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Assessing The Location

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OK, so you’ve done a thorough analysis of the business summary and have identified a few cafés to look at. The next stage is to go and have a quick look at the café (or, as we mentioned earlier, first check it out on Google maps).

Use the following checklist as a guide to your first visit. Remember that this is just a quick check to decide whether you want to look into things in more detail, but it is an important stage in the process.


• How busy is the location?
• Are there many local businesses nearby?
• Is there a lot of passing trade?
• Is the location pleasant?


• How many other cafés are in the area?
• Are competitors similar to the café?
• How are competitors priced in comparison?

Competition is not always bad! Enough cafés or restaurants in the one area can create an "Eat Street" which attracts passionate food lovers in droves.

Café Analysis

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What else is in the chapter 'Assessing The Location'?


Ask yourself if you can see yourself working there. Are you excited by the opportunity? ...

Customer Patterns

If the drive-by analysis looks good it is worthwhile to look at the business several times throughout the course of the buying process. ...


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