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"...reconciliationsed to say that “you need to leave well in order to enter well.” In other words, how you leave one place has a profound effect on how you enter the next. He developed a model anyone going through transition could use to help them leave well. He used the ..."
"... Reconciliation, Affirmation, Farewells, and Think Destination. He discussed it in detail in the TCK book and I summarize briefly below. - reconciliation - Do not leave a place with undone issues or unfinished business. There are many ways to resolve issues and resentments and reconcile ..."
"...Many cultures have wisely built traditions around saying proper farewells to help people move forward on their journeys. One of the most effective I have ever experienced incorporated reconciliation, affirmation and farewells into one gesture. When my family was leaving Switzerland a couple who had served as medical missionaries in Nepal for many years invited us over for a farewell dinner. As soon as we entered their home, the hostess came up to me and my daughters and ..."
"...Going through and strapping each of the four logs together to form a RAFT (reconciliation, affirmation, farewells, and think destination) will ensure that you not only leave well, but that your transition journey will be a psychologically healthy one that will help you enter well on the other side. Allowing yourself to reconcile relationships, affirm those important to you, say farewell and process the ..."

"... do just that, but it isn’t an easy task. Students may need adults to come alongside them to strategize how to approach: ▪ The uncomfortable task of reconciliations, ▪ The “I-can’t-be-bothered-to-do-it-now” task of Affirmations, ▪ The difficult task of Farewells, and ▪ ..."
"...same people again and feel the same hurt. If your family or the family of the other injured party ends up moving away, it isn’t a solution since that baggage goes along. So help your child empty his or her suitcase, air such hurts and concerns and come to reconciliation so they shoulder no burdens. To free your child of the burden he must grant forgiveness from his heart whether it is accepted by the other party or not. ..."

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"This book is filled with superb materials to help global nomads stay the course during their transition to university. Tina..."

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