Room 1515
Love, Betrayal, and a Female Assassin - Room 1515, A New Political Thriller by Bill Wetterman

About Room 1515

International Thriller. A female agent named Peacock is sent on a mission to woo and win the heart of the world’s most powerful powerbroker. Her job is to learn his secrets and foil his plans. Instead, she falls in love. A story of the balance of world financial power, betrayal, and romance.

"Room 1515 is the first thriller I have ever read that relies on character development at least as much as action / adventure. There are plenty of close calls and lots of blood in the streets, but the most interesting part of the novel is the main character, Peacock..." J.T. Biggs

"This book is a perfect illustration of just what greed can do, the damage and heartbreak it can cause." Gloria Teague

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About the Author,

I’m a retired vice president from Wolters Search Firm who understands the role of social networking in marketing good books. I’ve been working at the craft of writing for four years. I’m a member several writers’ organizations and critique groups. I’ve published short stories and won contests. In May 2011, Room 1515 won first place in the Mystery, Suspense, Thriller category at the Oklahoma Writers’ Federation Conference. Both published and non-published authors entered fifty pages of an unpublished novel.
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"Bill Wetterman's masterful portrayal of corruption, politics, and international intrigue captured my imagination and kept me turning pages to see..."

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