ..."
"... up! We won’t be stopping to eat again anytime soon.” The Evening unit Secretary, Maria, leaned against the door frame. “I tried to get us some help, but they said I was wasting my breath. There’s no help to be had.” “Screw ‘em,” Barb told Penny. “Let’s divvy up ..."
"...Penny looked at the array of information: (1) a medical joke, (2) a reminder that the word “unit” must be written out, not abbreviated with the letter U, (3) a notice, “Effective Immediately,” of a change in policy: STAT orders must be carried out within thirty minutes and ASAP orders within an hour, (4) a notice that Dr. Child was no longer on staff. ..."
"... “The sewer’s backed up and while they’re here, they’re moving the air return for the heating/cooling unit away from the loading dock to keep exhaust fumes from delivery trucks out of the hospital.” Kerri placed her mouth close to Penny’s ear. “Can you keep a secret?” ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...unites had no job security; just last week the hospital had laid off twenty-four employees: newly-hired office and lab personnel and five nurses. Rumor had it that Administration planned to close the Psychiatric unit and everyone was jumpy. Sweat prickled Penny’s skin as she sprinted up the stairs ..."
"...After Report and the transfer of narcotic keys, Penny planned ahead: she would assess her charges and load the information into the computer. “I’ll get vital signs on my patients, Maria,” she told the unit secretary. “I’ve got to be in their rooms anyway, so if you’ll set up for my new patient and get the admission vitals, I’ll do the other two because you’ll be busy with the paperwork.” ..."
"... “Well, if you have time right now, you could go down to the lab and get Miss Logan’s first unit of blood so I can start it. The chemo for her multiple myeloma made her lose red cells, and I’m supposed to give her blood and platelets tonight so she can go home in the morning.” ..."
"...Penny positioned Mrs. Posey, then retreated to the desk where Maria held a unit of blood. “Nancy North is our new patient. She’s on the way up–-and I forgot to tell you somebody asked for you this afternoon before you got here. She said she’s a patient on Second and knows you from Dixiana.” Maria produced a sticky-note upon ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"...Because Barb had left the floor for more than an hour on a trip to the lab for a unit of blood, Penny had to answer all the patients’ lights, the Allisons’ questions, and keep everyone supplied with coffee. She was refilling the pot when Barb finally returned and crumpled into a chair, looking like a doll slung against a playhouse. ..."
"... interlaced her arterial-red fingernails on top of the folders. “I’m sure you are familiar with the goals of our unit, Penny. The patients are our customers, and when customers tell me their problems, they become my problems.” Penny sat across the desk from her boss. Working only at ..."
"... if she should be on the way to Roanoke. Drinking coffee in the comforting familiarity of the break room, she consulted today’s staffing schedule. She would work by herself, with one patient in the Critical Care unit and three on telemetry. Last night’s nurse poured a cup of coffee, ..."
"...unithe count of three, Mr. Head yelled as the two nurses slid him, sheets, pads and all, onto one of the unit beds. A putrid, pungent odor permeated the air and the patient started a continuous chant. “Hey hum, Hey hum, Hey hum.” He inhaled and said ..."
"...“Type and cross match for three units of blood and when she comes, have her sign the blood consent form. Meanwhile, redraw all the levels, then start a run of potassium. With his advanced lung disease and dehydration, I don’t feel too sure of these values. Okay? You got that? By ..."
"... He turned and ambled toward the hall door. Penny checked vital signs on both patients and repositioned Mr. Stephens, supporting his stump with a pillow. She opened the unit door to receive Mr. Head’s liquid lunch and left it open for visitors. Raising Mr. Head to a sitting position, she ..."
"... razor. The man’s long beard was matted with food. As Penny turned to reach for the razor, Mr. Head grabbed the wash pan, dumping it all over himself. Water dripped off the sides of the bed onto the carpet as Flossie Mae entered the unit. “Oh Honey! That nurse wasn’t just whistling ..."
