Should I Stay or Should I Go?
The definitive guide to moving abroad and whether it's right for you

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Part One: The Expat Boom

" Why is it that when so many other people – often from less economically developed nations – are so desperate to get into our home countries that millions of us ... " - read more
" Perhaps you’ve got your sights set on a particular country. Maybe even a specific town. Nevertheless, don’t be too hasty making up your mind. This is a life-changing ... " - read more
" Where are the most popular destinations then? Using State Department estimates, the Association of Americans Resident Overseas reckons Mexico is home to the largest number of Americans living outside ... " - read more
" Thus far 1.3 million UK citizens have gone Down Under in search of sun, surf and ... well, something else. More than 100,000 Americans have headed to ... " - read more
5. Canada
" Think of Canada and imagine the US ... only without the gun crime! Canucks will protest, but there are many similarities between these North American neighbours: the cars, the ... " - read more
6. France
" “We always have been, we are, and I hope that we always shall be detested in France.” That may have been the sentiment of ... " - read more
7. Mexico
" While the most popular destinations for American and British expatriates are nearly all developed countries (with the exception of the Philippines, which has some 100,000 Americans living there), Mexico is ... " - read more
" I must confess, I haven’t been to New Zealand, so I can only speak second-hand. The reports from everyone I know who have been there though are always the same. ... " - read more
" After decades of net emigration in the wake of the 1845-9 potato famine, and years of economic stagnation and widespread poverty, Ireland has enjoyed a remarkable ... " - read more
10. Spain
" While the ippr survey put the number of Britons in Spain at three quarters of a million, Spain’s National Statistics Institute (Instituto Nacional de Estadistica) estimated as many as ... " - read more
" Considering how much of the populace is reportedly desperate to leave the country, those British citizens that read this may wonder where the UK’s ... " - read more
" With its shared language (well, similar at least) and close historic and cultural ties, America continues to be a magnet for Britons and Irish seeking a life abroad. ... " - read more

Part Two: 10 Make or Break Factors for a Life Abroad

" If all that has you fired up and raring to go then great. But hold on a second. Do yourself a massive favour: take a deep breath and ... " - read more
Rain Check • A Wild Life • Natural Causes • Questions
Home from Home • Social Services • Just the Job
Reality Check • Questions:
Healthcare – an American Example • Birthing • Allergies • On The Upside … • Healthy Living • Questions:
18. Work
The 7 Work Alternatives • Visa/Residency Permit • Questions: • Q&A: Megan Fitzgerald, Expat Career Coach
Language • Questions:
20. Culture
Some Joys • Some Bugbears • Questions:
Play • Education • Questions:
1) Are you comfortable – happy even – with being away from your family and friends? • 2) What distance can you cope with? • Questions:
23. Regrets
" So we’ve gone through the major pros and cons of moving abroad. By now you should be in a position to weigh up your choices: should you stay, or should ... " - read more

Part Three: Final Departure

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"Packed with the results of surveys, all backed up with case studies as well as stories from Paul's own life..."

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