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Decadron, or dexamethasone , belongs to a group of drugs known as steroids, and can be given by mouth or by intravenous or intramuscular injection to decrease inflammation and swelling. Because there are many adverse reactions, such as increased blood sugar and worsening of infection, patients must be carefully monitored and given the lowest effective dose.

In PERSONAL BAGGAGE on page148, the same patient referred to in glossary word #4 is receiving a steroid drug, which elevates blood sugar creating, what the doctor calls, “a wild ride.”

Earlier in the story on page 125, one of the Oncology doctors reminds Penny that administration of any steroid drug, in this case Solu Cortef, will increase the number of white blood cells, and Penny wonders whether a doctor abusing the system might give a steroid drug like Decadron to increase a patient’s WBCs in order to meet Medicare’s guidelines for admission, then admit and treat the patient for infection.

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Chapter 11: Chapter Eleven
"...Flossie Mae thought for a minute. “I used to worry about giving everybody Decadron injections and I asked him about it. He blew his top! I learned my lesson, though. Now, I never ask questions or suggest anything.... But you know, sweetie, he’s got women—sick women in this hospital—who wake up at 4 a.m. to put on makeup and ..."

Chapter 13: Chapter Thirteen
"... her on IV Solu Cortef this morning.” “Yes, any steroid will cause those side effects: Prednisone, Solu Medrol, Solu Cortef.” Decadron?” Penny asked. He looked at Penny, pursed his lips, and nodded his head slightly. “Yep, that would do it.” Dr. Hutton always took time to ..."
"...Flossie Mae said she gave a lot of Dr. Scales’s office patients Decadron. Pelvic Inflammatory Disease would require an elevated white count, so maybe Dr. Scales used it to increase their white cell counts and then admitted patients for infection. Doctors were paid for each patient they admitted to the hospital. Penny thought Scales personified the spectacular autumn-scarlet of ..."

Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... had written Mrs. North’s weight, height, and vital signs. An IV had been started, and Penny checked the site into which a Decadron drip was infusing. It looked clear and the dressing was intact—some ER nurse had done a good job. Nancy North, sitting on the side of her bed, frowned at ..."
"...To Penny’s nod he said, “I’ll give you something to chill her out; that Decadron drip has her hyped and hungry. Give her what she wants until we get her calmed down.” He looked up as a grim young man stepped from the elevator and approached the desk. “Penny, this is Mrs. North’s son, Noah.” ..."
"...Dr. Hutton addressed him. “Your mother’s blood sugar is almost 500. I’ve been controlling her with oral hypoglycemics but she’s beyond that now. Penny will do finger sticks and give her insulin every two hours tonight.” He beckoned to Penny. “With Decadron on board it’s going to be a wild ride.” ..."

Chapter 19: Chapter Nineteen
"...such bad shape that a single subclavian was her only IV access and, unless they were compatible, only one solution could be infused at a time. The day-shift nurse reported that after infusing two units of blood, she had started Maureen on a combination of Benadryl, Ativan, and Decadron, a BAD drip, used to relieve nausea, anxiety, and pain. ..."

"...few tense hours in ER when a grey, perspiring man was brought in after he was stung by a bee on his left temple and his ear. He said he couldn’t move and kept his eyes shut, but after two liters of IV fluid and massive doses of Decadron and Benadryl he was all right, and Penny assigned him a room on North Station for an overnight stay. She went to Central Supply twice and Pharmacy once, and found the needed items with the help of the ER nurse; it was okay after all. ..."

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"In her new novel PERSONAL BAGGAGE author Margaret McMillion gives us fine details of Southern family life and, she herself an..."

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