"... arms and he resumed his original chant. “Hey hum, hey hum, hey hum.” Flossie Mae walked to the back of the unit and stood in front of a window, her back straight and stiff. Penny followed and stopped in front of her. “I need a favor from you.” Flossie Mae spoke in an undertone through ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"... in her right ankle and imagined falling down hard from a bad sprain. But the unit was warm and comfortable, like settling into a favorite chair. The night nurse looked up from a magazine as Penny unbuttoned her coat. “When did Mr. Stephens die?” Penny pointed to the amputee’s ..."
"... Later, Penny decided to omit Mr. Head’s morning bath since he was already cleaner than he’d ever been before. As she completed his assessment, there was knock on the unit door and the dietitian said, “Do you need any breakfast trays? I didn’t find an order for CCU.” ..."
"... Jane grabbed Rebecca’s stethoscope, pulling it from around her neck. Realizing she had left the unit uncovered, Penny stepped back inside to check the monitors and Rebecca followed, rolling Jane to Mr. Head’s bedside. Jane placed the diaphragm against her hair just above her left ear and ..."
"...unitrning to the unit, Penny selected a vial of Aminophylline from the Critical Care unit’s stock and set it on the desk in front of Rebecca. “She has an order for this to be given as necessary for shortness of breath, but if she’s not better in thirty minutes, ..."
"... tell Miss Head her brother’s worse? She’d better come now.” Minutes passed and Jane did not come. Penny opened the unit door and called across the hall. “Miss Head, you might want to come be with your brother now.” Jane, watching As The World Turns, continued to eat. “I’ll ..."
"... Presently, Dr. Scales unlocked CCU’s back door and acknowledged Penny’s presence with a smile as meaningless as that of a jack-o-lantern. He went out to the hall and ten minutes later, with an expression dark as thunder, he strutted back through the unit and slammed the door. Penny ..."
"...unity’s reading was interrupted when a heavily-made-up woman wearing a nurse’s cap, a crisp white uniform, and a badge that proclaimed SUPERVISOR, entered the unit and settled down at the desk. “I’ll watch the monitor for you,” she said. “Go to room 327 and restart that IV. ..."
"...unit Baucom didn’t flinch when Penny stuck her arm to start the infusion. Her respirations were rapid and shallow, and Penny returned to the unit sickened that Dr. Scales was not more aggressive in his treatment and that she had not done anything to improve the situation. She ..."
"... them. He continued in a normal tone. “I’m moving Mrs. Baucom into the unit; I don’t think they gave her medicines right, so put down a feeding tube and give whatever medicine she hasn’t had. Do the labs I’ve ordered and call them to me as soon as you get them.” Penny said, ..."
"...unitsupervisor left to write Scales’s orders on the chart at South Station. Penny turned down the bed closest to the hall door and warmed up the over-bed monitor. Unable to sit down, she straightened the desk and the nurses’ lounge, then began to scribble an account of the ..."
"... to the Unit. Suddenly, the door slammed open and bedlam exploded into CCU. Rebecca and the nursing tech propelled Mrs. Baucom’s bed alongside the unit bed. Mr. Hockney followed, carrying the STAT blood gas results in one hand, shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and ..."
"... shoving a ventilator in front of him with the other. Penny and Rebecca counted, “One, Two, Three,” and heaved Mrs. Baucom from her bed into the unit bed, grunting with the effort. The pale, gasping patient could barely move air. Disconnecting the oxygen tubing from the transfer tank, ..."
"... and barked, “Get that stuff out of the way! We’re going to intubate.” The nursing tech pushed South Station’s bed out to the hall while Rebecca helped Penny pull the unit bed away from the wall. Mr. Hockney squeezed between the wall and the head of the bed, ripped off the ..."

Chapter 18: Chapter Eighteen
"... “I know you, Maureen, you can do it. I’m going to give you two units of packed red cells tonight—and I may have come up with a solution for your Christmas shopping problem.” Penny deposited the sack of catalogs she had brought onto Maureen’s bed. “Maybe you can order presents!” ..."
"... news he had been waiting to hear, “You can go home now.” Maureen’s first unit of blood was almost finished when Penny suited up again and stepped into her room for the hourly transfusion vital signs. “Everything okay?” Maureen turned the lab-record sheet around so Penny could see ..."
