A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder

What are your suggestions for book club discussions of PERSONAL BAGGAGE?


My suggestions for book-club discussions are:

1. Discuss ways in which the seasons of the year affect the story.

2. How does the author use humor to help readers relate to a particular situation? Is there a passage that was especially funny to you?

3. What caused the shift in Penny’s attitude toward her husband--did Johnny change, or was it only Penny’s attitude toward him?

4. Is Prader Philpot just “a nut,” or is there some substance to him?

5. The book has a lot to say about the hospital industry; have you ever had a medical experience similar to one described in the book?

6. What do you think would have been a better title for the book? Do you think the ending was appropriate? If the story were to continue, where should it go from here?

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Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
" We don’t have a rat’s chance of getting help. I’ll take the new admission and the people I had last night, okay?” Barb unplugged the pot and distributed the remaining coffee into their cups. “I had Watt Weeks—have you heard about his friend, Prader Philpot?” ..."
"...double check the doctors’ orders and check again when pharmacy sends the drug to make sure it’s right.... But I was going to tell you about Watt—he owns an antique store and his grandson, Bud, is a total corker! Watt’s a sweetheart, but he cares more about Prader Philpot than he does about himself. He’s absolutely determined to get better so he can go back to work and support his nutty old buddy, who saved his life when they were in the Army.” ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"... man’s back.” “Thanks Maria, I’ll go on to Watt.” In Mr. Weeks’s room, Prader Philpot, dressed in fatigues and muttering to himself, sat by the window, his friend’s supper plate in one hand and a meat fork in the other. Watt Weeks did not speak, but made eye contact and nodded or ..."
"...Barb joined them for a description of the celebrity, but Colonel Prader Philpot stuck his head around the door frame, “I’m goin’ home now. I’ll need a four-thirty wake-up call ‘cause I’m takin’ an eighteen-wheeler to California in the mornin’. I’ll be bringin’ back Jalapeno peppers for Dr. Hutton, but don’t tell him.” Prader entered the room and laid ..."

"...Carina was built like a fireplug with a small head and brown hair. She filled a chair in the nurses’ lounge, smiling and nodding as Barb showed off the gifts Prader Philpot had brought her: a bright orange hair dryer still bearing its two-dollar price tag from a yard sale, and a pair of clip-on rhinestone earrings that any stripper would covet. When Carina laughed she opened her mouth wide to emit a staccato wheeze, followed by a croaking gasp. ..."
"...Penny joined him at the table. “Prader Philpot was Watt Weeks’s old Army buddy, and he was still hysterical when I got to work. He didn’t leave until after eleven last night, and then he came back when we were starting four o’clock vital signs this morning. He staggered up to the desk dressed in ..."

Chapter 26: Chapter Twenty-Six
"... and I’ll take the other new one and keep my little Josephine Banks.” Penny had just poured a cup of coffee and joined Carina at the table in the staff room when she recognized Prader Philpot standing out at the desk. Prader shuffled into the room and scowled at her. “Can I buy a cup of ..."

"... I killed him! Don’t try to get up yet; I’ve radioed for help. Someone will come to help us in a minute.” Across the parking lot, Prader Philpot stepped out of his car. ..."

"... for some beauty to share. “Didn’t you see it? That black Lamborghini—big time beautiful! Prader Philpot has one, you know. The security guard named Tony told me that Prader was the first person to come help you and that he’s actually a millionaire.” “Prader Philpot a ..."
"... guard named Tony told me that Prader was the first person to come help you and that he’s actually a millionaire.” Prader Philpot a millionaire? I can’t believe that!” “Well, it must be true: that ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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