The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition

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1. The World of the Global Nomad
What is a Global Nomad/Third Culture Kid? • A Double Adjustment • Why a Cross-Cultural Childhood Matters • Belonging to the Third Culture Tribe • What Does it Mean to be a Third Culture Kid? • Internationally Mobile Childhood: The Plus Side • The Flip Side • Experience versus Identity • TCKs as a Sub-Group
2. The Transition Experience
The Cycle of Transition • Everyone Goes Through It • The Five Stages • How to Have a Positive Experience • The Involvement Stage
3. Itchy Feet to Dragging Feet
Conflicted Emotions • Unresolved Grief – Leave and Grieve Well • Build Your RAFT
4. Fish Out of Water
Chaos and Ambiguity • Transition Shock • The Honeymoon Stage • Cultural Incidents • Hitting the Dip • Depression versus Grief • Student Health and Counseling Services • Surviving the Chaos
5. Introduce Me - The Entering Stage
Unpack and Connect • Who Am I and Where Do I Belong? • Where are You From? • Hidden Immigrant • Between Worlds • Isolation • Marginal, Introducing, Vulnerable • Entering Well • Home Again – Re-involvement
6. Relationships - Past, Present, and Future
Bows in a Box • Long Distance Relationships • Superficiality of Home-Country Peers • Interacting Successfully • Finding Friends • Maintaining Identity • Finding Belonging
7. Insights and Tools
Who Am I? • Third Culture Person Reacculturation Tool • How to Use It
8. Practically Speaking
Get Ready, Set…Go! • Campus Life – What to Expect • Who’s in Charge Now? • Setting Boundaries • Drugs, Sex, Rock ’n’ Roll! • Drugs and Alcohol • Rape • Dating • Sex
9. Health and Welfare
Taking Care of Your Health • Campus Safety • All Things Monetary • In Review
10. Who Are You? - Understanding Individual Differences
You are All Alike! • Taking in Information: Sensors and Intuitors • Evaluating Information: Thinkers and Feelers • Interacting With the World: Introverts and Extroverts • Attitudes Towards Information: Perceivers and Judgers • Putting It All Together • In Summary • I Hate My Roommate – Why Can’t She be Like Me? • Differences at Their Best • Dealing with Differences • Together or Apart: It’s Up to You
11. Tips for Parents – Preparing and Supporting Your College-Bound Student
Launched – Like it or Not! • Empty Nest Depression • Assistant RAFT Builder • Limbo Land • Communication – Tons of It! • Laying Out Expectations • Parental Practicalities • Fostering Global Identities • Delayed Adolescence and Rebellion • Parting Words
12. Final Reflections By Barbara F. Schaetti, Ph.D
"To begin: Tina, Thank you! And Hip, Hip, Hurrah! And on behalf of those who transitioned from a childhood abroad to university without this supportive resource: It’s been a long ... " - read more

"It's about time this book was written. It is a long-overdue guide for university students facing re-entry..."

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