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Valium (diazepam) is a controlled substance kept under lock and key in the hospital and given for anxiety, acute alcohol withdrawal, for sedation before hospital procedures, and to control seizures and muscle spasms.

The drug may be given by mouth in liquid or tablet form, by rectal suppository, or by injection. Intra-muscular injection causes pain, and intravenous injection must be into a large vein and, because of its incompatibility with everything but normal saline, the nurse must clear the IV tubing before and after injection with a normal saline flush. Valium should be injected slowly, over five minutes, by an RN who is monitoring her patient’s respirations.
Use of the drug may lead to abuse and addiction and abrupt withdrawal after long-term use may cause withdrawal symptoms. Patients taking valium must not drink alcohol, operate machinery, or drive.

In PERSONAL BAGGAGE on page 256 a nurse administers valium to a child who is having muscle spasms

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Chapter 15: Chapter Fifteen
"... Her blood sugar was 425. Returning to the desk, Penny found Barb on the edge of tears, but Dr. Hutton said, “Give Nancy IV Valium, 2-4 mgs every hour until she’s asleep. We’ll have to keep her sedated until we can decrease the swelling in her brain.” Penny nodded. Then, suddenly ..."
"... She’s pulling her IV line, and I can’t do anything with her.” Barb blotted her eyes with a piece of paper towel. “I’ll help him while you draw up the Valium.” She wiped her nose on her sleeve, leaving a white spot. The cumulative total of 6 mgs of Valium had not phased Mrs. ..."
"... leaving a white spot. The cumulative total of 6 mgs of Valium had not phased Mrs. North at 2 a.m. when Penny returned to the room to stick her finger. The can of ethyl chloride spray was not at the nurses’ station, and Penny assumed she had left it at the bedside. “You took it with ..."
"...By 5 a.m., after 12 mgs of IV Valium, Mrs. North was finally asleep, and Penny called the lab to postpone her morning lab draw because the woman had slept so little. Mrs. Posey and her sitter were sleeping, and Miss Logan was finished with the platelets and her second bag of blood was infusing to the ..."
"... A lab tech who didn’t know about Penny’s call to postpone the lab draw had waked the patient. Penny drew up IV Valium and entered the room carrying the new ethyl chloride can with her. Finally Lela Logan’s blood bag was empty, and as Penny flushed off the implanted port with normal ..."

"... it was long ago. She had not taken care of children for many years. The last order was: “Stop infusion and give Valium, 2.5mg IM.” Penny remembered that there was one type of IV fluid that should not be given by clysis. “The order doesn’t say what kind of fluid to give.” She ..."
"...I called him, so I didn’t want to call him again.” Joan winked at Penny. “I gave D5W, but after 700cc the kid was in respiratory distress and her arms and legs were jerking. I had to call him back then, and that’s when he ordered Valium. I didn’t give it, of course. A sedative would depress her respiration even more.” ..."
"...“Mrs. Pewitt, I know all about that. The child is a mon-go-loid.” He over pronounced the word as though it explained everything. “Prop her up and observe her. I’ve already ordered Valium for the muscle spasms, and I’m coming to make rounds in a little while.” His tone deteriorated from condescending to irritated. “You nurses have kept me up all night!” He slammed his phone down. ..."
"... think she’s having spasms of the trachea,” Mr. Hall said. “A muscle relaxer might help.” “I’ll give the Valium injection,” Joan said, “but then I’m done.” Penny called floor-nurse Anna to help change the child, but the exertion of turning side to side renewed her ..."

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