The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe
Practical Advice to Get it Right

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1. An Introduction
Your Dream • Attributes of a Successful Café Owner • Café Roles • Fear of Failure
2. Before You Start Looking For A Cafe To Buy
Can You Buy a Café? • How Much Do I Want to Spend? • Do I Want Something Big or Small? • Do I want a Franchise or an “Independent” Café? • What Sort of Café Would I Enjoy Working In? • What Location Would I Prefer? • The Café Buying Process
3. Finding A Cafe To Buy
The Accountant • The Solicitor • Finding a Café • Contacting the Broker • Personal Approach
4. Analysing The Business Summary
An Example of a Business Summary • Reliability of the Business Summary • Financials • How to Read the Financials • The Percentage Guide • Turnover • The Cash Dilemma • Gross Profit • Cost of Goods • Food Cost • Labour / Staff • Roster vs Staff Costs • Analysing the Roster • Fixed & Variable Costs • Rent
5. Analysing The Business Summary - An Example
Café name: Café Mocha • Strata • An Analysis of the Financials
6. Other Useful Information
BAS Returns • Information Online • Food Authorities • Café Reviews • Decision Time
7. Assessing The Location
Location • Competition • Café Analysis • You! • Customer Patterns
8. Meeting The Owner
The Grilling • Key Questions • General Questions • Financial Questions • Staff Questions • Supplier Questions • Trade Questions • Competitor Questions • Marketing Questions • Maintenance Questions • Premises Questions • Licensing / regulatory questions • Key Question Template
9. Analysis Techniques
The Four “P’s” – An example • SWOT Analysis – An example • The Four “P’s” – Template • SWOT Analysis – Template • Council Documents • Legal Documentation • Negotiations • Offer Acceptance
10. The Trial & Settlement
The Trial • Trial observation form: • Training • Settlement • Update suppliers • Cheques for settlement • Cash float / change for point of sale system • Stock take • Staff roster
11. A Day In The Life of A Cafe Owner
"The full details of what it is like to be a cafe owner. ... " - read more
12. About Craig Reid, The Cafe Ninja...
About Craig Reid, The Cafe Ninja • Contact The Café Ninja

""Craig's experience as a cafe consultant makes this book indispensable reading for anyone looking to buy a cafe - it's..."

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