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"Tina Quick's initiative and book is a brilliant revelation of the phenomena of Third Culture Kids and their many challenges to re-discover their roots and identity with surprising results. Any parent who has lived abroad and wants to repatriate their children for university should read this book. Moreover any young student aspiring to 'return' to their country of 'origin' would benefit from the very practical advice and guidance on how to cope with the myriad of emotions and how to reintegrate, something easily said but so difficult to actually do."

"This wonderful book appears six months too late, as my TCK son has recently gone to university and he and I both wish he could have been better prepared. The wisdom in these pages comes from the finest resources. I shall be recommending it to every parent and school leaver who crosses my path, believe me."

"One of the greatest needs of an adolescent is to belong. Place on top of that ‘coming home’ where you think you belong, only to quickly realize you are not sure where you belong. This book will be like your GPS system to finding that you truly do belong"

"This book is filled with superb materials to help global nomads stay the course during their transition to university. Tina Quick skilfully blends core concepts and research from the transition field together with her own experiences and insights. Readers will be encouraged by the many stories, practical examples, and wise suggestions. Use this book as a ‘transition companion’ to accompany you into the exciting and challenging adventure into university life as a global nomad. Don’t leave home, wherever and whatever that is, without it!"

"It's about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue guide for university students facing re-entry"

"This book is a must-read for any TCK who is either on their way to college, or already there! Tina Quick covers all the important topics that a TCK will encounter in their adjustment to university life. I plan to be sure that every TCK student I work with on the college counseling side of my practice gets a copy of this book. I am sure they will find the advice within invaluable and, as a result, will have smoother transitions."

"This book is uniquely and sensitively tailored to the needs of students who are either 'returning' to their home countries or 'transitioning' to another host country. The sensitive observation shines through, and will resonate with the experience of the folk who are going through it today. There is also a wealth of wise and balanced qualifications, leaving room for the great variety of individual experience. It is realistic without being fatalistic; it should help a generation of students to make the very best of their college careers"

"I wish we had this book when my kids were trying to figure out which country to go to for university! Anyone who is intending to head ‘home’ to one of their passport countries needs to read The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition. Parents, you need to buy this book for your children’s school. This guidebook to university transition teaches what it means to be resilient and globally normal in this next exciting stage of life."

"Tina Quick's writing style is sincere and her seasoned expertise is evident. The stories and vignettes in her book show her well-honed knowledge of the transition process. Any TCK would benefit from this book."


"I wish we had this book when my kids were trying to figure out which country to go to for..."

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