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Global Nomad

A term used synonymously with “third culture kid” (TCK), initially coined by Norma McCaig, founder of Global Nomads International and meant to describe a child who goes overseas for a parent’s work.

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"... You are taking the necessary steps that can lead you where you want to go and these pages will help you get there. - What is a Global Nomad/Third Culture Kid? - Some of you may have heard these interchangeable terms before and know a little or a lot about their profile. Others of ..."
"...Global Nomadmay have heard these interchangeable terms before and know a little or a lot about their profile. Others of you may be hearing for the first time that you have a name. Sociologists call people who grow up outside their parents’ home culture or cultures Global Nomads (GNs) or third ..."
"...Global Nomadf which internationally mobile student category you fit in, you not only have the upcoming adjustment to university life to deal with but an added adjustment to a foreign culture. Even if you are a GN/TCK returning to your home country it may be foreign to you in many respects. ..."
"...Global Nomadobal citizen, Global Nomad, third culture kid who has adopted languages, customs, and belief systems of other cultures in addition to those of your home culture. They have shaped you, just as everyone’s experiences have shaped them, to be the individual human being that you are. These experiences and influences ..."

"...Global Nomadiscussions, interviews and forums when I have asked TCKs what issues they struggled with at college or university, the issue of not fitting in/not belonging is what immediately surfaces. Global Nomads feel different from their peers and therefore, aren’t quite sure where they fit or belong. They know they aren’t ..."
"...Global Nomads are “caught between two worlds” in the truest sense of the phrase. Many feel they don’t belong to any group – domestic or international. Such was the case with Rita who came to college a few days early to attend International Orientation (I.O.). While attending your school’s I.O. is ..."
"...Global Nomad you story after story of Global Nomads just like Roger, including tales of near-suicides out of the hopelessness that comes with feeling different, weird, inferior or worthless. My hope and prayer for you is that by reading this book, you will understand that you will feel different from ..."
"...Global Nomadeslie (at the beginning of Chapter 1) who attended a Transition /Re-entry Seminar, all of the TCKs I have interviewed and spoken with over the years while preparing to write this book had not received any kind of preparation before returning to their passport culture. Many of them were not ..."

"...When I read Dr. Barbara Schaetti’s addendum, “A Most Excellent Journey” to Robin Pascoe’s book, Raising Global Nomads, I felt like the light bulb finally turned on in my brain. I got it! Up until three years ago when reading Dave Pollock’s and Ruth Van Reken’s Third Culture Kids book I had been one of those people who suffered from what Dr. Schaetti explains as “terminal uniqueness ..."
"...Global Nomad that identity development is a process, one that can take years or decades. Global Nomads do eventually reach harmony in the sense of who they are. They may go through the phase of Recycling several times; that’s very normal. In the three years since I have truly understood how ..."

" is quite alright to let them answer that question with what is true to their hearts. For instance, a British child who grew up in Kenya might say that he is Kenyan and British or for those with multiple host country experiences, a term such as a British Global Nomad might be used to communicate this belonging everywhere and nowhere. Domestic peers may not understand the answer your child gives, but it is a starting place and perhaps one which will trigger interest in finding out more about this curious person. ..."
"...Global Nomad issues parents of college-age children deal with is so vast and varied that it is not possible to touch upon them all. I have tried to cover some of the particular concerns I and other parents of repatriating Global Nomads have found to be particularly meaningful. My sincere ..."

"...Global Nomads, people like me didn’t know we were Global Nomads or third culture kids; those terms hadn’t yet been popularized and disseminated. The idea of re-entry shock was nowhere on our horizon, and even the idea of culture shock wasn’t much discussed in the expatriate world. No one at SAS ..."
"...studying, and much earlier and much easier leveraging of our global childhoods into fulfilling futures. And perhaps those who got lost in the cracks, whose attempts to suppress the pain ultimately dragged them down too far, would have found their right way forward with just a little help. The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition offers this and more. ..."
"...Global Nomading to second-guess the past: what might have been if only we had had this book back then. It’s likewise important to recognize how much has changed since, for example, 1977. Non-salaried spouses of that time and earlier struggled to make meaning out of their travels; today they know that ..."
"...It’s clear that the zeitgeist in which Global Nomads are now growing up has changed. Indeed, The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition demonstrates this maturation of the field. Looking back, I see people like David Pollock, Matthew Neigh, Ruth Van Reken and me paving the pathway to this book by speaking with graduating seniors at international schools around the world. International schools themselves, foremost among them the ..."
"...Global Nomadw paves the pathway further forward, takes it to the next milestone. In doing so, it provides a critical fail-safe. Even now, if you’re a graduating Global Nomad it’s likely you do not have a pre-departure presentation to attend, the international school from which you are graduating hasn’t yet ..."
"...No longer! The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition may be the best gift a parent or educator can give you, or which you can give yourself. There’s nothing else available like it. I recommend you put it in your suitcase, right along with a copy of Third Culture Kids: The Experience ..."
"...constant.” In his book Learning as a Way of Being, leadership consultant Peter Vaill puts it even more poetically when he says we live in a world of “permanent whitewater.” Learning to proactively engage the process of transition is a core skill for success in the twenty-first century. The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition marks the pathway to help you meet that challenge. ..."
"...Global Nomadchaetti, Ph.D., is a dual-national (Swiss and US) second-generation Global Nomad. Throughout her career as a consultant and coach, she has championed individuals and teams as they learn to access their capacity for mindfully and creatively engaging situations of difference and change. She is the author of numerous articles ..."

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Global Nomad
Terminal Uniqueness Syndrome

"Tina Quick's writing style is sincere and her seasoned expertise is evident. The stories and vignettes in her book show..."

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