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What does 'Re-entry' mean?

Find out what Re-entry means. Re-entry is explained by Tina L. Quick - author of The Global Nomad's Guide to University Transition


Another term used for repatriation.

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"... roadblocks and unwanted surprises to a minimum. Let’s look at such an example: As a result of attending the Transition/Re-entry Seminar Leslie settled into her new surroundings extremely well. She says, Leslie is now in her third year at college. She has become a counselor at her ..."
"...Re-entryof Brent as my “poster child” because he is the quintessential third culture kid returning to his passport country for college. I knew him in his Swiss international high school as a dynamic, intelligent, talented, and gifted student who was a bit of a “class clown,” pulling stunts that would ..."

Chapter 4: Fish Out of Water
"...Re-entryram below, adapted from L. Robert Kohl’s Survival Kit for Overseas Living, shows the stages of culture shock or country shock. When it is experienced upon repatriation it is often referred to as reverse culture shock or Re-entry shock. Regardless of the name, the experience is the same whether you ..."
"... when someone who has been used to bowing receives a big hug. I love to share the water fountain story Libby Stephens tells at the Interaction International Transition /Re-entry Seminars as a good example of a Type II incident. - Examples - Following are some examples of cultural ..."
"...Re-entry laugh every day, especially at yourself. In no time at all you will be entertaining friends by retelling your most embarrassing Re-entry/transition stories. Be patient…with yourself and others. Remember that this is just a stage. It is unique and temporary and, in time, you will get through it. ..."

"... Unfortunately they did not know what to do with the information once they had it because it did not lead to any further relationship. - Not Just Re-entry - The hidden immigrant experience doesn’t just happen with re-entry. If you are a FS or TCK going on to another host culture and you ..."
"...Re-entryen immigrant experience doesn’t just happen with Re-entry. If you are a FS or TCK going on to another host culture and you look like the dominant culture, you are sure to have the same reactions. An American student going to study in the U.K. will look like the host ..."
"...Re-entryd get through it. He spent the summer after his first year staying in the city and working at the college. The words of the mental health counselors who had helped him face intense Re-entry shock when he was eight years old and his family was repatriated from Africa all ..."
"...Except for Leslie (at the beginning of Chapter 1) who attended a Transition /Re-entry Seminar, all of the TCKs I have interviewed and spoken with over the years while preparing to write this book had not received any kind of preparation before returning to their passport culture. Many of them were not even familiar with the term TCK or global nomad. My purpose ..."
"...I like to play a frame game during the Transition/Re-entry seminars I give where I ask the students to write down on a 3” x 5” card the one thing, thought, activity, attitude, or anything else they consider to be the number one best way to cope with the stress and chaos of transition. Through a series of movements ..."

"...Re-entryult of her research and conversations, Dr. Schaetti found that people who had relatively easy identity Encounter experiences related to growing up globally were introduced to the terms ‘global nomad’ and ‘third culture kid’ while still living overseas, or were introduced to the terms upon repatriation via Re-entry training. ..."
"... Process Issues ▪TCP Marginalization Issues ▪TCP Support and Belonging Issues ▪TCP Cultural Heritage Issues ▪TCP Re-entry Preparation Issues Each section lists two to four categories of issues and gives multiple descriptors for each area of competency. Not every ..."

"...Re-entryephens of Interaction International tells her Re-entry seminar students (and I concur) that a good case scenario would be not to date at all the first year to give yourself a chance to make friends, get comfortable with college life, learn your way around and find out what kinds of ..."

"...Re-entry days, people like me didn’t know we were global nomads or third culture kids; those terms hadn’t yet been popularized and disseminated. The idea of Re-entry shock was nowhere on our horizon, and even the idea of culture shock wasn’t much discussed in the expatriate world. No one at ..."
"...Re-entrylear that the zeitgeist in which global nomads are now growing up has changed. Indeed, The Global Nomad’s Guide to University Transition demonstrates this maturation of the field. Looking back, I see people like David Pollock, Matthew Neigh, Ruth Van Reken and me paving the pathway to this book by ..."
"...Re-entryk now paves the pathway further forward, takes it to the next milestone. In doing so, it provides a critical fail-safe. Even now, if you’re a graduating global nomad it’s likely you do not have a pre-departure presentation to attend, the international school from which you are graduating hasn’t ..."

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"This book is filled with superb materials to help global nomads stay the course during their transition to university. Tina..."

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