"... may take you up on it.” When Penny returned to the Oncology unit, Barb was in the staff lounge working on her checkbook, an open box of Queen Ann chocolate cherries beside her. “I want you to tell me honestly what you think of our security guard,” she said. Penny crammed a pecan ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...Maureen’s veins were in such bad shape that a single subclavian was her only IV access and, unless they were compatible, only one solution could be infused at a time. The day-shift nurse reported that after infusing two units of blood, she had started Maureen on a combination of Benadryl, Ativan, and Decadron, a BAD drip, used to relieve nausea, anxiety, and pain. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... maker, then called the Dixiana hospital. “If you’re not sick, get ready to come,” the night supervisor told her. “It may be a while, but the fire department’s extrication unit will pick up everybody for day shift and take night shift home.” Eventually Penny reached CCU, where the ..."
"... Eventually Penny reached CCU, where the winter sun melted the icy window panes and spilled light onto the sheets. Pink and blue flowers jumped out of the wallpaper and the steel surfaces gleamed. The whole unit was washed in snow-blind white reflection from the scene outside. ..."
"...unitrs. Pewitt, Dr. Scales here. I’m writing orders to transfer Buck Dalton from Jacksonville CCU to your unit tomorrow. You know him— he worked in the lab there before his accident. He’s had multiple surgeries, but he’s better now and they need his bed to make room ..."
"... experts,” Johnny said. “I hope it stays bad,” Penny said. “If the interstate’s clear enough tomorrow, Dr. Scales is going to transfer Buck Dalton back to our unit. I asked for help, but they probably won’t get anybody, and I hate working with Dr. Scales.” “You can quit, you ..."
"... their inventory. In the afternoon, she was reading a paperback Mr. Garrett had given her: a spy thriller by Compton MacKenzie, when the phone rang. “We’re transferring Mr. Buck Dalton to your unit, and I’ve got Report for you,” a Jacksonville CCU nurse said. “Okay.” Penny ..."
"...unity stopped talking and listened, thinking she had heard a noise. She sprinted to the back of the unit, but no one was there, and Buck appeared asleep. She inhaled and her heart rate slowed as she returned to the lounge. CCU air smelled sweeter when fresh ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"...unitn who police suspect of fatally beating his wife, mother, and child was critically injured in a motorcycle accident yesterday in Dixiana, Mississippi. Buck Dalton, 28, had been wanted ever since detectives found the bodies in their 124 State St. home in Ardmore, Louisiana. However, before detectives there ..."

"...unitncology all the easy-to-use IV pumps had been collected and replaced by new, computerized machines. In-services on how to operate them were available but Barb, working out her notice, didn’t attend. Also, except for Watt Weeks, the entire patient population had changed, and Barb was training Carina Algood, ..."

"...Effective June 1, 1992 this hospital will no longer provide security. Each House Supervisor will be issued a .38 caliber revolver and 24 rounds of ammunition will be stored in the Pharmacy. In addition to routine nursing duties, House Supervisors will rotate the patrolling of the hospital grounds. A bicycle and helmet will be provided for patrolling the parking areas. ..."
"...Maintenance is being eliminated. The hospital has subscribed to the Time Life “How to...” series of maintenance books. These books and a toolbox will be standard equipment on all nursing units. We will be receiving the series at a rate of one volume every other month. We already have the volume on Basic Wiring, but if a non-electrical problem occurs, please try to handle it the best you can until the appropriate volume arrives. ..."
"... the best you can until the appropriate volume arrives. CCU will take over security surveillance duties. The unit secretary will be responsible for watching cardiac and security monitors, as well as continuing previous secretarial duties. Housekeeping and Physical Therapy will be combined. ..."
"... picked up the receiver at the nurses’ desk. “Hi Penny, it’s Leroy Crouch. I need to pull Maria to Third because their unit secretary had to go home for a family emergency. Do you think you’ll be all right?” “I guess so,” Penny said. “We’ll have four patients ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... federal custody after posting a $100,000 cash bond. “Edwin York, special agent in charge of MBI’s Medicare fraud unit, says the case dramatically illustrates how some corrupt medical personnel abuse the system for their personal gain.” Oblivious to taste, Penny consumed cheese-eggs, ..."

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