Secret of the Big Easy
The second book in the series with Dr. Marie Bartek and the SIPS team - Paranormal Mystery

Free Preview of Secret of the Big Easy

This is the table of contents for Secret of the Big Easy. Dip into the various chapters and access free preview sections of Secret of the Big Easy and be sure that this is the right book for you.

1. One - Marie Bartek - psychic medium
"Marie Bartek is at a vetinarian conference in New Orleans when her psychic abilities kick into a new area and throw her into the occult. ... " - read more
2. Two - Spirit Guides
"Marie loved how the streets in the French Quarter were aligned in an orderly grid which encompassed brick and cobblestone sidewalks with historical buildings sandwiched together. ... " - read more
3. Three - voodoo priestess
"The constant playback of the voodoo priestess’ glowing green eyes and loud rhythmic drumming brought on a restless night of sleep for Marie. ... " - read more
4. Four - Paranormal Society
"Marie, Cory Miller, Gale Winters, and Tim Haines meet the members of the Big Easy Paranormal Society for their monthly meeting at the Napoleon House in the French Quarter. ... " - read more
5. Five - psychic vision
"Marie squinted at the sketch and tilted her head. “Yes, I think that’s it. That looks exactly like the woman I saw in my vision at the hotel ... " - read more
6. Six - occult murder
"“I still don’t believe we should have left her on Canal Street. I told you we should have dumped her over the Mississippi line..." ... " - read more
7. Seven - satanic ritual
"The woman in Myra’s dream could smell incense burn her nostrils making her lethargic and nauseated. ... " - read more
8. Eight
"Marie dropped to her knees and the decaying room disappeared when she heard Cory and Gale’s voice yelling for her to open her eyes. ... " - read more
9. Nine
"Jesse stared at the sketch pad and carefully eyed Marie. “So this is the latest vision you had?” ... " - read more
10. Ten
"Gale pointed toward Cory, Tim, and Jesse standing under the red canopy of the Bistro and waved. ... " - read more
11. Eleven
"Marie’s stomach churned when Jesse laid the photographs of the charred tiny skull and bones on his desk. ... " - read more

"5 Star Review Secret of the Big Easy has plenty going that grabs the reader's attention and keeps it until the..."

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