A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder


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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"... “I need to ask you something,” she called. Penny climbed out of the hammock, sauntered down her driveway, and crossed Oakwood Street, where heat waves rose from the pavement into air thick with the watermelon fragrance of freshly mown grass. Misty spoke in a tone Jackie Kennedy might ..."
"...Penny, torn between obligations at work and her parents’ needs, walked barefoot through her kitchen, across the den, and down the hall to the bathroom. She was standing in the shower running hot water on her head when Faye called again. Grabbing a towel, she scurried to the telephone beside her bed while water dripped onto her rug. ..."

Chapter 2: Chapter Two
"...She rinsed her coffee cup at the sink and wet her dry mouth with a swallow of water, then in a stoic tone explained her reasoning again. “My salary will be higher, and I can learn more; it’s a big hospital where they do advanced procedures.” Her voice rose. “I thought this would be a good thing to try.” ..."
"...tank. Ordinarily, the reptile ate right away, but at times when he shed his skin, it might be several days or even a week before he became hungry. While his eyes glazed over and he lay motionless on his rock, the unsuspecting mice made a nest, drank water, and scampered about setting up housekeeping. Then one of them would disappear, soon the other one would be gone, and the penetrating stink would arrive. ..."
"...Later, running water as hot as she could stand, she showered until her thoughts were fuzzy and her feet were red. She found ­sanctuary in her queen-sized four poster, remembering shopping trips with Johnny in search of their perfect bed, and her anticipation of ­lying ­beside him every night for the ..."

Chapter 3: Chapter Three
"...“I’m sorry.” Penny apologized and signaled Maureen for help, observing Mrs. Brown’s heart pattern on the monitor screen above the bed until Maureen arrived to stand across from her. They turned the patient back and forth, maneuvering the waterproof pad, which had wrinkled into a lump, back to its proper position under her hips, and lifted it, pulling her toward the head of the bed. Maureen elevated one of Mrs. Brown’s formidable legs and Penny shoved a pillow under it. Their work together had developed a ..."

Chapter 4: Chapter Four
"... last night, as far as that goes. Not at all.” He watched Penny take a bottle of pills from the medicine cart. She shook out two Tylenol tablets and filled a cup with water. Accepting the medicine and the Styrofoam cup, Buck guzzled his water with one eye squeezed shut. “Thanks. Well, ..."
"...Accepting the medicine and the Styrofoam cup, Buck guzzled his water with one eye squeezed shut. “Thanks. Well, I guess that about does it.” He rose and raked back his hair. “Hey, I bet you didn’t know the average person falls asleep in seven minutes.... Just between us, I’m not anybody’s dummy! I keep ..."
"... IT.” She smiled and closed her eyes. “My base was Chelsea, on the Mystic River near Boston, with so much coal dust in the air that my legs, below the hem of my uniform, were grey by the time my shift was over, but it was beautiful at night when the lights reflected in the water.” It ..."

Chapter 7: Chapter Seven
"...After a drought so severe that no amount of watering could revive Penny’s impatiens, rain splashed on the pavement like tiny people dancing in the street. It spilled over into cracks in the parched earth, and the air smelled wet and summery as she drove to the Jacksonville Airport. She stopped beside the long-term parking gate and ..."
"... They ate supper on paper plates and watched the descending sun light up the water, and oak branches and hanging moss become silhouettes against the darkening sky. Rev. Nichols had brought his mandolin from upstairs, but it lay in its case unopened. No one felt like singing. It was ..."
"...supper, young friends from next door brought dessert and stayed to visit while David, Alice, Faye, and Penny walked out onto the dock. They sat close together on the bench Rev. Nichols had made, facing west while the setting sun scattered gold, pink, blue and lavender over the water, its glittering surface dimpled by flying insects. On the opposite bank lights were just flickering on. ..."
"...The full moon cast a glow on the water and they breathed the salty, fishy odor while the river played its music. water lapped against the dock pilings, mullet jumped and splashed, fiddler crabs scurried in the marsh, and mud holes popped open behind the receding tide. Night birds called and a thousand frogs croaked. ..."

