A Tale of Marriage, Medicine and Murder

Will there be a second mystery book based on Penny and Johnny Pewitt?


There might be a second mystery book based on Penny and Johnny. Now that we have moved my husband's step-father to an assisted-living facility, we have been clearing out his house in preparation for a sale and I have more ideas than time in which to write. I would like to use some of the things we've found in the house for my next story, but it took me eight years to complete PERSONAL BAGGAGE and I am seventy-four, so I’m not sure I’ll have enough mind or time to complete another one.

There was one year in which I did not work on the book, the year after the death of David Starnes, my first editor. It was a happy day for me when Marlena Bremseth agreed to take me on, and she will be my editor of choice if I do write another mystery story.

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Chapter 1: Chapter One
"...One could say there was nothing wrong with taking an interest in people, but Johnny, a Dixiana native, not only wanted to know their names and who their relatives were, but also he wanted to help them. He said he must repay the debt he owed his stepfather, a gentle man who had been his “Pop” since Johnny was ten years old. Before they married, Johnny had told Penny about his father’s illness, the agonizing six weeks before leukemia killed him, and the lost little boy he became at the age of seven. ..."

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"In a story of evolving relationships, Margaret McMillion breathes life into her characters, especially Penny, who must find..."

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