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What does 'Barista' mean?

Find out what Barista means. Barista is explained by Craig Reid - author of The Complete Guide to Buying a Cafe


Person in the cafe who prepares coffee and cold drinks

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Chapter 1: An Introduction
"... running a café, but you do need to carefully choose the role you perform. Personally I didn’t enjoy working as a waiter, so I quickly adapted myself to become the Barista. I chose to recruit staff that were great communicators and great waitstaff, who were adept at building the ..."
"... ship on a steady course and you will enjoy running the café all the more for it. One of my former Baristas was a forty-five year old stockbroker who bought his own café. 12 months later he was being carried out of the café on a stretcher with a suspected heart attack. - How do you like ..."
"...Baristad to think hard about the role that you will perform in the café as this will be closely linked to the kind of person you are and also your levels of trust. There are advantages and disadvantages of each type of role (which we will discuss later), and there ..."
"... - Café Roles - Let’s have a look at some of the typical roles in a café and some of the key attributes. Role - Cashier, Barista, Waitstaff, Chef, Kitchen-hand Attributes required Good interpersonal skills, Trustworthy Dexterity, Fitness Fitness, ability to ..."

"...Baristah you may have your own ideas about the type of work you would like to do in the café, a description of the owner’s role may help to identify what you are likely to have to do. For example, in a café of this size, if you want to ..."

Chapter 8: Meeting The Owner
"... do any of the cooking. How many staff? What is the break up – full time, part-time, etc Determine exact numbers of: wait staff, Baristas, chefs, kitchen hands. Determine whether each of these staff are full-time, part-time or casual. Compare with roster information. How many staff are on, on ..."

"... wait time for customers to receive drinks Average wait time for customers to receive food Type of staff working, e.g. Barista / chef / waiters What tasks the owner is performing Days / hours worked by the owner What would you do ..."
"... to a structured training plan where you learn about all facets of the business. For example: - 1 day as kitchen hand - 2 days as waiter - 2 days as Barista - 2 days as cashier / manager This period is also the perfect time to document everything that the owner tells you and to develop this ..."

"...Barista my legs out of bed and go to the bathroom and quickly shower. I am always organised and punctual in the mornings so that I can get to the café and take my time opening up. I get out of the shower and dress in one of my daily ..."

"... tough economic times. Craig holds postgraduate qualifications in Hospitality Management, an honours degree in Marketing and his experiences as a chef, Barista, café owner, waiter and even dishpig have given him a complete end- to-end perspective on running cafés. Craig has also been a ..."

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""Craig's experience as a cafe consultant makes this book indispensable reading for anyone looking to buy a cafe - it's..."

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