Chapter 10: Chapter Ten
"...around her and the canvas, and tore into the center of the pile, thrashing back and forth, scattering the leaves. Stopping, he looked at Penny, awaiting her reaction. “Atta boy, Zac.” Penny encouraged the dog who now attacked the second pile, disappearing like a diver beneath water. He surfaced and rolled onto his back kicking his legs in ecstasy, creating a boiling disturbance of red and gold. Penny beat him into the third pile, sinking into the middle of it as Zac landed on top of her. She scratched behind his ears and ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
"... spirit to the senses.” Penny examined Flossie Mae’s medallion. “You know how we talk about the four elements: earth, water, fire, and air,” Flossie Mae continued. “Well, the fifth element is spirit.” Penny held her medallion next to Flossie Mae’s. They were similar, but ..."
"...But Penny walked on. That was close! She should be strong enough to keep her mouth shut! She provided fresh water and canned food for Zac, then checked the cat’s bowls in the garage. Callie’s dry food appeared untouched, and Penny couldn’t remember when she had added any to the bowl. The cat was a picky eater. Purina Cat Chow, made in little star shapes, was all ..."
"... In the bathroom she brushed her teeth, then stripped and stepped into the shower. The warm water felt good on her back. She made it hot and let it beat down on her tired muscles, relaxing her. After toweling off, she slathered on lotion, and waited in the four poster for Johnny to bathe. ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... off.” “I’ll check it now, and when you’re ready to go to sleep I’ll put the automatic cuff on your arm and set it to cycle every hour so I can watch your pressure without waking you up.” Penny completed her assessment and added ice to the water pitcher beside the bed. Maria ..."
"...It was bad. Consequently, both Maria and the LPN helped Penny bathe and reposition Darlina’s mammoth body on fresh linens, then Penny straightened the room, emptying the yellow bath water into the sink beside the bed. Finally, Penny approached the desk to enter Darlina’s assessment and vital signs into a computer. ..."
"...She entered the room next door to Darlina and found Pauline Curry, her face beet red, standing at her sink, holding dentures in her trembling fingers. Pauline inhaled in short gasps through her mouth and blew air out her nose while she and Penny watched the yellow bath water from Darlina’s room rise into Pauline’s sink bowl from the drain. ..."

Chapter 14: Chapter Fourteen
"...experienced increased gravity as the metallic bird left concrete and forced its load upward. Opening her eyes, she watched the earth, at a crazy angle beneath the wing, slowly straighten out, and a living map passed beneath her: a strange collage of pencil-line roads, matchbox buildings, and snaking waterways. ..."
"... for each of them. When the appetizers arrived, Rev. Nichols said, “These shrimp would have gone through my net; it’s against the law to bring shrimp this small out of saltwater.” His voice rose. “That fisherman’s boat should have been confiscated!” Mrs. Nichols’s ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"...of Mrs. Posey’s scheduled medications was a time-release narcotic pill not due until 11 p.m. Lortab was ordered for break-through pain and since it was only 7:30, she unlocked a Lortab from the narcotic cabinet and returned to her patient’s room with the tablet and a cup of water. ..."
"... to my patient.” She recited this as if reading it from a tombstone. Penny dumped out the water and refilled the cup with Coke while Mrs. Posey smoothed her blanket and picked something imaginary out of the air. Zunetta helped Penny pull her mother up in bed, then pointed to the ..."
"... then picked up the remote control and clicked off the TV set. Penny replenished Miss Logan’s pitcher with fresh ice water. Determined to have some civil exchange of words, she said, “Is there anything I can get for you?” “I don’t know. Can you think of anything?” “I can’t, ..."

Chapter 16: Chapter Sixteen
"... scent, spoiling the air. Caught off-guard by her boss’s slam, the words gushed from Penny’s mouth like water from an open hydrant. “I didn’t do anything to her. I can’t please everybody, she just didn’t like me! Now I’m tired, and I need to go home.” “I’m surprised at ..."
"... Excusing herself, Penny answered a telephone call from the ER. “We’ve got a patient for you. Dr. Ghent’s here now, so it’ll be thirty minutes or so before we bring him. The diagnosis is Advanced Emphysema with Pneumonia, but mainly he needs soap and water. Any questions?” ..."
"... emesis. No visitors had appeared so Penny closed the hall door and gathered supplies. Borrowing a clean over-bed table from another cubicle, she set on it a wash pan half-full of warm water, a can of shaving cream, and a safety razor. The man’s long beard was matted with food. As Penny ..."
"... razor. The man’s long beard was matted with food. As Penny turned to reach for the razor, Mr. Head grabbed the wash pan, dumping it all over himself. water dripped off the sides of the bed onto the carpet as Flossie Mae entered the Unit. “Oh Honey! That nurse wasn’t just whistling ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...head and opened her mouth, using all of her energy to take in air. Penny and the tech pulled her up and elevated the head of the bed, then bent the woman forward, and Penny listened to her back with the stethoscope. Every breath sounded like a waterfall. Penny scanned the patient’s list of medications and discovered that Dr. Scales was Mrs. Baucom’s doctor, and that he had ordered an intramuscular medication to be given for severe shortness of breath. ..."

Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... Penny stabbed four frozen hot dogs with shish-kebab skewers and roasted them over the flames, holding the metal ends with a potholder. The wood crackled, and as the meat thawed, drops of water bubbled and hissed on the logs. The saucepan of chili came to lukewarm on the hearth. ..."
"... Penny continued through the house to the bathroom, where she stripped and showered in water so hot it stung her back. She applied lotion to her itchy skin and petroleum jelly to her peeling lips, then pulled on pajamas and a robe and returned to the family room where Johnny watched TV. ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... Mr. Brown was Dr. Elijah Storm! The crinkly blue eyes focused on Penny. “I’m chilling a little. I need a couple more blankets, and will you go downstairs and buy me some water? I only drink bottled water.” He held out a twenty dollar bill. Maria stood up. “You don’t need to ..."
"... care of it.” “There’s water in that pitcher but I only want ice.” A shiny bald spot on top of his head reflected the overhead light, and a hairpiece rested on a wig form next to a denture cup by the sink. On the counter was an open makeup case full of jars and bottles. After Maria ..."
"... Penny emptied his water pitcher into the sink and retreated. A Weather Specialist should know the difference between temperature and fever! Of course he had a temperature; he’d be dead if he didn’t! She returned with ice, the automatic ear thermometer, and the blood-pressure machine. ..."
"... thermometer and placed it under his tongue, timing it for three minutes. Maria came in and set two bottles of water on the bedside table. “They had three brands to choose from; I hope I didn’t get the wrong kind.” Penny removed the thermometer from Mr. Brown’s mouth. “Your ..."
"... He turned to Maria. “Didn’t they have Perrier? When you go back for it get some fruit: orange and grapefruit sections, and cherries. I need Vitamin C. Take your time, though. I can start on these bottles for now...I should drink plenty of water.” ..."
"... He drew a deep breath, picked up a glass from the sink drainer, and filled it halfway with water from the faucet. He sloshed the water in the glass, staring at it. Turning to Penny, he said in a conversational tone, “If the police thought Buck was in danger, why did they stop guarding him?” ..."

"... “If we eat here, we’ll be able to see the back of the house.” Hanky Panky Bar and Grill served good hamburgers but the Cox house, on a high bluff across the water, was not visible through the screen of oak and pine. After lunch, they returned to the other side of the river and ..."
"...After lunch, they returned to the other side of the river and explored the neighborhood. There were no streets between the Cox house and the water, so Johnny veered into the nearest cross street, bumped downhill, and parked beside an old one-lane bridge, closed to traffic. Leaving the car, they strolled down the pavement to the river’s edge, where a paved boat ramp extended into the water. ..."
"...Penny gave Johnny an affected smile, then let her gaze wander out over the sunlit water. “This river probably looks about the same today as it did in the 1800s, but I’ll bet runaway slaves missed seeing its beauty. They were risking their lives, hiding and waiting for dark to come so they could escape along the bank.” ..."
"... risking their lives, hiding and waiting for dark to come so they could escape along the bank.” Johnny gestured for Penny to precede him along the narrow path beside the water. “After you.” Penny turned to face him. “Wait, Johnny, I have something to say.... If the upstairs bedrooms ..."
"...Penny switched off the lamp and turned to her side, breathing in the scent of musty linen. What did Flossie Mae say the points represent?, air, fire, water...spirit. The circle connects us to spirit. In her mind, Penny looked down the Tombigbee River, heard its rippling water, felt a cool white fog hovering above it, and slid, fathoms deep, into sleep. ..."
"... so come on down as soon as you can.” Johnny descended the stairs and Penny sat up debriefing her mind, returning to reality. Stepping into the bathroom, her feet numb inside her shoes, she splashed water on her face and brushed her teeth. “It’s always too cold upstairs,” Uncle ..."
"...around in the dark for those smelly old quilts—it was like winter in Alaska! I gave up trying to sleep and came downstairs around five and the lights were on with everybody still in bed.... Uncle Buddy told me that one time Lily left a teakettle with water in it on the stove, and it started whistling in the middle of the night; he’s worried they have electrical problems—the wiring in that place must be ancient!” ..."

"... arm around Mrs. Honeycutt, who was weeping. Penny turned to Joan. “Please go find an oxygen setup, a bottle of distilled water, and a Trialon heating pad. Dr. Scales said for us to observe Loretta, so I’ll stay here while you bring them.” Joan read Penny’s face and left the room ..."
"...Joan read Penny’s face and left the room without speaking. When she returned, they placed the warmed blanket beneath the child, and the electric, water-warmed pad on top of the blanket covering her while Mrs. Honeycutt sobbed and moaned. The patient would not allow an oxygen mask or nasal prongs on her face, so Penny held the prongs above her mouth, hoping that she would inhale some oxygen with her gasps. ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"...She removed her watch and then her gown. Leaving the medallion on its chain around her neck and zircon studs in her ear lobes, she stepped into the shower and heard persistent knocking on the kitchen door. Turning off the water, she waited, holding herself in, her body pulsating. The back doorknob rattled, then something struck the door with a loud thud. Someone was trying to break into her home! ..."
"...She had shopping to do before she picked up Johnny’s bats, and today’s weather was fine for moving Dick’s snake outside. She would release it into the woods behind the Jacksonville hospital, a great home for the reptile. She showered and dressed, loaded the snake and its water dispenser into a cardboard box, placed the box on the back-seat floorboard, and headed for Jacksonville. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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