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What does 'Repatriation' mean?

Find out what Repatriation means. Repatriation is explained by Tina L. Quick - author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition


Returning to the passport culture. Used synonymously with “re-entry.”

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Chapter 4: Fish Out of Water
"...You may remember going through culture shock when you first moved abroad. You may even have had some training before leaving so you came to expect the different stages of culture shock. You are not immune to experiencing this shock again upon Repatriation, only now it is in reverse. Repatriation is widely viewed as being just as or more difficult than expatriation. It is the same experience, but this time it is happening in your own country where you supposedly know everything. This is why it is such a jolt and can go unrecognized for quite some time. You ..."
"...Repatriationbelow, adapted from L. Robert Kohl’s Survival Kit for Overseas Living, shows the stages of culture shock or country shock. When it is experienced upon Repatriation it is often referred to as reverse culture shock or re-entry shock. Regardless of the name, the experience is the same whether you are ..."

"...Repatriationur identity is not in our passport; rather it is found in belonging. The question of belonging doesn’t normally rate a place on a TCK’s radar screen as long as they are enjoying it, but as soon as meaningful relationships are left an ocean or a continent away, those shared ..."

"...Repatriationr experience could very well take place upon Repatriation and the illusion that he or she knows the home country well is shattered. It could come, and I’ve seen this numerous times, as an accumulation of small encounters such as continuously being asked the “Where are you from?’ question. ..."
"...Repatriationof her research and conversations, Dr. Schaetti found that people who had relatively easy identity Encounter experiences related to growing up globally were introduced to the terms ‘global nomad’ and ‘third culture kid’ while still living overseas, or were introduced to the terms upon Repatriation via re-entry training. She ..."

"...Repatriation is such a major factor in Repatriation and transition, I remind you again to consider buying a travel guide to your home (or next host) country. Treat this country the way you would a foreign one. Don’t assume you know everything. I reiterate the story of my husband’s colleague ..."
"...Repatriation note worth mentioning on Brent’s case study is the fact that his family relocated from Europe back to the U.S. when he graduated from high school. So his life there was finished. He wouldn’t see his friends again at school vacations. He would go home to the place his ..."

"...Repatriation for the college experience is oftentimes the point of what Dr. Barbara Schaetti calls “Encounter” (Chapter 7). This is when our children are awakened to the fact that they are different from their home-country peers. If you are repatriating with younger siblings, the return home may trigger “encounter” for ..."
"...Repatriationtries or cities it is not considered safe to be out on your own, take public transportation or hang out with friends in public places; you could be the target of robbery, kidnapping or worse. These kids are not free to decide for themselves what they want to do and ..."

"...Repatriations, people like me didn’t know we were global nomads or third culture kids; those terms hadn’t yet been popularized and disseminated. The idea of re-entry shock was nowhere on our horizon, and even the idea of culture shock wasn’t much discussed in the expatriate world. No one at SAS ..."

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Encounter Stage

"This book is uniquely and sensitively tailored to the needs of students who are either 'returning' to their home countries..."

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