The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe
Practical Advice to Get it Right

Further resources and reading for The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe

These are suggested resources and reading for The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe carefully selected by the author, Craig Reid

Business Failure and Change: An Australian Perspective
An extremely useful and comprehensive investigation into why businesses close down - reasons and perspectives including but going far beyond profitabilitiy.

The Cafe Ninja
A constantly updated website by the Author of The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe, Craig Reid. Find workshops dates, top tips and further services that will help you make a decision on buying or improving your current cafe.

Danes Gourmet Coffee Institute
Learn to be a great barista at this fantastic venue. You can attend my Buying a Cafe course here too!

Check current reviews of cafes that you might be looking to buy. An easy way to spot if the cafe has problems or is going downhill rapidly!

ASIC Company Search
Find out who owns the cafe you are looking to buy.

NSW Food Authority - Name & Shame List
Check online to see if the cafe has any hygiene problems.


""Through this insight-full book, Craig will not only help you avoid failure, but if you pay careful attention, he’ll put..."

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