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Transition Cycle

Five very predictable stages of any life transition. David Pollock’s model of the transition cycle includes the (1) Involvement stage, (2) Leaving stage, (3) Transition stage, (4) Entering stage and (5) Re-involvement stage.

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"...Transition Cycle introduced to Dave Pollock’s five stages of the Transition Cycle, I have seen it evidenced in so many aspects of life. I watched as my parents went through it from involvement to re-involvement when they moved out of their home and into an assisted living community. A good friend ..."
"... Stage 2. Leaving Stage 3. Transition Stage 4. Entering Stage 5. Re-involvement Stage If you were to attempt to draw a diagram of the Transition Cycle, it might look something like this: While transitions are never easy, understanding that you can expect to pass through these five ..."
"...Transition Cycles are never easy, and they can be quite uncomfortable as you can see from Figure 2.2 above, there is good news. Research has shown that people who receive cross-cultural training before making an international move have a much smoother adjustment. In fact, research from The Interchange Institute’s 2004 Prudential ..."
"...Transition Cyclet stage of the Transition Cycle – the stage of involvement. It may seem odd to give this experience (if you can call it that) a name depicting a stage because to you it is just going about living a normal kind of life. However, by recognizing this as a ..."

"...Transition Cycleter of an American mother and a British father who spent all of her childhood in Switzerland, is attending a small liberal arts college on the east coast of the U.S. She asked me to read journal entries she had written during her semester abroad to China. She needed to ..."
"...Transition Cycleeaving stage of the Transition Cycle begins the moment you are aware of an upcoming change. Notice, Marie is profoundly sad two days before leaving her beloved China. For graduating high school students like you, the thought of leaving home for college or university has most likely been in the ..."

"...Transition Cycle of the Transition Cycle is the Entering stage. This stage begins when you decide, either consciously or unconsciously, that you are going to settle in and connect with this new place. Unlike the leaving stage which ends when you land in the new place, the Transition stage does not ..."
"...Transition CycleTransitioning Successfully for University” seminars, a student asked the question, “How long does it take to get through the Transition Cycle?” So we directed it to an ATCK graduate student who often speaks at my workshops about her own personal experiences. Her response and many students concur, is that the ..."

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Entering Stage
Involvement Stage
Leaving Stage
Re-involvement Stage
Transition Cycle

"This book is a must-read for any TCK who is either on their way to college, or already there! Tina..."

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