The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe
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About Craig Reid, The Cafe Ninja...

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About Craig Reid, The Cafe Ninja

Craig Reid is one of Australia’s top business improvement consultants and is a former owner of one of Sydney’s most successful breakfast cafés. His no-nonsense, practical advice has helped businesses big and small to improve without costing them an arm and a leg – critical in today’s tough economic times.

Craig holds postgraduate qualifications in Hospitality Management, an honours degree in Marketing and his experiences as a chef, barista, café owner, waiter and even dishpig have given him a complete end- to-end perspective on running cafés.
Craig has also been a reviewer for “The Coffee Guide... Sydney”, a writer for, and has been featured on BNet Australia, as well as in the entrepreneur section of The Australian newspaper.

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Craig Reid

""Through this insight-full book, Craig will not only help you avoid failure, but if you pay careful attention, he’ll put..."

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