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Morphine, abbreviated MS, is a controlled substance narcotic medication that may be given as an oral solution, as a rectal suppository, in a tablet or extended-release capsule, or by injection for moderate to severe pain in single doses or by continuous around-the-clock administration. The drug binds with receptors in the Central Nervous System, altering perception of and emotional response to pain and has numerous contraindications and adverse reactions, but for a cancer patient with severe pain it brings blessed relief and with close monitoring by a nurse, it can be administered safely.

Nurses must reassess the patient’s pain level, monitor circulatory and respiratory status, and bowel and bladder function. Constipation is common, so a stool softener should be given regularly and a stimulant laxative as needed. Psychological and physical dependence may occur with prolonged use as well as withdrawal syndrome if the drug is discontinued,

On page 210 in PERSONAL BAGGAGE, Penny injects 2mg increments of MS into the IV tubing of a ventilator patient who has had multiple surgeries.

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Chapter 20: Chapter Twenty
"... followed Penny as she moved around the room. She reminded him that he was back in Dixiana and talked about his motorcycle accident. His face was as devoid of expression as a cat’s. Penny injected IV morphine in 2 mg increments until he relaxed. When the two night-shift nurses sat down ..."
"... he said, flipping through the chart. Penny gave him a fast summary, ending with, “I gave Buck 6 mgs of morphine about an hour ago because he was restless, but he’s been receiving large doses and I don’t think 6 mgs would be enough to...” The ER doctor interrupted her. “Give ..."
"... been receiving large doses and I don’t think 6 mgs would be enough to...” The ER doctor interrupted her. “Give Narcan, 0.4 mg IV and hang normal saline wide open! We’ve got to reverse that morphine!” Penny searched the emergency drug drawer in the crash cart. Finding the ampule, ..."
"...“Buck died last night, and I think he was murdered.” Her already-fast pulse quickened. “I don’t have any proof, but I know I didn’t give him enough morphine to trigger cardiac arrest. I heard the back door shut just before he coded. Whoever it was had a key and came in and out while I was giving Report. He could have injected anything into that IV line! Night shift worked on Buck for ..."

Chapter 21: Chapter Twenty-One
"...Watt Weeks did not speak, but made eye contact and nodded or shook his head in answer to Penny’s questions. He denied pain, but Penny administered a small amount of morphine in case repositioning was painful for him. His temperature was 102. Penny mixed liquid Tylenol in a teaspoonful of Coke. Mr. Weeks swallowed the liquid, then accepted a sip of iced Coke from a straw. ..."

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