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A Day In The Life of A Cafe Owner

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Every café is a bit different, but there are similarities in all of them – food, coffee, service and hard work! For the benefit of those reading this that haven’t yet set foot in a café other than to eat and drink, the following chapter is for you. It is a summary of my experiences of a “typical” day as a café owner.

The alarm clock rings. I wake and sit in bed for a few minutes planning another successful day - ticking off all the things I have done and creating a new mental checklist of all the things I have to do today.

I swing my legs out of bed and go to the bathroom and quickly shower. I am always organised and punctual in the mornings so that I can get to the café and take my time opening up. I get out of the shower and dress in one of my daily café outfits: black t-shirt with the coffee company logo, black trousers, and sturdy black leather shoes with chunky soles. Black hides the stains and the dirt really well (especially if you are a brown handed barista like me, with permanently coffee stained fingers). Black is also cool - I look like a café ninja!

I go downstairs and start to get my things together. I get the cloths out of the dryer and dump them into a milk crate – nice and clean for the many spills and splashes we’ll have today. I collect my laptop and car keys and head for the car. It’s a twenty minute drive to the café which gives me some time to relax and to think about what other things I need to do. I must call the people to get the grease trap cleaned out and I must talk to the chef about changing over to a summer menu. I’m particularly excited about changing to the new menu – we’ve got some beautiful dishes planned that I know will boost our reputation even further.

As I drive into the street where the café is I get a sudden surge of excitement. This happens to me every day. I’m lucky that I get to go to work and feel this way.

I had a day off yesterday and am thrilled to find that my supervisor has done a great job and that everything is in perfect order outside – the terrace has been freshly mopped and the windows are sparkling clean.
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