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1. Culture Shock
Mañana, mañana • Timetable • Holidays • Noise • Attitude • Relationships
2. Bureaucracy
Documentation • Notary • Lack of co-ordination • NIE & Residents Card
3. Employment
Lower wages • Working Hours • Black Market • Self-Employment • Autonomo • Freelance • Setting up a Company
4. Finance
Bank Charges • Taxes • Pesetas • Decimal
5. Property
Documents • ‘B’ Money • Room With A View • Beach Properties • Off-Plan • Renovation Projects • Buy-To-Let • Fincas
6. Fail-Proofing Your Dreams
The Most Common Reasons for Expat Failure • Successful Expats • Testing The Water
7. Success Stories
Return to England? Not Likely! • You’d Have To Be Mad To Want To Leave Here • All Worthwhile In The End • Going Native in Murcia • Moratalla Here We Come!
8. Planning and Preparation
Language • Finance • Wages • Mortgages • Property • Schools • Health • Change of Address • Foreign Exchange
10. Conclusion
"While this book outlines some of the problems you will encounter when you move to Spain, this is only to ensure you know how avoid them or, at the very ... " - read more

"I've lived in Spain for the last six years and in that time (especially recently) I've seen many people come..."

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