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ambu bag

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An ambu bag is a hand-held device frequently used by trained professionals as an essential part of resuscitation to provide positive pressure oxygen to a patient whose breathing is insufficient, or has ceased completely. The act of using the device is frequently referred to as bagging. The ambu bag has a long tube that connects directly to an oxygen outlet or tank to force 100% oxygen into a patient’s lungs. If not performed correctly, there is a risk of pressure damage to the lungs and of causing gastric distention leading to vomiting, which can lead to airway problems.

In PERSONAL BAGGAGE on page 99, when Penny’s patient dies, she flattens the bed, inserts an airway, connects the ambu bag to the oxygen outlet over his bed, and the code team arrives to begin bagging.

An ambu bag is used again on page 108 in the ambulance in which Penny is escorting an overdose patient with insufficient respirations from Dixiana to a large hospital in Jacksonville.

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Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...Airway from the emergency box on the shelf beside the bedside monitor, she opened the patient’s lax jaw, inserted the airway with one end of the S up, then rotated it 180 degrees so that the end passed down behind his tongue. Her heart hammering, she connected the ambu bag’s tail to the oxygen outlet. A respiratory tech picked up the bag and began oxygenation. ..."
"...The respiratory tech squeezed the ambu bag with her left hand, and with her right thumb and forefinger held the mask in place by curling her other fingers under his chin. The ER nurse stood close to the bed with her shoulders over the man’s chest, her arms straight, the heel of her right hand ..."

Chapter 12: Chapter Twelve
" she positioned her stethoscope below his collarbones and listened for breath sounds. “I can’t hear any air entering. Try bagging him and let me listen again.” This time his chest rose and Penny heard, over the roar of the ambulance, air pushed in by the ambu bag. “Keep on bagging.” ..."

Chapter 17: Chapter Seventeen
"...barely missing her toes. She grabbed a couple of towels from the linen closet and ran to the head of the bed folding one towel into a bolster, which she stuffed under the patient’s shoulders. She placed the other towel beside the woman’s head and connected an ambu bag, a rubber bag used for inflating the lungs, to the oxygen outlet. Penny willed Mr. Hockney to move faster. ..."
"... ET tube into her airway. Penny tossed Rebecca the ambu bag and placed her stethoscope above the patient’s right breast, then above the left, listening for air as the lungs inflated when Rebecca squeezed the bag. “Faint on the left, pull back a little.” Mr. Hockney repositioned his ..."
"... then listened for himself. “Bag her while I hook up the ventilator,” he said. Reaching for the ambu bag, Penny said, “Thanks, Rebecca. You did great! I’ll bag so you can go back to your patients.” Dr. Scales, holding the new lab values run on blood from Mr. Hockney’s arterial ..."

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ambu bag

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