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Finding A Cafe To Buy

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The two people you need to make contact with are an accountant and a solicitor. If you really want to dot all the “i’s” and cross all the “t’s” you might want to consider having a hospitality consultant fully assess the café. You wouldn’t buy a house without a survey so don’t buy a café without a thorough analysis.

Referral can often be a good way to find an accountant or solicitor but make sure you ask the referrer what makes the person a good choice. The referrer may have very different opinions on what they look for and may also have very different business interests which lead to very different needs.

It is important to get these people in place and ready to go as the buying process can often be surprisingly competitive. For example, you may find a café that you want to buy but there is a lot of interest in it. If you have your solicitor and accountant ready to go you have the opportunity to get ahead of those that are not as organised as you are. It can make the difference between getting the café of your dreams or missing out.

The Accountant

Why you need to find a good accountant:
  • They can assist with your business plan
  • They will help you to set up an appropriate company structure (which helps to get the most out of the tax system)
  • They will help you to set up your accounting systems
  • They will advise you on the financial aspects of the business purchase
  • They will ensure that you submit all your required tax documentation on time.
But getting a good accountant can be tricky. There are lots out there and they aren’t cheap! So what should you expect from an accountant?
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The Solicitor

Why you need a good solicitor...

• To explain the buying process – including deposits, trial periods, etc. ...

What makes a good solicitor?

• They aren’t too busy to see you when you really need them ...

Finding a Café

Generally the best place to start looking is in the major newspapers and online. But if you have the time, check both as there are exceptions that are only advertised ...

Contacting the Broker

It is definitely worth your while to have a look in the newspaper or online and identify who the major business brokers are in your area and to contact them ...

Personal Approach

If you see a café that you like you can also approach the owner directly to see if they are willing to sell it to you. All businesses are for ...


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