The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

How can I help my global nomad as he makes his way through TCK Identity Development?


As they go through TCK Identity Development most global nomads will have an encounter experience when they are woken up to the fact that they are different from their domestic peers. Their international experiences make them different from the child who has never left his or her home culture. Dr. Schaetti advises parents not help their children avoid having an encounter experience. They won’t be able to make sense of their international life experiences until they do. And don’t push them into the encounter stage. They need to experience it in their own good timing. Parents can be helpful when their child does have an encounter experience by reminding them that they have had a very different childhood than most of the other people they are surrounded by. Their childhood has been different enough that they have their own special language for their experiences. You may also want to remind them that there is much they actually have in common with their peers as well, especially those who are also making the first-year adjustment.

Your students may need gentle reassurance that it is not them as individuals that are weird or different. It’s their life experiences that make feel different. Help them think about the skills, gifts and benefits they have gained from their international living experiences and how they can use those experiences in positive ways on their college campus.

Looking for affinity groups on campus will help them find belonging with others who may also be feeling different. TCK groups on college campuses are springing up in increasing numbers. If there isn’t one on your child’s campus, encourage him or her to start one. Also joining groups for international students will put them together with others who are making the double transition just like they are – to a new life stage as an independent adult as well as to a new culture.

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"... the impetus for Dr. Timmons publishing the rubric so other TCPs, including you, could take advantage of it too. - TCK Identity Development - Remember the story of my middle daughter, Katrina, whose first English homework assignment back in the U.S. was to write about who ..."
"...TCK Identity Development Schaetti’s TCK Identity Development model (adapted in part from William E. Cross Jr.’s seminal research on identity development), I feel compelled to share it with every TCK and ATCK I meet. It is so profound and yet the concept is so simple, I feel that every TCK needs to ..."
"... and among many different groupings that come into your conscious awareness gives meaning to who you know yourself to be. - The TCK Identity Development Model - I was recently speaking with Carla, a bi-cultural ATCK who had spent the first seven years of her life living in Peru. Her ..."
" Peru. Her mother was an American and her father was an Italian who was born and raised in Peru. He spent one year of his life as a small child living in his father’s hometown in Italy learning the language. While I was telling her about Dr. Schaetti’s TCK Identity Development model she said, “I remember what it was like when I went through each of those stages as you were describing them to me.” I asked her if I could use her story to help bring this model to life for you. ..."
"... Florence and I have maintained that connection with language and culture.” We will follow Carla on her identity development as we look at the five stages of Dr. Schaetti’s TCK Identity Development Model: 1) Pre-encounter 2) Encounter 3) Exploration 4) Integration 5) Recycling - ..."

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How can I help my global nomad as he makes his way through TCK Identity Development?

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Encounter Stage
Exploration Stage
Integration Stage
Pre-encounter Stage
Recycling Stage
TCK Identity Development

"This wonderful book appears six months too late, as my TCK son has recently gone to university and he and..."

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