Room 1515
Love, Betrayal, and a Female Assassin - Room 1515, A New Political Thriller by Bill Wetterman

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1. Chapter 1
"This is where you are introduced to Peacock the female assassin working for the government. ... " - read more
2. Chapter 2
"Ursa adjusted his seatback for his descent into Washington National. He held four files in his hands reading and rereading them, then marking notations on his notepad. ... " - read more
3. Chapter 3
"Peacock opened her eyes to view a room brightened by the first rays of light filtering into her 17th floor suite. The new Emerald of the Americas Hotel had ... " - read more
4. Chapter 4
"Thomas Reed meticulously brushed his teeth in front of his master bath mirror in Lasswade, Scotland. He flossed and brushed again. He repeated the process several times. ... " - read more
5. Chapter 5
"“Lovey, wake up. It’s time to get ready for work.” Peacock squeezed her eyelids tight and grimaced. “Go away you ogre.” Nash rubbed her back. She opened one eye. He ... " - read more
6. Chapter 6
"British Prime Minister Grace Claymore tapped her foot hard against the leg of her desk. Eric Throgmorton should be calling her, not the other way around. ... " - read more
7. Chapter 7
"Peacock leaned over the penthouse balcony and took in the beauty of her private beach. Pendleton and his team were arriving late tonight, thank God. A sense of longing confused ... " - read more
8. Chapter 8
"Peacock strolled along the water’s edge as the sun approached noon. Lathered with sun block to protect her fair skin, she left her cover under a beach umbrella on her ... " - read more
9. Chapter 9
"Vallonia Lee, Val for short, stepped out of the lagoon holding Uri Zelinoff’s hand. She’d taken Peacock’s place in her absence as first-in-command on day shift. ... " - read more
10. Chapter 10
"Ursa’s mood could have boiled water as he studied the tapes from the cameras by the elevator. Whoever killed Vallonia knew exactly where to position himself to avoid detection. ... " - read more
11. Chapter 11
"Pendleton’s butler ushered Peacock into Pendleton’s living room. Opulent French provincial furnishings and décor with various shades of blue from navy to slate graced her eyes. ... " - read more
12. Chapter 12
"Ursa wanted to smother Doctor Kolb, the witch. He’d asked Major, his boss, for a replacement twice to no avail. “I’ve read the scans from Peacock’s transmitter,” Dr. Kolb said ... ... " - read more
13. Chapter 13
"“Mother, I’m home. I know it’s a surprise. But I had to tell someone about my good fortune.” Arthur Pendleton stretched his arms out wide to embrace his mother, Anne. ... " - read more
14. Chapter 14
"The church bells chimed the hour. Peacock and her party gathered for their grand entrance. She peeked through the doors to see Pendleton ... ... " - read more
15. Chapter 15
"Thomas Reed ran the fingers of his left hand along the smooth marble walls of the London offices of the W.F.C. He examined the marble’s texture in the huge hallway ... " - read more
16. Chapter 16
"Peacock fidgeted. Waiting bored her. Ursa had invited both Felicia and her to a key Stromiehre Project meeting. But one important person had still not arrived. She was disturbed that ... " - read more
17. Chapter 17
"“I miss you,” Peacock said, as she rode in a black stretch limousine to the Bristol Hotel. “I miss you, too,” Pendleton answered. “Are we still on for watching the ... " - read more
18. Chapter 18
"Flames engulfed her and the heat was unbearable. Screams from other passengers in the cars echoed in her ears. Then an arm touched her. She felt herself being dragged away ... " - read more
19. Chapter 19
"Peacock cast her vote in the presidential election. She voted early at the ballot box in Maryland, as Laverna Smythe. Her husband slept late. She’d tell Pendleton she’d voted for ... " - read more
20. Chapter 20
"Arthur Pendleton took notice of every detail from the cold reception Throgmorton received at the Kremlin. The guards at the doors stood stiff and straight. But the real tension came ... " - read more
21. Chapter 21
"Isla De Sa Ferradura’s lights twinkled bright in reds and greens. Peacock saw the words ‘Welcome Mrs. Pendleton’ spelled out near the helicopter pad as she and Arthur approached the ... " - read more
22. Chapter 22
"As Peacock exited the elevator, Philip Martin waved her over. “Thank you so much for these directions, Laverna. They should cut the time to the airport by at least twenty ... " - read more
23. Chapter 23
"A knock on the door awaken Peacock. Pendleton opened it and called, “Lovey, are you napping?” Killing Martin must have used up more energy than she thought. “Yes, darling, I’m ... " - read more
24. Chapter 24
"Thomas Reed hummed “I Only Wanna Dance with You.” He meticulously brushed and flossed his teeth with the beat of ... " - read more
25. Chapter 25
"“Sit.” Claymore’s finger pointed at Belington and he obliged her. “Arthur Pendleton is a fraction of a centimeter from ruling the world. The E.U., the British Commonwealth, Japan, and soon ... " - read more
26. Chapter 26
"“Your car had a scratch on the lower rear bumper when we picked it up at Heathrow.” Peacock looked around the conference table. No one, including her, seemed to understand ... " - read more
27. Chapter 27
"“I don’t understand why you can’t make a small incision and replace the implant?” Peacock smirked, as she ... " - read more
28. Chapter 28
"“God, I’m thankful the bullet hit where it did.” Felicia raised her right arm up a little and pointed at her armpit as she waited to be released. “Unless I ... " - read more
29. Chapter 29
"As Arthur Pendleton marched into the meeting room with his advisors, Chinese and English translators raced into position. Reporters from foreign outlets had been banded from the entire Central Beijing ... " - read more
30. Chapter 30
"Pendleton covered his mouth to prevent an outburst of laughter. He was sitting in Prime Minister Claymore’s office discussing Plan B. The prime minister had shot off a few words ... " - read more

"Bill Wetterman's masterful portrayal of corruption, politics, and international intrigue captured my imagination and kept me turning pages to see..."

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